Saturday, June 30

Oral Ulcer

MOUTH ULCER or oral ulcer attacked my upper lips and the abrasion of the sore with my gums are killing me!!! *suffers a slow,  painful death*

I hate ulcers! I hate ulcers!!

Usually I will do whatever it takes to prevent the sores from forming in my mouth cavity. Nobody in this world enjoys the ulcer existence. If there is anyone who claimed that he/she enjoys ulcer, please run away because that person might have a cuckoo bird brain. Wtf!

Ulcers are very common, as in it forms occasionally due to physical damage on mouth tissue, bacterial infection or weak body immune. The Chinese (like me) believe that ulcers formed because of 'body heatiness' (in cantonese- yit hei). When the body is heaty, the gums will get swollen and chances of abrasion is high. This is especially true if you keep biting your own mouth wall when you are chewing your food.

There may be more proper explanation on why ulcers are formed but most importantly we should know how to reduce the pain caused by ulcer. The pain and irritation by ulcer can cause headaches, discomfort and increased in stress level (hence leading to more skin breakouts). The pain is annoying me now that I have to wake up and write this blog post. Fml~~

Anyway, I strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. So drink loads of water, fruits and sufficient vitamin C will boost the immune system. Beside that, if you think that the ulcer is forming, put the watermelon frost powder (also known as xi gua shuang)/bonjela/salt on the site. It will help reduce the inflammation, and if lucky will curb the ulcer from being formed.

So lastly, I would like to thank the scientists who created watermelon frost powder to cure oral ulcers. I have been using it since I'm a kid and it still works. I just have to bear with the sting and the weird bitter taste and the next day the inflammation will subside. I never liked bonjela and salt is wayyyyy too pain for me.

P/s I wrote this post halfway and fell asleep so while finishing this post, the pain is no longer excruciating *happy*

Deepest Love,
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Thursday, June 28

DIY Beauty Mask -Soya Paste Egg Mask

Not everybody is blessed with a natural, flawless skin. If you read my blog posts from 2009, you would notice that I suffer from bad acne problems. After going for facials, my skin condition improved.

To cut the long story short, I have a hobby of doing facial masks from leftover food products (fruits and vegetables)- especially after making fruit juices I will use the leftover fibers.

Here's one of my DIY recipe:

Soya Bean Paste + Kampung Egg.

1) Take a sufficient amount of Soya Bean Paste. ( I obtained my paste from the soya bean maker)

2) Beat 1 egg inside and mix it well.

3) You can either put it on warm or chilled in the fridge for a soothing and cooling effect.

4) Rinse off after 20minutes.

5) Complete it with your own moisturizer or night balm.

Soya beans are rich in proteins, antioxidants and co-enzymes. It is known to have phytosterols that would help in decreasing pigmentation and redness.

Eggs, on the other hand, is one of the most primitive beauty products. Some would prefer using either the yolk or the whites, but for me, I just use both (the whole egg) because I don't like to keep leftovers. Egg yolks are known to moisturize, while egg white is believed to help reduce oily skin. The only disadvantage is the egg smell that you have to tolerate XD

After doing this mask, I find my skin is smoother =) So i will definitely do it again. While doing the mask, you have to lie down 15-20mins approximate. Hence, it will be better if you light up scented candles and soothing music to relax your body and mind.

Try it out!

Deepest Love,
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Wednesday, June 27

The Lost Manners (Based on True Story)

[Warning] Today's blog post contains rough, sensitive, and impolite issues that may not suitable for you. If you cannot tolerate vulgarities, please, by all means, click the X button on the rightmost corner of this screen.

Some incident happened that caused me to be pretty much upset. I tried to control my tempers and just brush it all aside. - Because MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME MANNERS. But mom didn't say that I am not allowed to express my anger. So here's what I would like to share.

This is the whole account of the incident that made me furious. I start work at 8.30am to 5.30pm. The other office starts work at 8.00am till I don't know what time. So I go work at sharp and leave work sharp. Due to some insufficient parking lots (everyone double parks and risks of getting summons), I always have to double park someone or being double-parked.

