Thursday, April 26

Adidas King of The Road 2012 and WTF!

I participated in Adidas King of The Road 2011, reluctantly. And this year I asked some one who is blood related to me to help me register, because if i'm not forced, i definitely won't bother to walk or run 10km early in the morning. Sorry, no thank you.

But due to peer pressure, and Adidas King of The Road sounds so nice, i decided not to be one of the social outcast and participated. And this person, who is blood related to me, helped me to register.

So, practically, here's what KOTR 2012 all about.

So wordy right, let me summarize it in one sentence:

Wake up in the morning and walk around Sunway Pyramid via NPE, and be tired, hungry and go home with jelly legs.

So, after filling up your personal details and complete your payment, you will receive the confirmation emails: 1 for payment, another from the organizer.

Then you check all the details that you have keyed in to avoid mistakes. I'm very meticulous about details because accidents or deaths can happen. And I want the organizers to know who to contact when it happens.

But I realised that....

There's a brainless git who wants me to run about NPE, 10 f*cking long kilometers with the name BUNNEH IS FUNNEH!!!!

HOW EVIL CAN A PERSON BE?! How can she torment me with this humiliating name, and mentally torture me knowing that BUNNEH is sleeping soundly at home and I have to wake up for this race!

With my criminology skills, i conclude that the UnSUB (Unknown Subject), is a person with huge sense of humour, bushy eyebrows, funnily dislocated eyes, with eyebags bigger than beanbags.

Yea, good guess...i have a photo of the UnSUB too!

ERM...since theres no turning back. If you see me during KOTR 2012 on Sept 9. Do, pat my back n say HI.

MSXEROZ kena sabo!


marccus said...

Bwahahaha XD I will should Bunneh when I see u yea =P

will be running 16.8 that day too, heheh.

And hey, someone's birthday that day ler!! =D

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

who's bday? tell tell!!! wtf

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

now that is awesome news! im running the 16.8km for that one so hopefully I will be seeing you there. train hard!