Friday, March 2

The Unsuccessful Resurrection!

Gosh, this gonna be one hell of a wordy post. It has been quite some time since i write. Well, I was thinking and planning on continue reviving my blog, but seems that things doesnt really work well. I dont have a PC. Intending to buy one, but lately there's no extra budget for me to purchase anything that amount (T_T). Since there's nobody in my office I can say that updating my blog once in a while is harmless. However, since my previous blogpost, I was banned with messages like "limited connectivity" by my company system because they claimed that I used too much "connections". I'm still startled by their explanation, thus, nonetheless it practically means that i have to control my internet usage or, the system will limit my connectivity.

Which, if happens will cause me to die a horrible death due to boredom.

I couldn't resist writing today. As I write this, the sound of the fax machine keep "POOOOPPP, POOOOOPPPP" so damn annoying... I urge fax machine manufacturer to change the "engage warning tone" to some nice melody like Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata or even some Jay Chou songs!!

Office life is practically mundane. My kinetic energy has been suppressed. Everyday i try NOT to do routine job, thus I slot in some toilet breaks in between to do some important business. One thing I realised that if I do filing, and people disrupt me, I will feel tense because I cant remember which part I filed. So please DND when I'm doing filing. HAHAH... Gosh if life goes on like this, without expressing my thoughts, then I definitely will grow up to become a AUNTY! *trying my best to avoid it*

Friends has been fantastic! Supportive and super funny! It has been 4 years that we continue to meet up almost everyday, one day twice or thrice. I wonder whether if any of us get married, will our friendship change? Well, my best friend just got proposed last Valentines Day but this is for recording purpose and I'm not gonna elaborate on it (because I know she reads my blog LOL).

I did join several contest and I hope I have the opportunity to write about them here. Since purchasing the house, my budget is so constrain like a bad case of constipation. But bak kata pepatah "bersusah susah dahulu, bersenang senang kemudian". With the astronomical property price, I dont know how young couples gonna make it. I thank God that I managed to seize the opportunity and bought a value for money condo last year! Namo Namo~!! Nonetheless, now i have to work harder to increase my pocket money and I hope Lady Luck will stand by my side and go through this hard time with me!

Okays, enough babble for now. Time for me to clear the junk on my desk~ Muackz~

MsXERoZ 2012

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