Thursday, April 5

Battle of The Breakfast Set: McDonald's, KFC & Subway

My facebook is swarmed with the latest promotion by KFC & McDonalds Breakfast set this morning.

McDonald's Malaysia has launched the all new Chicken Muffin, with a very attractive price of RM2.50 (ala carte), which means that you have to pay extra for your coffee or tea (unless you dont drink). But from my past experience, processed food from most of the fast food outlets will make you so thirsty and you naturally will get yourself a drink. =)

Promotion starts on 9th to 22 April, and limited at 4 orders/receipt. Since i'm writing about this on 5th of April, it's obvious that i havent tried this chicken muffin yet. But if it's really RM2.50 (+6% government tax = RM 2.65), i will give it a try next week =) Since I'm also so kedekut, i will tarpau from drive thru and make my own FOC coffee at office

On the other hand, KFC has proudly announced their breakfast set which looks like below.

There's two types of set; A (2-3pax) RM18.90 (+6% government tax = RM20.04) & B (3-4pax) RM23.90 (+6% government tax= 25.34). From the poster, the breakfast looks very mouthwatering, filled with varieties of food. There's no indication whether this set is a permanent deal or a limited time only deal.

My humble opinion on this breakfast deal is that it's too heavy for a normal human being although i think KFC food portion is usually for illustration purpose only. Bear in mind the food displayed in poster is like 50% enlargement from the original servings And as a matter of fact, i wont spend RM20 for breakfast, although i can share it. Anyways, i always felt that KFC is pretty expensive for fast food. But anyway, this is a good solution for parents who couldnt prepare breakfast for kids, then they can head for drive thru and hand this pack to their kids for school. Ooohh...i bet the schoolmates will be envious! Anyway, i'd give it a try next week as well, if i can find some people to share with me =)

There's a hidden breakfast gem though, but i'm not sure whether all of you knew about this. Subway also has its breakfast set, but i cant remember its RM6.30 or RM6.50 (+ 6% tax complete with coffee or tea (non-refillable). I used to have it every week when i was working in Kota Kemuning. Light, filling and healthier compared to the above choices.

As a person who is always on the go, i find that McDonalds are very convenient, affordable, and the food standard is always on par with expectations. My favourite McDonalds' set would be McValue Meal Spicy Chicken McDeluxe (RM10++ with drinks) but i find that now the portion has been reduced, although the price remains. This could be due to the yearly inflation & cost of raw material increasing. However, I still think that its reasonable. McDonalds are also fast & efficient in serving the customers, and clean. The current renovation, makes us feel confortable in dining there.

KFC on the other hand, has been critisized and faced a few backlash on their promotions and outlets. I'm sure that i'm not alone in encountering problems with KFC. Put their food standards aside, their service is rather bad too. The cashiers are too slow, often playing a fool behind the counters or kitchen. I've encountered some slow poke, or some too playful they would talk and laugh so loud that it's rather disturbing. Mind you, we are not in mamak stall (no offence, but mamak stall is suitable for that meriah environment) . The staff needs more motivation and training. Despite having limited menu, KFC staff can also make careless mistakes by giving us wrong orders. The tables and chairs are also well arranged or cleaned in some outlets, giving us a greasy, disgusting feeling when we sit and dine there. Also, I would suggest KFC outlets to change their hand wash area water taps to sensor based because their tap head is so greasy and the sink sometimes is stucked. Oh ya, have you ever take a peep at the soap dispenser? There's only 1 word to describe it - GROSS. Price wise, KFC has no competitive edge as well RM10++ for Snack Plate and no refills of drinks. I don't know about others but i think i always need a refill because after dining, we can hangout and chat with family and friends in the outlet.

On Subway, i think the price for non-promo (non Breakfast or Sub of The Day specials) are quite high. I mean, who would pay for a 6-inch sandwich for RM12++ with no drinks? That's why i would always take the opportunity to grab the breakfast or sub of the day. I dont know why, eating Subway makes me feel much happier. However, some outlets are manned by slowpoke staff, which is quite annoying. Because you could see all the ingredients in front of you, but u move like a low battery robot, i really dislike that attitude. Because they do it 1 by 1, a slow worker will make the queue so long and people will become fed up of it. I hope subway can offer free refills too!

I don't intend to cause any friction between these three fast food outlets. I just want to write down what i felt and how i remembered their services and food.

Have you had your breakfast today? What do you feel about these 3 breakfast varieties? Do let me know!

MsXeRoZ cares for better fast food *winkz*


wen ni said...

i always like Subway, gonna try it during my trip to KL next week. Your post definitely remind me got to try this, because can't find it in Kuching unless my own house. =p and yeah, KFC really annoying sometime, slow, small portion, expensive if you compare their portion, service with McD.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

wen ni, yeah..thanks for agreeing with me =)

ZaroL said...

AUmmm~! look really delicious okeyh. Need to try it...not kfc. but subway.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

hahaha..ya shud try if u havent. Below RM7 is ok!

Anonymous said...

What a biased post towards McDonalds favoritism. Being a franchise each location is independent of each other. You just happened to patronize the bad ones.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Dear Anonymous,
It's not bias towards McDonalds or favoritism.As you say franchise of each location is independent of each other. If that's the case, i assure you that MOST OF the KFC outlets that i patronize are equally bad, while MOST of the McDonald's outlets are equally good. I'm not touching about food here, i'm just talking about the services they provide. How can the top 2 largest fast food franchise in Malaysia have such vast difference in their services and efficiency?

This is just what i'm trying to highlight. =)