Wednesday, June 20

Hating Technology

I wonder why in this world there are people who hates technology? You see, when handphones were a hype in the early 2000s people would say "why spend so much on handphone? Can dial and SMS is sufficient!"

Ironically these are the people who now holding not one, but two smartphones. (1 for work, 1 for personal). Now, people of the world, dont go opposing the existence of technology because technology brings forth advancement in lifestyle, and work. Hence, technology is important.

I dont get it why when a company can afford UNiFi would want to engage Streamyx. I even hate those companies who blocked off certain websites! What is this man! Grow up!!!! Employees should not be treated like school children that has to be bound to curfews and rules!

Hate hate! Hate it when i can't 9gag, facebook, read blogs... Hate hate... 

So now whatever i do online is via this phone of mine. I love u phone ~~~ *hugs each other and cries*

The more you block me, the more i hate you. The more i hate you, the more annoying i will be.

On a brighter note, Congrats Wern upon changing job! Many happy returns ahead. Hopefully i get to win an LG 3D Tv for my home and awaits the installation of Astro! Well Nuffnang extended the dateline from 6th June to 22nd June so i bet they received tonnes of fantastic entries. >.< all i can do now is pray that mine's the best haha.. Pray along with me ya!

bye for now...

Deepest Love,
Unstoppable me...
Blogged from my Phone


Henry Tan said...

hahahaha yeah weyyy i agree. but then i have seen people who can't control themselves and ended up online FB etc etc more than doing their job.
so if you are a boss, probably you would so if your employees misuses right? haha =D ofcoz there are good employee like u and me that will cope well with work while online fb once a while. hahahhaah

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

*claps hands* Well said!! HAHA