Friday, June 1

Evidence (Amendment) (No2) Act 2012

In the last seating of  Dewan Rakyat & Dewan Negara, The Evidence (Amendment) (No2) Act 2012 was passed. In which a new set of rule has been amended into (Section 114A) has been inserted into The Evidence Act 1950.

Being a semi-ignorant Malaysian, I always don't bother about whatever Acts that the government has decided and fixed, knowing that Malaysia Government is very caring and nice to the people. The set of laws approved usually brings benefits to the rakyat, thus ensuring Malaysians to live harmoniously.

However, since last night (31st May 2012), I saw some of my friends mentioning about the new amended act. Which content as below:-

Screenshot from:Netizens against Evidence (Amendment)(No2) Act 2012

This eventually means that....

First and foremost don't get me wrong. I'm writing this neither to support nor to condemn this act. I'm writing this to send a note to all my virtual friends, especially bloggers, facebook members who are critical in voicing opinions to be more careful and vigilant when posting something on the internet.

As a first step to avoid any trouble with the law, we should:-
  1. Monitor and moderate the comments in our blog. (Which I will have to set it later).
  2. Monitor and Delete any seditious remarks/post that anyone post on your Facebook Wall. (Which means you have to have a smartphone/tab/note that will notify you incoming posts on your wall so that you can delete any unwanted posts written on your wall)
  3. Warn your family members/housemates that if they post any offensive stuff you will break ties with them. Before that, write a memo and stick to their room doors. Otherwise, ask them to get their own WiFi / Internet.
  4. Resist yourself from clicking the "Share" button no matter how true the offensive statements are. Perhaps clicking "like" is acceptable.
On the bright side, upon reading the terms of the new act. A lot of mischievious deeds pop up in my head. With this law, i can tweetjack, jack, facebook-jack anyone to sabotage anyone. HAHAH..The law actually protects this kind of deeds.

Anyway, whatever it is. A law is still a law. Going against the law, normally brings chaos. Like people say "di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijunjung", meaning that wherever you go, you have to adapt to the place's rules and regulation.

Freedom of speech has reached a new meaning in Malaysia. It's THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU TYPE, and FEAR after that.

MsXEroZ worries for her virtual safety....


Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Wow, you're suddenly so interested in law to have mischievous thoughts in your head.

I would say "meh!" to this.

Ken Wooi said...

Oh well, we can be careful and yes - moderate the blog comments :)

Vince G said...

I can tell you the amendment of this AoP is gonna be reviewed really soon. Definitely gonna be an unpopular law, that is if the authorities ACTUALLY take action against bloggers, tweeters and facebookers for any of the aforementioned offences. Coz there's just too many people on the Net who goes on blabbing without thinking lah.

CIJ Malaysia said...

this law is illogical and unreasonable. it's clearly intended to stop criticism of the ruling government by making the people who use internet censors! it's not a simple matter of "law is law". laws are not always just. a century ago, it was illegal for women to vote. it was illegal for blacks to do a whole lot of things. and everything hitler did was within the 'law'.


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