Wednesday, May 16

Oh Please, Excite My Senses *Waves*!!!!


A home is what everyone should have. Like me, being away from home since 18 years old make me yearns to build and create a lovely home for myself. Last year, I bought a small place that I can call home...

From surveying the house, paying deposits, getting bank and legal matters sorted, I went through the whole process with a totally new experience.

I also get to choose my desired paint colours, furniture and light fittings... At that point, it was the happiest shopping spree EVER!

It's even happier when the TV reception is clear and all is well! Even rainbow shines upon my new home.

The slap to reality is when the UNIFI guy came to fix my internet. He said HyppTV have a few HD channels.

*turns to my tv*

"Oh, It's OK, You can't see the difference here," he said with a smile.

And hey, whats wrong with my TV?

***Sorry this is the only photo of my TV that i have ****

Then it hit me... Everytime when the TV is ON, people will doze off and eventually turn it off and go to bed! NONE of my family members would turn the TV on for more than 2hours!



When we watch action packed film, no excitement
When we see National Geographic, no expression. Not even intimidated by snakes or sharks.
When we watch horror movie, THE BLOODY GHOST DONT EVEN LOOK SCARY! Even a flying cockroach frightens me more than that!

I'm doomed.. I'm doomed... I think I have lost my senses.

That's why I have to seek help in the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Party for Nuffnangers!!

This is the place where expert of all kinds of senses will be! Plus, a beautiful, State of Art design by LG will be featured. It will be a party of a lifetime!

Date: 23rd May 2012 (Wednesday)
Time: 6:30 pm on wards.

Venue: GSC Signature, Gardens @ Lounge area

Dress code: Casua

All you need to do is:

1. To blog and share: Why do you want to excite your senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV?
2. Include this permalink ( in your blog post.
3. Once you are done, please fill in your details here, in Nuffnang website.

The closing date is today 12pm. So if you are a last-minute, no-sense excitement person like me, start writing NOW!!!


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