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K-Pop: Big Bang & 2Ne1 Are My Favourites!

I was blogwalking to Tekkaus' blog  when I realised that my blog is supposed to be the "Music Of My Life". But other than declaring that I love Backstreet Boys (now and forever), I have never shared anything else. Is it that I do not listen to music at all? Or that I'm stucked in the 1990's?

Nope, it is not that. I can honestly tell you that I'm not as antique and that I do know what K-Pop is. Currently (as of today) my favourite is....

It's not about their looks, it's not about the lyrics (because I don't know korean language). It's about the catchy melody and the beautiful composition. Perfecto! No offense but I only like some of their songs.Here's some of the songs that I would love to share with you all. Or maybe, some of them are your favourite songs too! My favourite singers in Big Bang will be...erm.. Tae Yang & Dae Sung... I just love their voice, and don't know much about them though XD.

There's a unique reason why I like 2NE1. No doubt they are a bunch of not-very-pretty girls but I somehow felt that I can relate to their songs. I love the beats, the melody and also the incorporation of English language in their music. I was very excited to see 2Ne1 emerge as one of the strong contender for MaMa Awards. Hope to see them BIGGER and BETTER this year round.


Rank #1 (In My Heart):  BIGBANG - LIES (거짓말) 
Repeated at least 3 times a day, love it for years already (since 2009). The 1st Big Bang song that love.
A song about a failed love, in which one treated the partner badly until he/she loses her/him.

If you love this song, and would like to know more about it. Check this blog for the translation & meaning (in English & Bahasa Malaysia).

Rank #2 (In My Heart): BIGBANG - HARU HARU (하루하루) 
I listened to Haru Haru equally as much as Lies. Love it as much as Lies. But somehow I felt that I am more attached to Lies more.

This is also a sad song, about losing someone you love.

Rank #3 (In My Heart):  2NE1 - UGLY
Yupz...It's a song about UGLY. Like me, I think I'm ugly, and nobody wants to love me. Just like her, I wanna be pretty, I wanna be pretty....

Rank #4 (In My Heart): TAE YANG (from Big Bang) - WEDDING DRESS
Love this song for the meaning (i could guess a little from the MV), the melody and the sweet vocals from Tae Yang (the best dancer in Big Bang). I love the music so much that I would probably put the instrumental version for my wedding haha.. Even better if I have any cousins who could play the piano version of this song.


Rank #5 (In My Heart): PARK BOM (from 2ne1) - YOU AND I
I just like it, no explanation why. <3 I wonder why my parents never name me something cool such as Chua BOM?! I can't make myself to watch the MV because it's so touching that I would cry....So, watch this and tell me whether it's touching or not?

Rank #6 (In My Heart): BIG BANG - TELL ME GOODBYE
This is one beautiful piece (I think it's in Japanese) by Big Bang. Have been repeating for quite some time that I lost count. P/S I didn't even know it's Japanese until being told. This proves that I'm in love with the music, nothing else.

Rank #7 (In My Heart): 2NE1 - GO AWAY
The 1st 2ne1 song that I love. This is the song that was playing on my mind when I felt sad/angry at somebody. The song that cures my anger and pain... If you have such a jerk as a boyfriend, I suggest you listen to this song and gain all your confidence! Dump him and get another boyfriend, there's nothing that jerk is worthy of! (personal opinion)

Rank #8 (Rising Up Fast): BIG BANG - MONSTER
Didn't know why but this song explains why Big Bang emerged with a new freaky image on their newly released album. I think I have said this like a million times, no matter how ugly/frightening TOP is...i think...he's still very handsome!


I just realized one thing!!! All of the songs all bring some melancholy sentiments, and some sadness... I think my life's pretty screwed up that I can deeply relate to these songs. HAHA jk!... Well it's my first time embedding so many videos in one blog post. As you all can see I'm not a K-Pop Fanatic so, erm, if i have mention any mistakes in my interpretation of song, please enlighten me. =)

 I'm just a music lover, and for me..these songs are the music of my life (right now)....

Monster MsXeRoZ

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