The first incident was before Chinese New Year, where I had parked behind someone's car. Let's name her B. I was sitting in the office, and my boss telephone rang, the room is locked and I didn't know how to twitch with the intercom. The phone kept ringing, and when I left the office, B approached me - furious that I had blocked her car. She said that she has called me and I didn't pick up the phone. I refuted her but since it's a small issue I apologized and told her my correct extension and left. The next time I met S, she gave me the "I-do-not-know-who-the-fuck-you-are" look when I smiled at her. I got kind of offended but OK, so, next time, I won't double park there anymore.

I managed to pull some strings, and got myself a space in ANOTHER FACTORY LOT BELONGS TO A NON-RELATED COMPANY (which I now label as Company L) So, I did not disturb anyone's parking (except maybe the staff of Company L). When I have my own parking space, free from any police summons, suddenly the staff from which my office is being rented on became super friendly.

Aunty A: Nicole, why you can park there?
Me: Because I have permission to park there.
Aunty A: If you can park there, I can park there too.
Me: *kind tone* You are not driving right, you can park here ma. My relative is working there so I have permission to park at Company L.
Aunty A:  You tell your relative to apply for a parking for me la. Can la *mengada*
Me: Sorry, I don't think so lor. *walks away*

I detest people who is so thick skinned to request such favor from me. So, when I have no worth you don't have to befriend me is it?

After the incident, I regularly got the cold stares from the staff there. When I first entered this company, I always greeted anyone I met with a simple GOOD MORNING and a smile. It's free and it makes me happier as well as makes others happier. Or perhaps that's what I thought. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

A simple good morning and a smile is always returned by the driver and the receptionist and maybe 3 others. The rest, looked at me as though I had murdered their mothers. So, as time passed, I feel less and less motivation at work. I have NO FRIENDS. Even when I pass by the pantry, I smiled to some of them, they gave me the cold look as though their smile costs RM3.50 every time they show their teeth. *yeah, that's how expensive their smile worth - sarcastic*

Today, after lunch it was raining. It was almost impossible for me to park at Company L. So, I double parked in front of my own company. At 5.22pm, the guard called me and said "Nicole, got people angry you block their car" I hung up, grabbed my bag. As I approached the door, this is what I heard.

Aunty L speaking to Boy A.
Aunty L: WHOSE CAR IS AGL 3**5?
Boy A: I don't know.
Aunty L: WHOSE CAR IS AGL 3**5?
Boy A: Don't know.

Me:It's my car.
Aunty L: Why you never inform the guard it is your car?
Me: The guard had recorded it last time ma.

and then I walked away.

So now, I became a bastard.

You want play vulgar, Aunty L? Let's play vulgar!

FYI, I'm not the only one who blocked the car. There's another car that blocked the car. Even that if i remove my car, that car cannot exit. So, I'm the bastard who parked the car like that, and the other one is not a bastard? Aunty L, you too double parked your car some times, I didn't know you are a BASTARD yourself.

Come on la people, just because I'm young, pretty, adorable, have a good superior than all of you in that freaking office, you don't have to be jealous and pick on me all the time! Do you think that I love smiling and say hello to all of you there, and all I got in return is a cold look from that wrinkled face? I said my greetings because I have manners!

Just because you are older than me, doesn't mean that you can be rude and impolite. You can be impolite to me but watch your language, BASTARD = a child born out of wedlock. So ARE YOU INSULTING MY MOTHER NOW???

That's a libel and highly seditious. Why don't I call you something that is true about you? Such as, WRINKLED FUCKER? Or maybe something less offensive, what about BITCH? Since you love barking so much. Well, it's not even 5.30pm (the official go home time), it's only 5.22pm and you already there barking.

and so Aunty L opened the accounts department and yell "The next door girl's car. She didn't inform the guard"

I walked away.

Actually there's no need for me to be angry or upset. These are some of the low life creatures that happened to be at the same place as I do. It's not that I'm always rude or offensive. I admit that I am straightforward and direct at times. I am vocal on my opinions and thoughts. I do what I felt right.

All the while, these aunties all don a pretentious fake identity and they thought that I couldn't see through it. I fascinates me on where their manners had gone. Are these the acclaimed GENERATION X that brought up GENERATION Y? *puuuuuiiiikkkkkk*

I don't know what has happened to humanity. What has happened to all the manners and budi bahasa that was once taught to us. What happened to the Rukunegara that we have all vowed to keep?

MAKA KAMI, rakyat Malaysia, berikrar akan menumpukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut :

Maybe they didn't learn the Rukunegara???

