Tuesday, May 29

Little Things That Make You Happy

My cousin, Yvette brought me a wall decal sticker for my house. And initially everyone was giving me this expression o.O when they ask me where I wanna put in on.

My reply was epic "Here also can, there also can.. this sliding door also can, my room also can"

and they look at me, -__________- "

Since then, everyone ignored me.


But such kind of response will not dampen my determination to get the wall decal done. I strategize and plan, and work my ways according to Sun Tzu Art of War. First, I need an ally...I scanned through the hearts of my housemates with my cockeye. Yes, found... seems like TianChad is the kindest of all.

And so i managed to persuade TianChad to entertain me and help me stick the decal. It is difficult. The decal is rolled into a big sticker paper and we have to reorganize and rearrange the patterns and little stickers into something nice.

In just 3 minutes time, I have given up and abandoned TianChad alone in the quest of putting the decal up. My beloved sister, Yi Wern, pretended she is invisible and played with the rabbits.

Then XerOz who cannot stand the decal being unaligned, came to help TianChad. Due to such, I have nothing left to do except helping to make sure the decal is properly placed and aligned to the center of the wall.

Phew..what a tough job. Just as you think that everything is complete, the decal fell off. HAHAHA *sorry for laughing* We kept remove and re-stick the thing that the glue has worn off. So had to use a hair dryer to do the magic sticking job.

Such a happy day, when I see all the birds chirping on my wall. *LOVES*

This is one of the little things that makes me happy =)

A Happy Me

Monday, May 28

My New Fujitsu SH771 Lifebook!

Forgive me for being lost in action for the past 10 days. Well, I'm alive and kicking, but had been unwell. =( blame the bad weather

And so here I am, wanting to share more about the new Fujitsu laptop that I had won. =)

I am not very familiar with Fujitsu products, and to be frank this is the first item I ever had from Fujitsu. Whenever I mention Fujitsu, usually it comes with two types of responses;

a) Expensive brand.
b) Good quality

I don't know about Fujitsu's quality but I think this is an expensive brand as well. Hehehe.. Nonetheless, I'm now finally fully using it and experience quality of the laptop myself.
Initially I wanted to sell it off, but seems like it is quite pricey and I wouldn't want to let it go dirt cheap. Market price is about RM4.5k ++, and my intention is that I would sell it at RM3k (autowin). Seems like nobody wanna buy it, so I decided to use it for blogging. I have not activated the warranty and stuff hehehe.. just installed Mozilla Firefox for blogging purpose only. So RM3k offer is still valid if you want to buy it.

p/s: Reason of selling it off because it happened that 2 weeks before getting this Fujitsu SH771, my boyfriend XeROz bought me an Asus Laptop.

 Let me summarize on why i start to love this laptop so much.

1) SUPER LIGHT. I can carry it wherever i go with 1 hand (without much energy) only.
2) THIN, but with optical drive.
3) SMALL but fast, and not hot too!
4) NICE exterior look.
5) SHARP screen.
6) CLEAR and solid audio.
7) SMOOTH and silky exterior skin.
8) WTF LONG LASTING BATTERY power. It charges very quickly and can be used for about 8hrs watching korean dramas.

First and foremost, let me apologize if i made u look like this o_O. I'm not a tech-geek, and i dont know how to compare specifications, performance, durability and strength test on this lifebook. I'm a girl, and i do comparison as I see it.

Seriously, having this is really like my dream come true. When I found out that I had won a laptop, i kept praying for it to be a good, acceptable spec. I never thought it would be this GOOD!
THIS IS THE IDEAL LAPTOP for normal usage (as in business, and blogging purpose, not those hardcore gaming/graphic design stuff).

Comes complete with Windows 7 and those basic stuff. Even the charger provided is light-weight *like*

The more I use it, the more i fall in love with it. This SH771, is totally in different league than the ASUS that XerOz bought (RM2k). But since he installed Diablo III and was hooked into that game, he occupied the ASUS and I opened ceremony on this SH771 Lifebook.

Now that I have a laptop, i wish that i can continue joining contests and enjoy doing things that i love most. I hope that I can have a camera so that i can continue more actively in my blogging activities...

Ganbatteeee Nicole *self motivation*

MsXeRoZ believes in herself and so should you!

Wednesday, May 16

Oh Please, Excite My Senses *Waves*!!!!


A home is what everyone should have. Like me, being away from home since 18 years old make me yearns to build and create a lovely home for myself. Last year, I bought a small place that I can call home...

From surveying the house, paying deposits, getting bank and legal matters sorted, I went through the whole process with a totally new experience.

I also get to choose my desired paint colours, furniture and light fittings... At that point, it was the happiest shopping spree EVER!

It's even happier when the TV reception is clear and all is well! Even rainbow shines upon my new home.

The slap to reality is when the UNIFI guy came to fix my internet. He said HyppTV have a few HD channels.

*turns to my tv*

"Oh, It's OK, You can't see the difference here," he said with a smile.

And hey, whats wrong with my TV?

***Sorry this is the only photo of my TV that i have ****

Then it hit me... Everytime when the TV is ON, people will doze off and eventually turn it off and go to bed! NONE of my family members would turn the TV on for more than 2hours!



When we watch action packed film, no excitement
When we see National Geographic, no expression. Not even intimidated by snakes or sharks.
When we watch horror movie, THE BLOODY GHOST DONT EVEN LOOK SCARY! Even a flying cockroach frightens me more than that!

I'm doomed.. I'm doomed... I think I have lost my senses.

That's why I have to seek help in the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Party for Nuffnangers!!

This is the place where expert of all kinds of senses will be! Plus, a beautiful, State of Art design by LG will be featured. It will be a party of a lifetime!

