Monday, May 28

My New Fujitsu SH771 Lifebook!

Forgive me for being lost in action for the past 10 days. Well, I'm alive and kicking, but had been unwell. =( blame the bad weather

And so here I am, wanting to share more about the new Fujitsu laptop that I had won. =)

I am not very familiar with Fujitsu products, and to be frank this is the first item I ever had from Fujitsu. Whenever I mention Fujitsu, usually it comes with two types of responses;

a) Expensive brand.
b) Good quality

I don't know about Fujitsu's quality but I think this is an expensive brand as well. Hehehe.. Nonetheless, I'm now finally fully using it and experience quality of the laptop myself.
Initially I wanted to sell it off, but seems like it is quite pricey and I wouldn't want to let it go dirt cheap. Market price is about RM4.5k ++, and my intention is that I would sell it at RM3k (autowin). Seems like nobody wanna buy it, so I decided to use it for blogging. I have not activated the warranty and stuff hehehe.. just installed Mozilla Firefox for blogging purpose only. So RM3k offer is still valid if you want to buy it.

p/s: Reason of selling it off because it happened that 2 weeks before getting this Fujitsu SH771, my boyfriend XeROz bought me an Asus Laptop.

 Let me summarize on why i start to love this laptop so much.

1) SUPER LIGHT. I can carry it wherever i go with 1 hand (without much energy) only.
2) THIN, but with optical drive.
3) SMALL but fast, and not hot too!
4) NICE exterior look.
5) SHARP screen.
6) CLEAR and solid audio.
7) SMOOTH and silky exterior skin.
8) WTF LONG LASTING BATTERY power. It charges very quickly and can be used for about 8hrs watching korean dramas.

First and foremost, let me apologize if i made u look like this o_O. I'm not a tech-geek, and i dont know how to compare specifications, performance, durability and strength test on this lifebook. I'm a girl, and i do comparison as I see it.

Seriously, having this is really like my dream come true. When I found out that I had won a laptop, i kept praying for it to be a good, acceptable spec. I never thought it would be this GOOD!
THIS IS THE IDEAL LAPTOP for normal usage (as in business, and blogging purpose, not those hardcore gaming/graphic design stuff).

Comes complete with Windows 7 and those basic stuff. Even the charger provided is light-weight *like*

The more I use it, the more i fall in love with it. This SH771, is totally in different league than the ASUS that XerOz bought (RM2k). But since he installed Diablo III and was hooked into that game, he occupied the ASUS and I opened ceremony on this SH771 Lifebook.

Now that I have a laptop, i wish that i can continue joining contests and enjoy doing things that i love most. I hope that I can have a camera so that i can continue more actively in my blogging activities...

Ganbatteeee Nicole *self motivation*

MsXeRoZ believes in herself and so should you!

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