A fed up

Tuesday, June 26

Email Trap!

I happened to clear my inbox when I received an email from Visa, entitled "Verified by Visa". Initially I thought it was some kind of promotional/updates by Visa until I read the content.

So it says here that i have an inactive visa card and i should click on the given link to activate, and should i choose to ignore the activation my account will be deactivate permanently.

Sounds legitimate isn't it??

So let me give you some tips on how to avoid falling trap into these kind of emails. These simple steps may help save your computer from being attacked by virus too!

1. Be vigilant! Do not assume emails that are being filtered by the email provider are 100% safe.

2. Look at the title. Does it sounds suspicious? Eg: Business Proposal For You.
Use your common sense. Why would an unknown people want to collaborate a business with you? Don't get fooled when you receive emails that claimed you have won or inherited £1 million!!

3. Check the English.
I don't know why but I usually have a hunch of a scam content by analyzing the words, grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Especially those scam corporate emails that uses broken English.

4. Check the email address.
Scroll your mouse at  FROM and see what email address is being displayed. Check the spelling of the email address too. Eg.

Obviously it is a fake right? Some scam address will put similar address that will trick you if you are not careful enough. If you can't see the email address, click REPLY and see what return email address is being displayed.

5. If the email and return email address looks legitimate, google the email address. A legitimate email address used to send mass emails can usually be found online.

6. If everything seems legitimate and formal but you have a bad feeling about it. You can still choose to ignore the mail. Banks or Corporate Businesses usually will send an official hardcopy letter to you if there's such important notification.

For instance, in my email above, Visa asked me to activate my account. Should there be any activation necessary, my bank should have emailed me.

Furthermore, a legitimate business or personal email will have your name and IC number stated in the email. A legitimate email will also complete with contact person, number and address.

If an email is sent to you without identification of the sender, just ignore and delete it.

Hope this helps!! If you have any more tips to share, kindly leave it in the comment section!

Deepest Love,
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Monday, June 25

Tips: How To Evade Mosquito Attacks At Night

*Factual Tone*

Mosquito: a cute looking, buzzing insect that is a nuisance for its blood-sucking ability. Loves to attack, especially when human are deep asleep.

Everyone in the world has experience mosquito attacks before, and at those times, we would use mosquito repellents. Lately, I noticed that the mosquitoes aren't afraid of the mosquito repellents anymore. Hence, this would actually means:-
a. Mosquitoes has formed a resistance to chemical repellents.
b. Chemical repellents have changed formula 

Mosquitoes are going crazy lately and have been attacking my house at night! Look at the mosquitoes sticking on my ceiling!!!

So I tried to google up some tips to exterminate mosquitoes and I found a handful of tips here by Wikihow.
Click on this image to see more tips.

No offense, but I think most of the tips given by Wikihow are somehow ridiculous! eg: Kill mosquitoes by double hand clap. Come on! The double hand clap is a spontaneous response. And, don't expect we would stay up all night and clap the mosquitoes away right?

I do not own an air cond, so turning closing all windows and turn on the air conds to sleep is not an option for me. Secondly, I am allergic to mosquito coils. Yes, the green, snake-lookalike stuff that emit a weird smell. My nose is sensitive to the smell, and I will sneeze non stop when being around the coil.

So, I've come up with a strategic planning on how to avoid mosquitoes from disturbing our good night sleep.

1) Keep your room NEAT & TIDY. Mosquitoes love hanging around pile of dark smelly clothes that you chunk on the floor.

2) Close all the windows and doors. Give your room a generous spray of mosquito repellent (Eg: Shieldtox / Ridsect)

3) Apply the anti-mosquitoes lotion on exposed skin region before sleep.

Actually steps 1-3 are all common sense. And this steps will not ensure 8 hour long protection (unless you put the smelly mosquito coil)

For me, I have another special tactic. Read carefully.

1. Cover your whole body with blanket. 
2. Try to listen to the buzzing sound of the mosquito.
3. Turn to your side, and leave 1 side of your face exposed.
4. Make sure the most convenient hand is ready.
5. Try to sleep but keep awake and stay alert to the buzzing. 
6. The mosquito will try to suck your blood.
7. When you are alert, you can feel the mosquito land on your exposed cheek.
8. Slap the mosquito.
9. Continue sleep.
10. Repeat process 1-9 if there's more than 1 mosquito.

