Monday, April 30

[Contest] Redefine Impossible by Fujitsu Malaysia

Today is April 30th, and every body i know is in holiday mood already because its  PRE-labour's day today.

Today is also the last day of voting for Fujitsu Malaysia's Redefine Impossible Facebook Contest that I am participating. I really would like to win the Grand Prize because at this moment, I do not have any PC/laptop. Everyday, I have to blog or surf the web illegally using the office PC, or at home i have to beg my sister to let me use her PC. It's really troublesome!

With the 2 units of laptop as inspiration and motivation, I participated in the contest and here's my entry:-

 If you ask me why a teleportation device? 

The place I live currently undergo massive destruction of beautiful old trees for the construction of LRT. My heart aches everytime i pass this road.  The LRT extension plan was very well received by the people, however, the sight of trees being chopped off for development really bring tears to my eyes.

Places in USJ Kewajipan, Bukit Jalil, Federal Highway and the KL city all suffer from working hours traffic jams. Time being wasted, frustration and stress eventually rise.

I used to have a lake beside the condo, but now, it is filled with a BIG, high tension electric cable.

Not only that, we also had to endure the noise pollusion and dust from the construction.

I hope that I can win a laptop so that I can spread more ideas, and maybe one day, one of my ideas may be able to redefine the impossible.

Can you kindly vote for me?

Steps to Vote (Via Facebook):-
1. Like Fujitsu here.
2. Vote for No.4 (Teleportation Device To Move From City To City)
3. Share with your friends and ask them to vote for me too!

Today is the last day of voting. The results will be announced within a weeks' time.Hopefully i have good news to share with you by then.

Thank you very much!

Help MsXeRoZ get a laptop!

Saturday, April 28

Bersih 3.0: It Should Have Been A Peaceful Protest

I was following up closely with the Bersih 3.0 so-called peaceful protest. The mission of this protest is to gather and sit at the grounds of Dataran Merdeka (Merdeka Square). But since the court has ruled that Dataran Merdeka is banned, so the instruction is that the people march as close to the Dataran Merdeka as possible.


Screenshot on Chronological Events That Took Place


 Which resulted in....

  1. I am very disappointed and sad. It was a very emotional day for me, to see the rakyat of Malaysia rise up. 
  2. I am sad to see that the Opposition Leaders using Bersih3.0 as one of their political tool and give speeches.
  3. I am disgusted to see that people chanting about Datin Rosmah and other offensive words.
  4. I condemn those selfish radicals who broke into the Dataran Merdeka barricade and triggered the police actions. 
  5. I pity the others who attended the protest for a good cause.

I almost saw a tiny ray of hope on Malaysia. Now, my hope is shattered.

(Updated at 8.08pm - Check out the timeline by MalaysiaKini for today's protest)

a sad MsXeRoZ

Bersih 3.0: Counting Down To 2pm (Photographs)

Crowd Gathering In Masjid Jamek
April 28, 2012 - The Warriors of our country marched towards Dataran Merdeka.
My Friends - *Respect*
 Warriors in form of human (homo sapiens), all dressed unitedly in yellow form a huge crowd.

Yellow Ranger to The Rescue!
 Even Power Rangers send their representative to Malaysia. GOGO Power Rangers!

Yellow Angry Birds Joins Protest
 Angry Birds send their representative too! Thanks Yellow Bird for coming!

DiGi Yellowman - Publicity Stunt
 DiGi Yellowman came to stand on strategic places to make sure the signal is strong!

Bersih 3.0 at Melbourne, Australia

Malaysians all over the world has spoken...

From New Zealand
 Malaysians DO Care.

Bersih 3.0 Sydney, Australia



MsXeRoZ supports Free & Fair Elections 2012

Friday, April 27

Bersih 3.0: Tips & Guidelines for Safety

Dear friends and fan (LOL, if any),
I know that most people intend to go for the Bersih 3.0 Peaceful Protest tomorrow. Well, some go for the reason of free & fair election, some intend to go for photography, while some, intend to join the crowd due to peer pressure. But I'm also certain that some will go, just because they are anti-government.

Whatever reason it is, make sure that you have one thing etch in your head -


At the 11th hour, the government has "kindly offered" a venue - Stadium Merdeka for the protest. The Bersih 3.0 organizers decline, not because they dulan or lansi, but because it is unlikely to change venue at the last minute. Without a doubt, i dare say that the government are trying to confuse the public, as a first step to make sure this Bersih 3.0 doesnt go smoothly.

