Friday, May 4

I Won A Fujitsu SH771 Notebook!

All I can say that I had put all my heart and soul into this.. and I was so erm..anxious...for the Fujitsu Redefine Impossible Contest results to be announced. If you didn't know about it, check out my previous blog post HERE.

And I kept pressing F5 (Refresh) at my facebook page. Even the F5 button gone faded due to my aggressiveness (LOL jk) and my fingers were all cold due to anxiety...
I jumped and yelled!! YAY!! I'm one of the two 1st Prize Winners.

I won the notebook that I really wanted. But most importantly, I know that this may not have been possible (because its a Most-Like contest) without the votes of my Facebook friends, readers, and my tweetmates... A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU.

I promise you all i will try my best to reduce participation in "Most-Likes" contest to reduce annoyance. 

Since this prize collection is in next week, I will treat this as a BIRTHDAY PRESENT from Fujitsu Malaysia, my Facebook friends, readers and also tweetmates.

THANKS for giving me a wonderful present! I'm not a tech person, so i dont know this laptop spec yet. But yeah, its great! AHAHA... *grinning from ear to ear*

p/s Anyone good in tech stuff? Can this notebook be used for Diablo 3? 

Love ya!

MsXeRoZ is happy!

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JAI said...

Congrats Nicole..akhirnya..hehe