Friday, April 20

[Contest] Dream Vacation, Go Holiday With Veet

If you have been following me on Facebook, you'll find that lately i'm actively sharing about my entry in Dream Vacation, Go Holiday with Veet Contest. 

So, you may wonder, what is this contest all about? 

As its name mention, yeah Veet is rewarding Three(3) contestants to their dream holiday! Well, this contest involves 3 simple steps:-

1) Snap A Photo with Veet Products, Submit and Choose whether you want a City Getaway or Island Escapade! and Tag 3 friends that you may want to bring along!

2) Get people to Cheer on your Photo from 16th April to 7th May.. Of course, the more Cheers, the better!

3) Await the Results on 28th May 2012!

And so, here's my entry! 


Well, I chose to have Island Escapade- Pangkor Island Beach Resort, + Relaxing Spa pamper session. Vacation is incomplete without my BFFs -
a) TianChad, my favourite photographer + blogger that can help me snap my vacation photographs! Good photographs = indescribable memories.
b) Wern, my sister that deserves this vacation as much as I do.
c) Baby Seng Rachel, because she's so adorable.

I wrote a long slogan that supposed to rhyme, but, errr...the whole thing turned into an essay due to the Organizer's Apps.  But nonetheless, my actual reason that I longed for the Island Escapade is because I had never been to Pangkor Island for more than 10 years! To be frank, i have no memories of being ON Pangkor Island!

I love Islands, especially islands of Malaysia. It was a secret (that i kinda made it public today) that i dream of going to all islands in Malaysia before age 30. =) And my dream honeymoon island would be Sipadan or Mataking Island in Borneo. 

Similan Island, Thailand

I love Islands because of the tranquil surroundings. Clear waters, sounds of the birds and the gushing waves, actually brings peace to my mind.

Similan Island, Thailand
Stepping on the fine, white sands, excites our senses...and the wind that blew on your face. For me, that's THE BEST SENSATION IN THE WORLD.

Through and through, I'm a nature lover. Fresh air, beautiful scenery and the blue skies can heal our heart and soul. 

Frasers Hill, Pahang
And of course, life is even more perfect, when I'm surrounded by LOVE.

and fishes.. 

Tioman Marine Conservation Park, Pahang.

To laze at the beach, and listen to the voices of children's laughter is also fun!

Langkawi Island, Kedah
Or enjoy the boat or ferry ride across the Island.

Penang Island, Penang.

Grab the camera and start waiting for sunrise or sunset is equally exciting. And you can see the ships that pass by, and start wondering, why cant life be as beautiful as this everyday.

Patong Beach, Phuket
Life is really beautiful, but when you are too busy to notice it, it's pointless. Take a break, take a vacation and enjoy the beauty of life that surrounds you.

Love Life!

yearning for a vacation!

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