As expected, today's headlines are all about Bersih 3.0, and how the government "warns" the public who are joining the protest that police will take action if the protest is held in Dataran Merdeka - (source: Bernama). Also, take note that roads to Dataran Merdeka will be closed off to public for 48hours-( source: Bernama)


Here's my hints & tips for the peaceful protest:-

  1. NEVER GO ALONE. Go with a bunch of trusted friends.
  2. INFORM YOUR FAMILY. Never make them worry and have their blessings.
  3. USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT. The roads are closed, and you dont want your car to be damaged if anyone runs amok!
  4. EAT before you go. It's 2pm, have your lunch and make sure you have enough energy.
  5. WEAR SPORTS SHOES. No slippers, high heels.
  6. WEAR PANTS. No skirts please. If possible, get a pants with the zipped pockets so that you can put your IC, and enough cash to go home.
  7. BRING CAPS. If you sit under the sun for 2 hours (2pm-4pm), it's good to protect your head.
  8. WEAR SUN BLOCK.Don't let the UV Rays destroy your pretty skin.
  9. SMARTPHONE with dataplan -so you can tweet, twitpic, and Facebook the updates for us.
  10. SALT. For restoration of dizziness and useful if encounter tear gas.
  11. WET/DAMP hand towel. Place it in the plastic bag.
  12. DRINK SUFFICIENT WATER to avoid dehydration.
  13. GO TO TOILET for "big and small business" before you head for the protest.
  14. MOST IMPORTANTLY, DONT FORGET YOUR DEODORANT! You surely don't want to make people faint before the protest actually starts right?


When you have arrived at the area,



During the protest,

  1. DON'T PROVOKE or RUN AMOK when being provoked.
  2. DON'T chant REFORMASI or TRANSFORMASI (Hello, this is not a political event). Chanting BERSIH is acceptable.
  3. USE YOUR DAMP TOWEL if you are being teared gas - find a clear space to breathe. Run against the wind & don't go near the canister. Swallow some salt and wash your face.


After the protest

  1. CLEAN UP the rubbish around you.
  2. GATHER UP all your friends.
  3. THANK the leader and give everyone a pat on the shoulder for such a good job.
  4. HEAD HOME safely.
  5. Blog about it XD LOL!


  • If you are being stopped by the police, remember to stay calm and ask whether are you arrested? If no, just walk away (dont run). You are only obliged to give 3 info: Your name, IC & Address.
  • If you are being arrested, call someone to inform, and ask for the reason for your arrest.
  • Once in the police station, ask for a lawyer. Do not talk too much or tell grandmother stories because what you said can be use against you in court.


for more detailed info, you can check out LoyarBuruk's blogpost that i came across via internet.



MSXEROZ, loves Malaysia.

Thursday, April 26

Adidas King of The Road 2012 and WTF!

I participated in Adidas King of The Road 2011, reluctantly. And this year I asked some one who is blood related to me to help me register, because if i'm not forced, i definitely won't bother to walk or run 10km early in the morning. Sorry, no thank you.

But due to peer pressure, and Adidas King of The Road sounds so nice, i decided not to be one of the social outcast and participated. And this person, who is blood related to me, helped me to register.

So, practically, here's what KOTR 2012 all about.

So wordy right, let me summarize it in one sentence:

Wake up in the morning and walk around Sunway Pyramid via NPE, and be tired, hungry and go home with jelly legs.

So, after filling up your personal details and complete your payment, you will receive the confirmation emails: 1 for payment, another from the organizer.

Then you check all the details that you have keyed in to avoid mistakes. I'm very meticulous about details because accidents or deaths can happen. And I want the organizers to know who to contact when it happens.

But I realised that....

There's a brainless git who wants me to run about NPE, 10 f*cking long kilometers with the name BUNNEH IS FUNNEH!!!!

HOW EVIL CAN A PERSON BE?! How can she torment me with this humiliating name, and mentally torture me knowing that BUNNEH is sleeping soundly at home and I have to wake up for this race!

With my criminology skills, i conclude that the UnSUB (Unknown Subject), is a person with huge sense of humour, bushy eyebrows, funnily dislocated eyes, with eyebags bigger than beanbags.

Yea, good guess...i have a photo of the UnSUB too!

ERM...since theres no turning back. If you see me during KOTR 2012 on Sept 9. Do, pat my back n say HI.

MSXEROZ kena sabo!

BERSIH 3.0 - Introduction

For those people, like me, who is ignorant about BERSIH 3.0, please give yourself a BITCHSLAP.