But if there's freaking a lot of mosquitoes, then your life is pretty much f*cked up. I feel sorry for you. *pats your back*

So, anyone of you have more secrets on how to deal with mosquitoes? Please share with me =)

MsXeRoZ hates mosquitoes!!!

Sunday, June 24

Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) & Ah Beng Rocks Audience in Setia City Mall

Yesterday was a fantastic day for me, I was blessed with a pair of ticket of MLTR (Michael Learns To Rock) at Setia City Mall, Shah Alam. I arrived at 6.30pm, and to my aghast the place is flooded with people! Thankfully, SP Setia Group (organizer) managed the parking and the queue very well. Kudos to the organizers for a well done effort.

 Setia City Mall also celebrated its grand launch. Setia City Mall is located around the vicinity of the well-known Setia Eco Park, surrounded by lush greenness and a beautiful man-made lake. The landscape is fascinating, with abundance of water feature.

The concert is held directly in the center of the lake. The stage was surrounded by huge screens and the audio visual display was perfect. It was a successful event. =)

The place is windy, and people are being seated. At 8.30pm, the concert is being opened by Ah Beng. Ah Beng is a local comedian security guard atypical of Malaysian style. He speaks in Manglish. Ah Beng welcome us with his comedic verses such as, "My mother passed away" when he meant that his mom passed by.

As I was seated quite far from the stage, i couldn't clearly see the band properly. However, the huge screen was of great help and i could see the performance by MLTR...


Consists of  Jascha Richter, Kåre Wanscher & Mikkel Lentz, MLTR arrived in Malaysia from their concert in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Despite such a hectic schedule, their performance was perfect! I never thought I will have a chance to listen to them performing LIVE, reviving those nostalgic melodies of my childhood time!

Michael Learns To Rock's songs were the highlights of my primary school time. I still remember the melodies of sleeping child, and when my cousin, Geraldine left for Canada, we all sang together with her Paint My Love. That was...erm...1998, I think.

This time, MLTR performs a couple of their all time famous HIT Songs - The Actor, Final Destination, Sleeping Child, 25 Minutes, Love Will Never Lie, Complicated Heart, Take Me To Your Heart, Paint My Love and many more.

Also, dropping hints on their upcoming album - Scandinavia, they performed their new song Any Way You Want It. MLTR also brought us the newly released music video of Any Way You Want It (which was being shot in Kathmandu, Nepal recently). Check out their new song and video here ^.^

The vocalist/keyboard Jascha Richter has really a unique voice. His voice blown me back into 1990's, reminiscing my wonderful childhood. It's really rare to find a group, who still work on passion and talent. MLTR love and passion for music will always inspire me.

I did record some videos but unfortunately the quality isn't very good. Otherwise I would upload all the videos recorded here ='(

The memorable night ended up with spectacular blasts of fireworks!

It was a very inspiring night for every MLTR fans. I really hope that one day, I would be able to listen to MLTR live again!


(p/s: All photos are taken with Samsung Galaxy Nexus)

Saturday, June 23

My 26th Birthday Celebration

I realized long ago, that I'm such a despicable person that nobody in this world would want to celebrate my birthday this year. Actually my birthday falls on Monday, May 14th. So, I was expecting my beloved boyfriend of 7 years  wtf keep emphasizing on that 7 freaking long years  to treat me for romantic dinner, flourish me with priceless gifts and surprises. 

GAH. known him too long to be expecting too much. So I just brushed those expectations aside.

There's no celebration on Sat / Sun. I never made any noise to go anywhere. Wern & TianChad was not at home - they went to Melaka for a sumptuous dinner. *jealous* 

And then on Monday, when I came home, the house was empty. =.=" These beings are so bad. I felt like changing locks so that they dont have keys to come home. Evil vs Evil.. Nobody even wished me a happy birthday. Maybe they knew it wouldn't be a happy one so don't bother about it.

So I was at home watching 8TV - eating orange, chocolates and whatever snacks I could find to fill my empty stomach. Then XeRoZ came home at 7.15pm and said bring me to IOI for dinner.

I refused. LOL!

