Tuesday, May 29

Little Things That Make You Happy

My cousin, Yvette brought me a wall decal sticker for my house. And initially everyone was giving me this expression o.O when they ask me where I wanna put in on.

My reply was epic "Here also can, there also can.. this sliding door also can, my room also can"

and they look at me, -__________- "

Since then, everyone ignored me.


But such kind of response will not dampen my determination to get the wall decal done. I strategize and plan, and work my ways according to Sun Tzu Art of War. First, I need an ally...I scanned through the hearts of my housemates with my cockeye. Yes, found... seems like TianChad is the kindest of all.

And so i managed to persuade TianChad to entertain me and help me stick the decal. It is difficult. The decal is rolled into a big sticker paper and we have to reorganize and rearrange the patterns and little stickers into something nice.

In just 3 minutes time, I have given up and abandoned TianChad alone in the quest of putting the decal up. My beloved sister, Yi Wern, pretended she is invisible and played with the rabbits.

Then XerOz who cannot stand the decal being unaligned, came to help TianChad. Due to such, I have nothing left to do except helping to make sure the decal is properly placed and aligned to the center of the wall.

Phew..what a tough job. Just as you think that everything is complete, the decal fell off. HAHAHA *sorry for laughing* We kept remove and re-stick the thing that the glue has worn off. So had to use a hair dryer to do the magic sticking job.

Such a happy day, when I see all the birds chirping on my wall. *LOVES*

This is one of the little things that makes me happy =)

A Happy Me

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