I was an avid supporter of Bersih 2.0 last year, anxiously waiting for tweets and facebook for updates with photos and videos. Please forgive me for being a coward, hiding behind the screens of my computer. My parents were intimidated by the government reaction towards what we call as a street protest. So, my parents made me promise not to bring my sister out to the rally. However,  I do, wholeheartedly support FREE, FAIR ELECTIONS.

However, with the Bersih 3.0 being a controversial agenda again this year, I didnt had the time to read and study about whats it about. Until today, then i realised that Bersih is going to take place THIS WEEKEND ( 28 April 2012). Therefore, I have to take part in spreading what Bersih is all about.

BERSIH - Coalition for Free & Fair Elections, is a coalition of non-governmental organizations with the aim of revising the current electoral system to ensure fair elections.

First and foremost, how many of you here are registered voters?
How many of you here care about the elections?
Do we care whether the elections are done in a free, fair way or the votes are being tempered?

We cannot anyhow support without understanding. Thus, it is important to understand and know your mission,
are you supporting BERSIH because you are anti-government, or,
are you supporting bersih because you care for free, fair elections?

Think about it.

I care for free, fair elections...but i care more for a GOOD LEADER of the people that I can vote for.

MsXEroZ cares for Malaysia!

Friday, April 20

[Contest] Dream Vacation, Go Holiday With Veet

If you have been following me on Facebook, you'll find that lately i'm actively sharing about my entry in Dream Vacation, Go Holiday with Veet Contest. 

So, you may wonder, what is this contest all about? 

As its name mention, yeah Veet is rewarding Three(3) contestants to their dream holiday! Well, this contest involves 3 simple steps:-

1) Snap A Photo with Veet Products, Submit and Choose whether you want a City Getaway or Island Escapade! and Tag 3 friends that you may want to bring along!

2) Get people to Cheer on your Photo from 16th April to 7th May.. Of course, the more Cheers, the better!

3) Await the Results on 28th May 2012!

And so, here's my entry! 


Well, I chose to have Island Escapade- Pangkor Island Beach Resort, + Relaxing Spa pamper session. Vacation is incomplete without my BFFs -
a) TianChad, my favourite photographer + blogger that can help me snap my vacation photographs! Good photographs = indescribable memories.
b) Wern, my sister that deserves this vacation as much as I do.
c) Baby Seng Rachel, because she's so adorable.

I wrote a long slogan that supposed to rhyme, but, errr...the whole thing turned into an essay due to the Organizer's Apps.  But nonetheless, my actual reason that I longed for the Island Escapade is because I had never been to Pangkor Island for more than 10 years! To be frank, i have no memories of being ON Pangkor Island!

I love Islands, especially islands of Malaysia. It was a secret (that i kinda made it public today) that i dream of going to all islands in Malaysia before age 30. =) And my dream honeymoon island would be Sipadan or Mataking Island in Borneo. 

Similan Island, Thailand

I love Islands because of the tranquil surroundings. Clear waters, sounds of the birds and the gushing waves, actually brings peace to my mind.

Similan Island, Thailand
Stepping on the fine, white sands, excites our senses...and the wind that blew on your face. For me, that's THE BEST SENSATION IN THE WORLD.

Through and through, I'm a nature lover. Fresh air, beautiful scenery and the blue skies can heal our heart and soul. 

Frasers Hill, Pahang
And of course, life is even more perfect, when I'm surrounded by LOVE.

and fishes.. 

Tioman Marine Conservation Park, Pahang.

To laze at the beach, and listen to the voices of children's laughter is also fun!

Langkawi Island, Kedah
Or enjoy the boat or ferry ride across the Island.

Penang Island, Penang.

Grab the camera and start waiting for sunrise or sunset is equally exciting. And you can see the ships that pass by, and start wondering, why cant life be as beautiful as this everyday.

Patong Beach, Phuket
Life is really beautiful, but when you are too busy to notice it, it's pointless. Take a break, take a vacation and enjoy the beauty of life that surrounds you.

Love Life!

yearning for a vacation!

