Wednesday, April 4

[Contest]Oral B Malaysia Brush More, Smile More Contest

I was never borned with a PERFECT lips. My lips are far from what you can describe as BEAUTIFUL. I was born, with a defect- I have a larger-than-life-black-pearl called MOLE on my upper lips.

I am ugly.

I was teased for having a "tahi lalat" on my lips.

It was a mental torture.

I curse and swear, not to God for giving me this mole. But to the person who created the malay word for mole, which is tahi lalat. TAHI LALAT literally means FLY SHIT.

I was humiliated for having FLY SHIT on my lips. Strategically located at a place which practically ever - On my lips!

Anyway, i grew up a normally, with above average intelligence (self-declared), loved by both parents, and sister. i doubt my brother loves me but nevermind Also, who says mouth got tahi lalat cannot have a boy friend? *NAH, ambik ni!*

As bitter as it seems, i am confident with who i am. If u remove your focus on my big mole, you can see that i have a neat row of white pearly teeths, which is as tidy as those books arranged in the library. LOL

And so i participated in this contest.... Oral B Malaysia: Brush More, Smile More Contest via Facebook.

I just participated for fun, and i just found out what the prizes are today. :P It will be great to have win the Travel Voucher worth RM5000, and Oral B products is really useful for me.

Unfortunately, only 1% of my facebook friends voted for me. Which means that I'm 10000km away from the winning line.

But i think, win or not, is like a bonus...

I still have a pretty smile.... WAKAKAKAKA...

I think Dato' Jalaluddin Hassan agrees with me too! WAKAKAKA...

This post is not about how pretty or how beautiful my smile is. This post is dedicated to my sister, RedButtockz Wern. She's pretty, smart but she lacks self-confidence. Every body is born with different strengths and talents. Like me, i have a defect, i'm ugly, but i held my head up high walk this life.

Play with your strengths, and your strengths will help you overcome your weakness. Focus, and aim your arrow at what you targetting, but first you need to know what you want in life.

Anyway, if I still have readers that would kindly vote for my smile, i would like to say thank you first. You can vote for me here (click on the picture)

Believe in yourself no matter what you do. Well, if any of you need someone to speak to, drop me an email. =) I can be your friend.

MsXeRoZ 2012


JAI said...

Hahaha..gud one..uihh ni bukan sebarang tahi lalat ni...Honestly you have a nice tahi lalat dowh..if you don't want it, just transfer it to me...hehe..Gud Luck for the Smile

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

thanks for the encouragement. Well, if i can removed it i would have done so long time ago.

But now im proud to have it...hahaah..