Okla, cut the long story short, we arrived in IOI mall, and I decided to have Nandos. It's really a mystery why I would have Nandos cravings once in a while.( P/s: on a sidenote, Atreyustrange is organizing a Nando's Malaysia Contest and I'm so gonna win it! So, don't compete with me for Week 1. She has 3 more weeks to go so remember to participate her NEXT question. HAH!)

So, we walked in..

and those bunch of ungrateful gits lovely friends and sister and cousins were all waiting for me for dinner!

Oh I'm so touched! and angry at the same time wtf HAHA.. Sorry hor but I actually guessed all of them to be at the same place because they just refused to WhatsApp throughout the night (not like usual).

Initially I thought they had brought their colleague to celebrate along. Note: The unknown blonde highlighted hair girl in white. Then XerOz told me, hey don't you wanna go and say hi?

me        :         Hi? why?
XeROZ:         there... *points*
me        :         Don't want la! Don't know who is that also..
XeROZ:         Yvette ahh.. Yvette...your cousin!
me        :          HAR? *narrows eyes to focus properly*
me        :          EH YVETTE!!! *SCREAMS*

WOAH.. FYI, Yvette is my long lost cousin who got kidnap by a dog that dragged her all the way to Australia. I forgot that she has come back. hehehe.. But as I'm writing this, she has gone back to Australia for more than a month already!

Oh.. MY CAKE.. 

It's the most delicious and 
MOST EXPENSIVE crepe cake in whole Malaysia!

 This cake was specially assembled by TianChad and Wern, and it's so expensive that they are not going to buy me any cakes for next 2 years!

I urge everybody to learn make good mille crepe cakes, and sell them at affordable prices to end Nadeje's monopoly of mille crepe cake! END THEIR REIGN!!!! I will forever blame them for causing me to NOT have future birthday cakes!

But it's really delicious. I wished that I have a cup of fragrance flower tea to have with the cake.

I can haz presents too!???


The most epic..

*keep scrolling down*


Thanks Wern, TianChad, XeRoZ, Jack, Koko, Yvette, and Iris for the gifts. Thanks for the effort of celebrating my birthday although I'm such an evil bitch witch.


Friday, June 22

23 June 2012: Setia City Mall Grand Launch With Michael Learns To Rock!

Preparation by Setia City Mall Facebook Page
This time I'm NOT 25minutes too late!

Last few days, I've been hearing a lot about the launching of Setia City Mall, Shah Alam. But I totally underestimate the "launching" as in, usually launching is done by offering special opening discounts! But I think this is the first time a launching with... 


Not any usual concert, but it's MLTR Concert!!! 

Setia City Mall is really good in bringing up the hype. Michael Learns To Rock is a good choice because most of MLTR fans are all young/middle aged (and have purchasing power)! Good marketing strategy for shopping center.  So tomorrow every young adults will be singing PAINT MY LOVE. Couples will hold hand, look at each others' eyes and say "Take Me To Your Heart"...

Noisy rowdy kids will all be sleeping tomorrow because I will be yelling "OH MY SLEEPING CHILD..." 

Have you got your tickets yet? Here are a few ways to get the tickets:-

Few ways to get the MLTR Concert Ticket:-

• Free Seating Tickets 

1) For SPP members (Setia Platinum Privilege- For SP Setia's Purchaser) who redeem the tickets online with 150 points.

2) Shoppers who spent RM150 collectively at any of the Setia City Mal's retail outlets in a single day.

3) Residents who spent RM150 in 1 day in Setia City Mall can claim the 2 free seating tickets at Setia Alam / Setia Eco Park sales office.

4) Residents who bring friends to Setia Eco Park's "Open Day" on 16th - 17th June entitle 2 + 2 free seating tickets .

• Free standing Tickets – open to public

* Two tickets maximum per person. While Stock Last

Remember get your tickets and sing with me OK?

P/S Rushing for my Durian supper...

MsXeROZ Loves Michael Learn To Rock

p/s: Seems like MLTR comes to promote their new album (which I didnt mention anything about earlier) Well, forgive me, it wasn't written on their ticket! HAHA.. Anyway, will update you on how i find the new songs, tomorrow!

Thursday, June 21

K-Pop: Big Bang & 2Ne1 Are My Favourites!

I was blogwalking to Tekkaus' blog  when I realised that my blog is supposed to be the "Music Of My Life". But other than declaring that I love Backstreet Boys (now and forever), I have never shared anything else. Is it that I do not listen to music at all? Or that I'm stucked in the 1990's?