Monday, April 16

[Review] Bu Bu Jing Xin @ Scarlet Heart

Bu Bu Jing Xin (步步惊心), literally meaning "Startling Surprises at Each Step" is one of the best Chinese (made in China) television drama that I've watch. Since it's a good day today, I'd like to do a review this, and hope to spread the goodness around =)

[MsXeRoZ's Summary]
BBJX is a period drama (Qing Dynasty) with plot that revolves around history (with a dash of fiction), romance, conflict and politics. The story began with a modern girl, in an argument with her lover that she met an accident, plus being electrocuted at the same time. Unknowingly, such fatal combination had her travel across time and ended up in Qing Dynasty, as Ma'er tai Ruoxi. Confused, she has to adapt with the changes and live a life totally different from the present time. With her sister, being the concubine of the 8th Prince (YinSi), Ruoxi was introduced with the princes and eventually have to make it through the palace selection. Ruoxi used to be a vocal, free-minded lady from the future and has no qualms on voicing out what's on her mind. Her attitude has attracted the princes, who some started to like her for her uniqueness. Eventually Ruoxi has to come to terms with the changes and realizes that she may not be able to return to the future. She adapted and embrace the culture of the Palace, knowing that a slight mistake could ended her life. Knowing about history of the Qing dynasty isn't helpful. She knows about the bits of how KangXi reign ended, and the collision of the princes. 8th Prince (YinSi) tries his very best to protect her and keep her safe from the evils of the palace, and eventually they both fell in love. At the same time, 4th Prince (Yinzhen) was attracted to her. Knowing that Yinsi will lost in the battle of the throne, Ruoxi warned him, without knowing that it was her that sparked the begining of the conflict. . .


It was a 35-fun filled, additive episodes and it will be 375 pages long if I ever to write a full summary on this TV series. In my humble opinion, this series is successful because of its well-casted roles.

Cecilia Liu Shi Shi (
刘诗诗) as Ma'er tai Ruoxi

Nicky Wu (吴奇隆) as 4th Prince Yinzhen (whom eventually become the Emperor YongZheng)

Kevin Cheng (郑嘉颖) as 8th Prince Yinsi

Lin Geng Xin
(林更新) as 14th Prince Yinti

Yuan Hong
(袁弘) as 13th Prince Yinxiang

These are the selected 5 characters that were the core-actors that made the storyline flow so beautifully. Throughout all events and circumstances, the princes grew up with Ruoxi and would protect her from the harms of the palace, and they all loved her. As romantic as it is, I find it "troublesome" for a girl to be loved by almost everybody. Emperor Kangxi loved her (as a daughter), 8th Prince loved her, and she returned his love, but as fate twist and turned, she find herself in love with 4th Prince. The notorious Crown Prince also requested her hand for marriage, and at the end 14th Prince found out that he loved her too! *GOSH*

It's not the love story that enthralls me, but the emotions conveyed by their love, especially 8th Prince & 4th Prince. They convey their emotions by the body language, and eyes. On the surface 8th Prince seems humble and nice, but every actions has a secret intention. While 4th Prince seems cold and furious, but deep down, there's a warmth to his heart.

A tinge of comedic moments also enlightens up the plot. The casual relationship between Ruoxi and 10th Prince are really comical. And also the BFF relationship she has with 13th Prince was fun to watch too!

With the captivating storyline, i cannot stop my self but to finish up 10 episodes at one go! The plot keeps you asking for more, and you felt as though you are living in the era too!

But as it reaches episode 20++, it starts to feel a little draggy. The only setback that I feel disgusted at 8th Prince that he fell in love with his 16 years old sister-in-law (which is a taboo and paedophile!). I also dislike the fact that 80% of the princes fall in love with her. Come on! The palace have tonnes of pretty ladies and they all just land their eyes on her? *GOSH* And while all the princes and eunuchs felt fearful on Kangxi, i felt that Damian Lau is too cute to be feared (maybe because of "The Rippling Blossom"). I don't feel any DRAGON EMPEROR aura from Damian Lau.

My favourite character will be 14th Prince. He's young, handsome and very thoughtful. He stands up for what he feels its right, and he has more relaxed emotions of a man.

Other than that, it's really a beautiful drama, with nice costumes and scenery. I read that BBJX 2 (based on modern story) will be produced, and i hope they retain the same casts!

If you think that you can't watch this movie because it's chinese, you can watch the good quality english subs from VIKI.COM. There's also an english novel translation blog called BuBuJingXinEnglish (but incomplete). Thanks to all the avid BBJX fans who shared the love of the movie and contributed in the English Subs.

(p/s I do not own the above photos. For illustration purpose only)


Tuesday, April 10

Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa, Bagan Lalang

The Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & Spa, located in Bagan Lalang (Selangor), is one of the most exquisite resorts surrounding Kuala Lumpur. I was fortunate enough to be invited for a 2Day 1Night weekend getaway. So, here's my story on my short vacation.