Date: 23rd May 2012 (Wednesday)
Time: 6:30 pm on wards.

Venue: GSC Signature, Gardens @ Lounge area

Dress code: Casua

All you need to do is:

1. To blog and share: Why do you want to excite your senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV?
2. Include this permalink (http://www.lg.com/my/tv-audio-video/televisions/televisions.jsp) in your blog post.
3. Once you are done, please fill in your details here, in Nuffnang website.

The closing date is today 12pm. So if you are a last-minute, no-sense excitement person like me, start writing NOW!!!


Tuesday, May 8

Marvel's The Avengers - Avengers Assemble (2012)

Marvel's Comic The Avengers
The wise once said that, "too many cooks spoil the broth", meaning that too many experts doing something, they may end up messing it.  Well, it just turned up otherwise for Marvel's The Avengers (also known as Avengers Assemble in the United Kingdom). 

Seems like The Avengers wave hit world wide and even crushes box office the Hulk-style! It was reported this morning that the worldwide haul for The Avengers estimated to be a staggering $641.8 Million! 

So, let me share my humble opinion of The Avengers (2012).

The Star-Studded Casts:
Robert Downey Jr  as Ironman / Tony Stark
Chris Evans            as Captain America / Steve Rogers
Chris Hemsworth    as Thor
Scarlett Johansson  as Black Widow / Natasha Romanoff
Jeremy Renner        as Clint Barton / Hawkeye
Mark Ruffalo          as Dr. Bruce Banner / Hulk
Samuel L Jackson   as Nick Fury

Synopsis (The MsXeRoZ's Version): 
The story begins with Loki (adopted brother of Thor, a God who was banished in the movie Thor), meeting a freak-looking alien race Chitauri and made a pact with their leader, The Other. The Chitauris wants the powerful energy source, the Tesseract, while Loki wants to rule Earth. So Loki emerged in S.H.I.E.L.D's secret research laboratory, destroying it in the process and fled with Dr. Erik Selvig (researcher) and Agent Brenner. Knowing that Earth is in the brink of devastation, Nick Fury tries to get hold of the superheroes. Collaboration doesn't seem to go well because each heros have their individual egos; A man in his superior iron suite, A God of Thunder, A Super Soldier, and a Green Monster..Hmm.. a disastrous combination all by itself. One thing led to another and the Avengers must overcome their differences and work as a team. 

The Uummmph factor:
  1. Humour - Rather than portraying these superheroes as serious, no-nonsense type of person. The Avenger's brings loud laughters in the cinema. 
  2. Chemistry - With 4 BIG, muscular guys together, the first thing that would come across my mind is WWE Wrestling. However, the sight of Thor, Captain America, Hulk and Ironman together is very refreshing and i like how they argue.
  3. Can't Get Enough of Them - After watching the movie, the next thing that I told myself is "i will watch again".
  4. End-Scene - The strategy of placing the end/final scene after the credits is really good. Besides diverting traffic to the exits of the cinema (sarcastic), it makes us crave for more actions in the upcoming sequel.
I don't know how, or why i would want to do No.3 (Referring to The Uummph Factor No.3) but i just know that I want to see The Avenger's again. Any of you here feel the same way as I do?

I may be too late to post a review, but I enjoy the hype of The Avengers that fans created over the internet, such as....

Miao-vengers by Akiraceo.com

 And did you know that the fans even created facebook conversations of them?

Facebook of the Avenger's from 9gag.com (read the whole post is really funny)

 Oh ya, so do you know what's coming up in the final scene? Who was the creature that The Other was talking to?

He was talking to Thanos, the most evil, and scariest villian ever created (lol i exaggerate this). Well, I am just a recent fan of Marvel's The Avengers, so yeah, Thanos can't scare the wits out of me. But for Marvel heroes fans, the mention of the word T H A N O S will cause their eye to bulge in fear. Yups, thats the deadly aura that Thanos possesses.

Unfortunately, there's no indication when Avengers 2 will be released. But I heard (read, literally here) that Ironman 3 will be out in May 2013, followed by Thor 2, and then Captain America 2.(This is so unfair, where is Hulk 2?) Well, will Spiderman come to help in the not-so-soon sequel? I hope that they can bring forth the release of the Avengers 2 because I can't wait for more!

Another hero is also coming to town in his Batmobile, yeah, I'm talking of The Dark Knight Rises.

So, do you still have space in your heart for Batman???

MsXEroZ wishes to be a superhero too!

Friday, May 4

I Won A Fujitsu SH771 Notebook!

All I can say that I had put all my heart and soul into this.. and I was so erm..anxious...for the Fujitsu Redefine Impossible Contest results to be announced. If you didn't know about it, check out my previous blog post HERE.

And I kept pressing F5 (Refresh) at my facebook page. Even the F5 button gone faded due to my aggressiveness (LOL jk) and my fingers were all cold due to anxiety...
I jumped and yelled!! YAY!! I'm one of the two 1st Prize Winners.

I won the notebook that I really wanted. But most importantly, I know that this may not have been possible (because its a Most-Like contest) without the votes of my Facebook friends, Msxeroz.com readers, and my tweetmates... A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU.

I promise you all i will try my best to reduce participation in "Most-Likes" contest to reduce annoyance. 

Since this prize collection is in next week, I will treat this as a BIRTHDAY PRESENT from Fujitsu Malaysia, my Facebook friends, MsXEroZ.com readers and also tweetmates.

THANKS for giving me a wonderful present! I'm not a tech person, so i dont know this laptop spec yet. But yeah, its great! AHAHA... *grinning from ear to ear*

p/s Anyone good in tech stuff? Can this notebook be used for Diablo 3? 

Love ya!

MsXeRoZ is happy!