Nope, it is not that. I can honestly tell you that I'm not as antique and that I do know what K-Pop is. Currently (as of today) my favourite is....

It's not about their looks, it's not about the lyrics (because I don't know korean language). It's about the catchy melody and the beautiful composition. Perfecto! No offense but I only like some of their songs.Here's some of the songs that I would love to share with you all. Or maybe, some of them are your favourite songs too! My favourite singers in Big Bang will be...erm.. Tae Yang & Dae Sung... I just love their voice, and don't know much about them though XD.

There's a unique reason why I like 2NE1. No doubt they are a bunch of not-very-pretty girls but I somehow felt that I can relate to their songs. I love the beats, the melody and also the incorporation of English language in their music. I was very excited to see 2Ne1 emerge as one of the strong contender for MaMa Awards. Hope to see them BIGGER and BETTER this year round.


Rank #1 (In My Heart):  BIGBANG - LIES (거짓말) 
Repeated at least 3 times a day, love it for years already (since 2009). The 1st Big Bang song that love.
A song about a failed love, in which one treated the partner badly until he/she loses her/him.

If you love this song, and would like to know more about it. Check this blog for the translation & meaning (in English & Bahasa Malaysia).

Rank #2 (In My Heart): BIGBANG - HARU HARU (하루하루) 
I listened to Haru Haru equally as much as Lies. Love it as much as Lies. But somehow I felt that I am more attached to Lies more.

This is also a sad song, about losing someone you love.

Rank #3 (In My Heart):  2NE1 - UGLY
Yupz...It's a song about UGLY. Like me, I think I'm ugly, and nobody wants to love me. Just like her, I wanna be pretty, I wanna be pretty....

Rank #4 (In My Heart): TAE YANG (from Big Bang) - WEDDING DRESS
Love this song for the meaning (i could guess a little from the MV), the melody and the sweet vocals from Tae Yang (the best dancer in Big Bang). I love the music so much that I would probably put the instrumental version for my wedding haha.. Even better if I have any cousins who could play the piano version of this song.


Rank #5 (In My Heart): PARK BOM (from 2ne1) - YOU AND I
I just like it, no explanation why. <3 I wonder why my parents never name me something cool such as Chua BOM?! I can't make myself to watch the MV because it's so touching that I would cry....So, watch this and tell me whether it's touching or not?

Rank #6 (In My Heart): BIG BANG - TELL ME GOODBYE
This is one beautiful piece (I think it's in Japanese) by Big Bang. Have been repeating for quite some time that I lost count. P/S I didn't even know it's Japanese until being told. This proves that I'm in love with the music, nothing else.

Rank #7 (In My Heart): 2NE1 - GO AWAY
The 1st 2ne1 song that I love. This is the song that was playing on my mind when I felt sad/angry at somebody. The song that cures my anger and pain... If you have such a jerk as a boyfriend, I suggest you listen to this song and gain all your confidence! Dump him and get another boyfriend, there's nothing that jerk is worthy of! (personal opinion)

Rank #8 (Rising Up Fast): BIG BANG - MONSTER
Didn't know why but this song explains why Big Bang emerged with a new freaky image on their newly released album. I think I have said this like a million times, no matter how ugly/frightening TOP is...i think...he's still very handsome!


I just realized one thing!!! All of the songs all bring some melancholy sentiments, and some sadness... I think my life's pretty screwed up that I can deeply relate to these songs. HAHA jk!... Well it's my first time embedding so many videos in one blog post. As you all can see I'm not a K-Pop Fanatic so, erm, if i have mention any mistakes in my interpretation of song, please enlighten me. =)

 I'm just a music lover, and for me..these songs are the music of my life (right now)....

Monster MsXeRoZ

Wednesday, June 20

Hating Technology

I wonder why in this world there are people who hates technology? You see, when handphones were a hype in the early 2000s people would say "why spend so much on handphone? Can dial and SMS is sufficient!"

Ironically these are the people who now holding not one, but two smartphones. (1 for work, 1 for personal). Now, people of the world, dont go opposing the existence of technology because technology brings forth advancement in lifestyle, and work. Hence, technology is important.

