Saturday, June 30

Oral Ulcer

MOUTH ULCER or oral ulcer attacked my upper lips and the abrasion of the sore with my gums are killing me!!! *suffers a slow,  painful death*

I hate ulcers! I hate ulcers!!

Usually I will do whatever it takes to prevent the sores from forming in my mouth cavity. Nobody in this world enjoys the ulcer existence. If there is anyone who claimed that he/she enjoys ulcer, please run away because that person might have a cuckoo bird brain. Wtf!

Ulcers are very common, as in it forms occasionally due to physical damage on mouth tissue, bacterial infection or weak body immune. The Chinese (like me) believe that ulcers formed because of 'body heatiness' (in cantonese- yit hei). When the body is heaty, the gums will get swollen and chances of abrasion is high. This is especially true if you keep biting your own mouth wall when you are chewing your food.

There may be more proper explanation on why ulcers are formed but most importantly we should know how to reduce the pain caused by ulcer. The pain and irritation by ulcer can cause headaches, discomfort and increased in stress level (hence leading to more skin breakouts). The pain is annoying me now that I have to wake up and write this blog post. Fml~~

Anyway, I strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. So drink loads of water, fruits and sufficient vitamin C will boost the immune system. Beside that, if you think that the ulcer is forming, put the watermelon frost powder (also known as xi gua shuang)/bonjela/salt on the site. It will help reduce the inflammation, and if lucky will curb the ulcer from being formed.

So lastly, I would like to thank the scientists who created watermelon frost powder to cure oral ulcers. I have been using it since I'm a kid and it still works. I just have to bear with the sting and the weird bitter taste and the next day the inflammation will subside. I never liked bonjela and salt is wayyyyy too pain for me.

P/s I wrote this post halfway and fell asleep so while finishing this post, the pain is no longer excruciating *happy*

Deepest Love,
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Reanaclaire said...

I also hate ulcers! It deters me from my food!! that is what i detest about it.. hahaha..
I take "revenge" by applying lots of salt on the ulcer and let it Sting!!
yes, melon powder works too..
by the way, the fried noodles in gunong rapat, this stall is just opposite the school and a hall... :) my friends told me that is the best... i havent tried the rest yet..

Ara Nadea said...

tell me about it.. i always end up with ulcers all the time.. its bugging me.. thanks for the tips! :)

Henry Tan said...

hahaha used to apply this too! but seems like i always swallow it one. =.= so doesnt really helpful for me i guess. haha drink more water anyway, get well soon! ;)

Meitzeu said...

Hi!! Thx for dropping by~~~ Hope your ulcer is getting better by now. :)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

ReanaClaire, OMG u are really brave to put salt on the ulcer *salute*

Ara Nadea, no problem. I hope next time you know how to overcome the ulcer problems too!

Henry Tan, HAHAHA.. why did you swallow the watermelon frost?

Meitzeu, yes it has. Thanks!!