Saturday, June 23

My 26th Birthday Celebration

I realized long ago, that I'm such a despicable person that nobody in this world would want to celebrate my birthday this year. Actually my birthday falls on Monday, May 14th. So, I was expecting my beloved boyfriend of 7 years  wtf keep emphasizing on that 7 freaking long years  to treat me for romantic dinner, flourish me with priceless gifts and surprises. 

GAH. known him too long to be expecting too much. So I just brushed those expectations aside.

There's no celebration on Sat / Sun. I never made any noise to go anywhere. Wern & TianChad was not at home - they went to Melaka for a sumptuous dinner. *jealous* 

And then on Monday, when I came home, the house was empty. =.=" These beings are so bad. I felt like changing locks so that they dont have keys to come home. Evil vs Evil.. Nobody even wished me a happy birthday. Maybe they knew it wouldn't be a happy one so don't bother about it.

So I was at home watching 8TV - eating orange, chocolates and whatever snacks I could find to fill my empty stomach. Then XeRoZ came home at 7.15pm and said bring me to IOI for dinner.

I refused. LOL!

Okla, cut the long story short, we arrived in IOI mall, and I decided to have Nandos. It's really a mystery why I would have Nandos cravings once in a while.( P/s: on a sidenote, Atreyustrange is organizing a Nando's Malaysia Contest and I'm so gonna win it! So, don't compete with me for Week 1. She has 3 more weeks to go so remember to participate her NEXT question. HAH!)

So, we walked in..

and those bunch of ungrateful gits lovely friends and sister and cousins were all waiting for me for dinner!

Oh I'm so touched! and angry at the same time wtf HAHA.. Sorry hor but I actually guessed all of them to be at the same place because they just refused to WhatsApp throughout the night (not like usual).

Initially I thought they had brought their colleague to celebrate along. Note: The unknown blonde highlighted hair girl in white. Then XerOz told me, hey don't you wanna go and say hi?

me        :         Hi? why?
XeROZ:         there... *points*
me        :         Don't want la! Don't know who is that also..
XeROZ:         Yvette ahh.. Yvette...your cousin!
me        :          HAR? *narrows eyes to focus properly*
me        :          EH YVETTE!!! *SCREAMS*

WOAH.. FYI, Yvette is my long lost cousin who got kidnap by a dog that dragged her all the way to Australia. I forgot that she has come back. hehehe.. But as I'm writing this, she has gone back to Australia for more than a month already!

Oh.. MY CAKE.. 

It's the most delicious and 
MOST EXPENSIVE crepe cake in whole Malaysia!

 This cake was specially assembled by TianChad and Wern, and it's so expensive that they are not going to buy me any cakes for next 2 years!

I urge everybody to learn make good mille crepe cakes, and sell them at affordable prices to end Nadeje's monopoly of mille crepe cake! END THEIR REIGN!!!! I will forever blame them for causing me to NOT have future birthday cakes!

But it's really delicious. I wished that I have a cup of fragrance flower tea to have with the cake.

I can haz presents too!???


The most epic..

*keep scrolling down*


Thanks Wern, TianChad, XeRoZ, Jack, Koko, Yvette, and Iris for the gifts. Thanks for the effort of celebrating my birthday although I'm such an evil bitch witch.



Henry Tan said...

whoots wonderful celebration! happy belated bday! =D

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Thanks Henry!!!

TianChad田七 said...

Glad you like the cake! Do you know it took us so much efforts to bring it all the way from Melaka?

PS: Try to maintain image quality as they look pixelated~