Wednesday, March 28

Patience & Its Limits

Have you met a woman molester?

Have you felt as though being raped by someone's eyes?

Have you experienced someone standing so close to you that you can smell his/her stink breath?

Have you met someone who have multiple personalities; tomboy, ahsoh (old aunty) and woman?

Have you encountered someone who sweats so much and have occassional body odour?

Have you converse casually with someone and that person speaks to you SO LOUD that it hurts your ears?

If you HAVEN'T encountered any of the above i would like CONGRATULATE you. You should go to the temple and pray for you have a lucky and fortunate life.

If you HAVE experienced any one of the above, CONGRATULATIONS to you because, you only met ONE of such person. Which for me, is still bearable...

If you (LIKE ME) have experienced ALL of the above, then i wish to shake your hands and let you know that IT'S OK. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I know. I know many people would curse and criticize me for publishing this post. But my patience has been running low on its capacity already. Well, if it happens during my teenage years, i would definitely be very furious and frank and "don't friend" that someone. But years passed, I have grown up, able to think what is appropriate and what is not.

It so happened that lately (within these 6 months), i encountered someone that fulfills all my criteria stated above. I always go out with her with a group of friends. Let me name her as MSK. The first impression that i had of her was, she's like a LOUD SPEAKER. Well, it's ok. Some people are naturally loud. It was due to their upbringing and surrounding environments. I still remember that during our first few encounters, MSK doesnt like to speak to me. As a new addition to her group, she tends to just ignore my words during the conversation, treating me as an invisible soul. Well, nevermind, some people have difficulties in adaptation of new member in an ecosystem.

Next, i was informed by a close friend that MSK likes to stare at her. I thought, maybe MSK had this weird habit of staring at someone else when thinking. But it isnt so. She likes to stare at you, with a weird lovey dovey eyes. She looks at you from TOP until BOTTOM, and she pays extreme attention to our cleavages, boobs and ass. That's freaky. There were a couple of times we caught her mentioning other people's cleavage. And she particularly came to tell me that Mr. XXX (another male colleague) has been staring at my boobs, which, i feel is not true, because the one i sensed staring at me WAS MSK!

There's also incident where she likes to lean so near to our ears and speak in a coyly shyful manner. Soft and gentle. But when her "ahsoh" personality emerge, she forgot to be shy and gentle and instead speak near our ears like a LOUD SPEAKER. The sound pollution is still tolerable, but sometimes an extra tinge of body odour makes me wanna puke. Imagine i had to hold my breath because she was freaking smelly! She's really sweaty!

The highest level was physical touch. My good friend told me that one day, as she was walking to the pantry, MSK GROPED her buttocks and brush brush! She immediately sprint away, and the incident has awaken us to how extreme this MSK has turned to be. MSK has this habit of touching us when she talk. Even if we didnt talk to her, she would place her hands on our hands (whichever available), and stroke it, annoyingly ask us "WHATS THAT? WHATS THAT?". In some careful scenario, we would often keep our hands away from reach, so that she cannot touch us. But seems like MSK had discovered other body parts to touch - Shoulders, thighs, and newly added in the list, waist. Today, i had lunch with her again. Out in broad daylight, i was talking to my friend and she suddenly interrupted us. I retaliate and she suddenly HUG ME at my waist, "illegally" place her arms between the gaps of my arms straight to my waist. I was so disgusted that i hop out and almost cursed and swear! "DONT touch me, the weather so hot!"

This is crazy! I dont know what stunts she will pull but i'm getting more and more pissed off already. I tried to understand people by behavioral analysis but understanding one's behaviour doesnt relate to adapting to such behaviour. From her actions and speech, i can conclude that she's a person who is highly LOA (LACK OF ATTENTION). She speaks loud because she wants to be heard. She touches because she wants to be noticed. She stinks coz she didnt bathe (sorry, this is not behavioural analysis), but maybe she wants to attack attract people with her smell. GOSH!

What should i do? *runs to toilet and cry*

MsXeROZ 2012


RedButtockz Wern said...

May God Bless her soul

Raymond Choo said...

kesian, sexually harrassed by a female..

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...


Blur Pei said...

I'm wondering.. if the person u met is the one i know????

nvm, i don't want to know. But I encounter the same situation with u before...

felt like just sexual harassed by a FEMALE! disgusting and... hate! and you cant do anything but just to ignore her.

she is my Ex housemate, due to her behavior, everyone in the hs boycott her. and she moved after that. :P (when I still young that time).

god blessed you.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Blur Pei,
I dont think its the same person because this girl is 31 years old. >.<

Nath said...

me TEOCHEW lang talk loud loud, people always assumed I'm mad or argue when I'm not =.=

Blur Pei said...

Nicole.. this is bad, there is 2 person with this personality in M'sia.. T.T sad.