Tuesday, June 26

Email Trap!

I happened to clear my inbox when I received an email from Visa, entitled "Verified by Visa". Initially I thought it was some kind of promotional/updates by Visa until I read the content.

So it says here that i have an inactive visa card and i should click on the given link to activate, and should i choose to ignore the activation my account will be deactivate permanently.

Sounds legitimate isn't it??

So let me give you some tips on how to avoid falling trap into these kind of emails. These simple steps may help save your computer from being attacked by virus too!

1. Be vigilant! Do not assume emails that are being filtered by the email provider are 100% safe.

2. Look at the title. Does it sounds suspicious? Eg: Business Proposal For You.
Use your common sense. Why would an unknown people want to collaborate a business with you? Don't get fooled when you receive emails that claimed you have won or inherited £1 million!!

3. Check the English.
I don't know why but I usually have a hunch of a scam content by analyzing the words, grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Especially those scam corporate emails that uses broken English.

4. Check the email address.
Scroll your mouse at  FROM and see what email address is being displayed. Check the spelling of the email address too. Eg. Xxxx@maybanks.com

Obviously it is a fake right? Some scam address will put similar address that will trick you if you are not careful enough. If you can't see the email address, click REPLY and see what return email address is being displayed.

5. If the email and return email address looks legitimate, google the email address. A legitimate email address used to send mass emails can usually be found online.

6. If everything seems legitimate and formal but you have a bad feeling about it. You can still choose to ignore the mail. Banks or Corporate Businesses usually will send an official hardcopy letter to you if there's such important notification.

For instance, in my email above, Visa asked me to activate my account. Should there be any activation necessary, my bank should have emailed me.

Furthermore, a legitimate business or personal email will have your name and IC number stated in the email. A legitimate email will also complete with contact person, number and address.

If an email is sent to you without identification of the sender, just ignore and delete it.

Hope this helps!! If you have any more tips to share, kindly leave it in the comment section!

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