Friday, June 22

23 June 2012: Setia City Mall Grand Launch With Michael Learns To Rock!

Preparation by Setia City Mall Facebook Page
This time I'm NOT 25minutes too late!

Last few days, I've been hearing a lot about the launching of Setia City Mall, Shah Alam. But I totally underestimate the "launching" as in, usually launching is done by offering special opening discounts! But I think this is the first time a launching with... 


Not any usual concert, but it's MLTR Concert!!! 

Setia City Mall is really good in bringing up the hype. Michael Learns To Rock is a good choice because most of MLTR fans are all young/middle aged (and have purchasing power)! Good marketing strategy for shopping center.  So tomorrow every young adults will be singing PAINT MY LOVE. Couples will hold hand, look at each others' eyes and say "Take Me To Your Heart"...

Noisy rowdy kids will all be sleeping tomorrow because I will be yelling "OH MY SLEEPING CHILD..." 

Have you got your tickets yet? Here are a few ways to get the tickets:-

Few ways to get the MLTR Concert Ticket:-

• Free Seating Tickets 

1) For SPP members (Setia Platinum Privilege- For SP Setia's Purchaser) who redeem the tickets online with 150 points.

2) Shoppers who spent RM150 collectively at any of the Setia City Mal's retail outlets in a single day.

3) Residents who spent RM150 in 1 day in Setia City Mall can claim the 2 free seating tickets at Setia Alam / Setia Eco Park sales office.

4) Residents who bring friends to Setia Eco Park's "Open Day" on 16th - 17th June entitle 2 + 2 free seating tickets .

• Free standing Tickets – open to public

* Two tickets maximum per person. While Stock Last

Remember get your tickets and sing with me OK?

P/S Rushing for my Durian supper...

MsXeROZ Loves Michael Learn To Rock

p/s: Seems like MLTR comes to promote their new album (which I didnt mention anything about earlier) Well, forgive me, it wasn't written on their ticket! HAHA.. Anyway, will update you on how i find the new songs, tomorrow!


Unknown said...

u forget that u need to study their new song.. as they promoting their new album!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Oh ya! Sorry...I havent been listening to English songs lately. *blame the KPop fever* I shall check it out! Thanks for the tips!

atreyustrange said...

I can haz a ticket Ms Nicole? >.<

Happy walker said...

the MLTR concert was nice~ =)

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..