I dont get it why when a company can afford UNiFi would want to engage Streamyx. I even hate those companies who blocked off certain websites! What is this man! Grow up!!!! Employees should not be treated like school children that has to be bound to curfews and rules!

Hate hate! Hate it when i can't 9gag, facebook, read blogs... Hate hate... 

So now whatever i do online is via this phone of mine. I love u phone ~~~ *hugs each other and cries*

The more you block me, the more i hate you. The more i hate you, the more annoying i will be.

On a brighter note, Congrats Wern upon changing job! Many happy returns ahead. Hopefully i get to win an LG 3D Tv for my home and awaits the installation of Astro! Well Nuffnang extended the dateline from 6th June to 22nd June so i bet they received tonnes of fantastic entries. >.< all i can do now is pray that mine's the best haha.. Pray along with me ya!

bye for now...

Deepest Love,
Unstoppable me...
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Sunday, June 17

Perfect Romantic Escape

This is Me & Jian when we first met

12th June 2012 marked the 7th year of courtship. (Refer my recent post - MsXeRoZ & XeRoZ: 7th Anniversary). From complete strangers, we found love and embarked on the journey of sweetness, sourness, and sometimes bitterness. We met as an online friend that happened to study at the same college - Tunku Abdul Rahman College. Our first meeting was in Genting Highlands, and we went to the theme park.

Genting Highlands Theme Park boat ride - 19 May 2005
 It wasn't love at first sight. Since prior to the meeting, we had actually chatted and got to know each other. Meeting up just confirms the attraction that we had for each other... and thus, Genting Highlands hold a very significant place in my heart...

Together for years, I know and accepted that he isn't the lovey dovey romantic guy. He have not shown up unexpectedly at my work place. He only gave me one bouquet of flowers so far, and one soft toy... Not because he is stingy, but because everything he gave me comes from his heart. He wants me to appreciate the things he gave me
University Tunku Abdul Rahman Valentine's Night Event
To maintain a good relationship, the most important thing is the effort that has to be shared between the two parties.

Since this year we didn't celebrate our anniversary, because we felt unwell and tired. It will be great if I can plan up a secret surprise for him! I've even listed what I would do to surprise him!


1. A Hearty Breakfast
 consist of warm toasted bread, mashed eggs, and orange juice.

Nothing is more perfect than being served healthy breakfast to kick start our day, especially something that I don't usually do. (p/s: can't wake up in the morning). Hence, he will definitely be touched if i sacrificed my usual sleep and sneak out to prepare his favourite English Breakfast.
  2. Indulge Ourselves With Nature
Jungle trekking, Hill Climbing, Bird Watching, Snorkeling

We are not only in love with each other but also in love with nature. Despite being born and bred in the city, we enjoy the lush green of the trees and flowers. With the whispering leaves and sounds of cikadas.
Snorkelling is currently our favourite. Watching Nemos (Clown Fish from Finding Nemo) protecting their anemone is really fascinating.  Sharing the same passion bonds us closer together.

3. Just The Two Of Us
Every girls love pretty things. For me, pretty things are meant to be preserved. He knows that, and that's why he would bring me to places with natural plants and flowers rather than buying me floral bouquets. Where i could touch the softness of the petals, and smell the scents. When I'm happy, he's happy too...

4. Sunset By The Beach

Did I ever mention that Jian is an avid fan of sunset. It's a moment he would be at peace looking at the beautiful blend of the colours of the sun and the sky. I find it very romantic for two people, sitting on the beach, listening to the crushing waves with breathtaking sunset.

5. Romantic Dining 

Great food + perfect ambiance is the ultimate MUST-HAVEs of a romantic dinner. I will bring him to savour mouthwatering cuisines. Preferably a fusion of Malaysian-Italian cuisine, accompanied with soothing melody - My favourite will be Pachelbel's Canon in D and Richard Clayderman's classics.

6. A Night To Remember

I'll set up candles like this and make him light up the candles for me. (p/s: i'm kinda pyrophobic). These are some simple, but economic ideas for some romanticity =)

 7. Light In The Darkness

Even when it's dark, love will be ray of light that shine. Sitting in the dark is also a good time for us to speak what we think and feel. Perhaps it's nothing romantic, but we can get better understanding of each other.

 8. Cherish Each Other

Life isn't permanent, so we should cherish every moment we have together. Let it be a beautiful sonnet that we can both store in our memories. Even a simple activity together will be a memorable moment for a lifetime.

