Sunday, June 24

Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) & Ah Beng Rocks Audience in Setia City Mall

Yesterday was a fantastic day for me, I was blessed with a pair of ticket of MLTR (Michael Learns To Rock) at Setia City Mall, Shah Alam. I arrived at 6.30pm, and to my aghast the place is flooded with people! Thankfully, SP Setia Group (organizer) managed the parking and the queue very well. Kudos to the organizers for a well done effort.

 Setia City Mall also celebrated its grand launch. Setia City Mall is located around the vicinity of the well-known Setia Eco Park, surrounded by lush greenness and a beautiful man-made lake. The landscape is fascinating, with abundance of water feature.

The concert is held directly in the center of the lake. The stage was surrounded by huge screens and the audio visual display was perfect. It was a successful event. =)

The place is windy, and people are being seated. At 8.30pm, the concert is being opened by Ah Beng. Ah Beng is a local comedian security guard atypical of Malaysian style. He speaks in Manglish. Ah Beng welcome us with his comedic verses such as, "My mother passed away" when he meant that his mom passed by.

As I was seated quite far from the stage, i couldn't clearly see the band properly. However, the huge screen was of great help and i could see the performance by MLTR...


Consists of  Jascha Richter, Kåre Wanscher & Mikkel Lentz, MLTR arrived in Malaysia from their concert in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Despite such a hectic schedule, their performance was perfect! I never thought I will have a chance to listen to them performing LIVE, reviving those nostalgic melodies of my childhood time!

Michael Learns To Rock's songs were the highlights of my primary school time. I still remember the melodies of sleeping child, and when my cousin, Geraldine left for Canada, we all sang together with her Paint My Love. That was...erm...1998, I think.

This time, MLTR performs a couple of their all time famous HIT Songs - The Actor, Final Destination, Sleeping Child, 25 Minutes, Love Will Never Lie, Complicated Heart, Take Me To Your Heart, Paint My Love and many more.

Also, dropping hints on their upcoming album - Scandinavia, they performed their new song Any Way You Want It. MLTR also brought us the newly released music video of Any Way You Want It (which was being shot in Kathmandu, Nepal recently). Check out their new song and video here ^.^

The vocalist/keyboard Jascha Richter has really a unique voice. His voice blown me back into 1990's, reminiscing my wonderful childhood. It's really rare to find a group, who still work on passion and talent. MLTR love and passion for music will always inspire me.

I did record some videos but unfortunately the quality isn't very good. Otherwise I would upload all the videos recorded here ='(

The memorable night ended up with spectacular blasts of fireworks!

It was a very inspiring night for every MLTR fans. I really hope that one day, I would be able to listen to MLTR live again!


(p/s: All photos are taken with Samsung Galaxy Nexus)


TikkoSS's Blog said...

do they sing good? or they are still learning? LOL

that is my idol team too!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

HAH! Tikkoss, you must be joking! They sound even better than in cassettes =)