Monday, April 30

[Contest] Redefine Impossible by Fujitsu Malaysia

Today is April 30th, and every body i know is in holiday mood already because its  PRE-labour's day today.

Today is also the last day of voting for Fujitsu Malaysia's Redefine Impossible Facebook Contest that I am participating. I really would like to win the Grand Prize because at this moment, I do not have any PC/laptop. Everyday, I have to blog or surf the web illegally using the office PC, or at home i have to beg my sister to let me use her PC. It's really troublesome!

With the 2 units of laptop as inspiration and motivation, I participated in the contest and here's my entry:-

 If you ask me why a teleportation device? 

The place I live currently undergo massive destruction of beautiful old trees for the construction of LRT. My heart aches everytime i pass this road.  The LRT extension plan was very well received by the people, however, the sight of trees being chopped off for development really bring tears to my eyes.

Places in USJ Kewajipan, Bukit Jalil, Federal Highway and the KL city all suffer from working hours traffic jams. Time being wasted, frustration and stress eventually rise.

I used to have a lake beside the condo, but now, it is filled with a BIG, high tension electric cable.

Not only that, we also had to endure the noise pollusion and dust from the construction.

I hope that I can win a laptop so that I can spread more ideas, and maybe one day, one of my ideas may be able to redefine the impossible.

Can you kindly vote for me?

Steps to Vote (Via Facebook):-
1. Like Fujitsu here.
2. Vote for No.4 (Teleportation Device To Move From City To City)
3. Share with your friends and ask them to vote for me too!

Today is the last day of voting. The results will be announced within a weeks' time.Hopefully i have good news to share with you by then.

Thank you very much!

Help MsXeRoZ get a laptop!

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hadiahnye memang best

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

haha tolong undi ye!

Xue Ren said...

best of luck yo!

Unknown said...

wahh.. attractive prizes!!!all the best weh!