Arriving to Sepang Gold Coast is quite easy, because there's a lot of signboards directing you to the location. However, I must have missed the hotel guests parking area because I parked under a shady tree (and felt elated for having found such a perfect spot). Me and XeRoZ walked in and we were stopped by the security guard.

"Hotel guest?" he asked. We nodded. "What room number?" he asked again. "We dont have our room number yet, have not checked in". "No No, Sir, you tak boleh jalan masuk. Kena duduk Van!" his gestures were agitated and kept pointing to the other direction.

"Tak apa, kita boleh jalan masuk", we replied. "Boss, you parking mana?" he asked again. We pointed under the tree. "Tak boleh tak boleh...hotel guest kena park sana" he insisted us to move our parking.

I felt that our conversation with the security guard is funny. The good thing, is that, he cares for his responsibility and that he's doing his job. Such simple questions make you feel that you are a guests and your safety and comfortableness is all that matters.

It was about a few meters walk under the heat that I realized that the security guard is right. We should have sat the shuttle van provided by the resort. Nonetheless, upon arrival, the avid photographer TianChad welcomed us with snaps of photographs!

The Lobby/Waiting Area was pretty impressive with open air concept. It is not air conditioned, but really cooling with the natural breeze. Welcome drinks are also served while waiting for the room to be ready. Perhaps it was a peak season (school holiday period) that the hotel is packed. We were placed to wait for our room to be prepared. We were delayed 1hour 45mins from check in time! (minus marks for impression LOL) Anyways, I went to the Reception to check out on the status of our room, and realized the Golden Palm Tree has one issue - despite having spacious waiting area, they have very small reception counter. It's really pityful to see so many staffs packed in the small area trying to prepare room cards, maps, and explanation to the hotel guests on the activities available. But they are really nice and friendly though!

Thankfully, as luxury as it is, we are transported to our rooms - Canary Palm Villa (nice name!) via buggy! We thought of walking to our rooms, but when i asked for direction, the staff in charge was very concern of our well being, and told us it's very far (well, thank God for his advice!)

We arrived at our Canary Palm Villa with a pleasant surprise!

Clean + Spacious + Fragrant + Beautiful!
(Perfect recipe of a good hotel room)

The Canary Palm Villa consists of 2 bedrooms (1 Queen Bed & Twin Beds) & 2 bathrooms (One with bath tub, and the other without).

There's a small living area, with basic items such as television, desk, mini-refrigerator, telephone and magazines.

Did I mention that our villa is located just next to the Gym? *Stalk Mode ON*

There's also 2 balconies(one for each room) that are nicely decorated - with props perfect for photography! Here are some of my creative poses!

You Jump, I jump OK? But Let Me Finish My Lollipop First OK?
We Are The Wind
Heading to the beach!

The Golden Palm Tree Resort is ideal for sunset moments. With the low tide, you can hang out with all the mini creatures lurking on the muddy seabed =)

This is really a good ambient for honeymoon, couples vacation, and family trips as there's lots of beach activities for family, but at the same time some peaceful romantic space with your loved ones.

My stomach was growling in hunger after the sunset. And we had our dinner at Bila-Bila Buffet Restaurant, which opens daily until 11pm. The food looks great!

But to be honest, the only setback of the Golden Palm Tree Resort is the food (Seriously honest). I was pretty impressed with almost everything (except the wait during the check in), and when I tasted all of the food served during buffet, the only thing that tasted normal is the potatoes.

My disappointment are as follows:-
a) Flies in the Air-Conditioned Lounge
b) Not many varieties of food.
c) Not enough seats (during packed season).
d) The tables are not cleared immediately, which is a sore eye for guests (with flies around).
e) Food are left opened (desserts, sushi, and fruits)
f) Food are tasteless and bland. (the chicken is very hard too!)
g) Plain water are not served unless requested.
h) Not enough waiters & waitresses that you have to wait 5mins for a glass of plain water or refill.
i) Not many varieties of drinks in the all-included-package. You have to pay for other types of drinks.

I felt sad for the food there.
Anyways, I didn't expect breakfast to be good and I was right. Yups, so after breakfast, my weekend getaway ended.

This time, we sat the van out!

Golden Palm Tree Resort & Spa Sdn Bhd (637783-W)
No. 67, Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang,
Kg Bagan Lalang,
43950 Sungai Pelek,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

:+603 3182 3600
:+603 3182 3700

I've had a wonderful time and wished that I can go again for a moment of relaxation! I just hope that on my next trip, it would be even more perfect!

Thats all for now. Good night!

Oh ya i found a couple of useful reviews from TianChad. Click here to read more!
(cares for a perfect holiday!)