 9. My Love is True & My Heart Belongs To You

Being in relationship doesn't mean that your partner knows what's in your heart. It takes a little courage to say those words out. He/She may laugh at your silliness, but it's something really sweet. It matters say those 3 words...Just voice it out!



So, I have listed 9 Romantic Things that I will do for him. I need to find a place that can accommodate me to execute these plans!

Where in Malaysia that can fulfill the following?
*p/s: no budget for overseas trip yet*
  • Easy Access
  • Convenient to Travel from One Point to Another
  • Beautiful and Clean Beach
  • Variety of Accommodation To Choose From
  • Small Town
  • Untouched Nature
  • Good Food with Fine Dining Ambiance

  1. Melaka - near to KL, but the beaches are erm..ugly okay to be frank it doesn't have the romantic clear blue waters, which means no snorkeling.
  2. East Coast (Islands of Terengganu - Perhentian/Tioman/Redang) - At least 5 hours drive from KL, but with beautiful beaches. Disadvantage is the lacking of romantic ambiance for fine dining. Even if there is, it would burn a hole in my pocket!
  3. Pangkor Island - Too near to hometown. Will feel guilty if didn't bring my parents along. Then it would be family trip instead of Perfect Romantic Escape! *sorry parents*
  4. Penang Island - hmmm...same reason as No.3 *sorry parents again*
  5. Sabah (Kota Kinabalu, Sipadan, Mabul and Mataking Islands) - Beautiful but too expensive for now. I shall keep that for my honeymoon.
  6. Langkawi - Drivable distance, convenient car rentals, beautiful beaches and marine park, fine dining available! 

The last time i went to Langkawi was in August 2010! I felt sick on the plane and vomited in the airport. Took a cup of chamomile tea from Starbucks and ended up on bed in Awana Porto Malai. I was left alone sleeping in the hotel until I got better. I only managed to sit at beach, visit a lighthouse, ride up cable car, and no seafood and drinking! 
*sad case*
Here's my blog post on my previous trip to Langkawi - Langkawi, Langkawi: Cable Car, Langkawi: Lighthouse

On a happier side, I was informed by my sis that Genting Evangelist under Nuffnang is giving THREE SPECIAL CHOSEN COUPLE for an Escape Romantico @ Langkawi for Two (for each couple that means!) Here's what it says...

Awana Hotels & Resorts giving away a 3Days 2Nights complimentary stay at Awana Porto Malai Langkawi to 3 special chosen couples, you and your guest will also get a pair of complementary return flight tickets to Langkawi departing from KL!
The details are as following:
Date : 29th June 2012 – 1st July 2012 (Friday – Sunday)
Venue : Awana, Porto Malai Langkawi
Activities :
1. Recreation activities (YES! NATURE FTW!)
2. Island hoping (I prefer Island hopping rather than just hoping for it!)
3. Explore Oriental Village (I heard there's a rabbit farm here!! Wanna go so much!)
4. Sunset cruise (Waaaahhhh, ROMANTIC!)
5. Duty-free shopping (Wines, here I come!)
6. …For you to find out when you get there!! (Surprises..I loveeeeee surprises)
CALENDER CHECKED! I CAN GO!!! (if being chosen XD)
 So, what are the other criterion?
Create a blog post with the title “Perfect Romantic Escape” (OK DONE!) and tell us “if you could go wherever you want, where would you go and why did you choose that as the perfect destination for you and your partner?” (WhOots STATED, DONE!)
2. Attach a sweet and lovely picture of you and your love.
 Jian is sweet, I'm lovely. View picture as evidence. (Sweetness and loveliness overdose!)

3. Submit the permalink of your blog post in the form below. (Wait till I Publish this post!)

 Deadline for submission is 17th June 2012, (Sunday) 12pm. (OMG DATELINE?! 17th Already! Thank God it's 12pm! Drinking Kopi O to keep me awake to complete this entry!)

 Finally it's done!!!
If you are also a Genting Evangelist try your chance to get this Escape Romantico for you and your loved ones too! You'll never know if you are the CHOSEN ONE. =) Just login to your Nuffnang page and look out for the Evangelist page!  

Time for me to go to bed and dream of my romantic vacation!

MsXeRoZ in love!