Tuesday, March 13

My thoughts on 5-Year-Old Nurul Nadirah Murder Case

I haven't been reading Malaysia news lately. It has been quite a relief after stopping myself from reading 90% filled nonsense on our country's political agenda. I've been reading a couple of blog, and worthy news shared in Facebook when I saw Jai Ramlee's blogpost on the discovery of missing 5-year old kid, Nurul Nadirah. Unfortunately, she was found dead...burnt to death...

Being an avid fan of the drama Criminal Minds, i find myself being flooded with questions:

  1. Why would a random person kidnap a 5-year old girl? Is this person an opportunist kidnapper-murderer? psycopath? or has been aiming for her?
  2. Is the unsub a male or female known to the victim?
  3. What is the unsub's motives? Kidnap for ransom? or kidnap because she resembles some person the unsub thinks?
  4. When was she murdered?
  5. Why the unsub chose to burn her? to hide the time of death?

It might be very insensitive to be thinking about all these questions. But it has deeply troubled me that the society has been getting more and more dangerous. Why has it troubled me? Let me share with you my childhood stories.

When i was very little, i would linger alone around my kampung house. When my parents or grandparents needed some groceries, i would walk about 150m to the shop. I was about 5 years old. When I have enough pocket money, or found shillings, i would walk there and buy myself an ice-cream too!

When i moved to Ipoh, i couldnt accustom to sitting bus home from kindergarten. My house is about 300m away from it, so on my 1st day of school, i walked home. On 2nd day, i was made to stay put after class to wait for the bus to come. On 3rd day, i walked home again and tell my mom that the bus is late, i'd rather walk home. (p/s i didnt know she had paid the bus fare)

At age 6-8, i still help mom by going to get sundries like eggs and so on. In the evenings, i would run to the play ground to play as well.

I'm not boasting on how smart i was. But i remembered that my parents would be worry if im out of the house too often and told us there were dangerous people lurking around. However, i find that during my time, i can see other children playing around and helping parents get groceries too. Everything stopped when my mom and I witnessed a woman and her daughter being robbed at brought daylight! It was then that everyone feared to walk the streets because the snatch and robbery occur so often, that the neighbourhood has turn to be unsafe.

Then someone who claims to be a genious introduced the concept of gated community. Gated community is actually a solid evidence the failure our police system is. The police cant ensure our security, and so we have to form our own gated community. This has added our living cost because 20years ago, there is NO SUCH THING as security fees. And for all i know, gated security guards have to have "connections" with the police so that if there's any incident, the police will "try their best" to come a.s.a.p. And you know how connections are formed *sarcastically roll eyes*

I'm not implying that the murders, kidnapping and whatever crime in Malaysia is caused by incompetent parents, policemen or the victims. They cannot be blamed solely because our SYSTEM is failing the society, causing the society to be SICK. As to add salt to the wound, the failing system is managed by an incompetent government. Oh, so that's why the system is failing huh?

And you are blaming technology for causing kids to be obese, and lazy. Blame who? Its dangerous to go out, stay home and play your Ipad...

Troubled thoughts by MsXeRoZ 2012


vall said...

I was browsing for Nadirah's case report and i bumped to your blog,Im so angry and I wanted to burst it out in the papers as i always do it with ppl around.Yes you are 110 % right its dangerous to be out alone esp if ypu are a female and worst if you are just a kid.I too remember the times we used to go to sundry shops to get things for our mom..but can you imagine to do that now? And yes the 'gated community' and yes since we can be dependend on our goverment to keep us safe ,we got to pay for our safety but can you imagine who can afford that 'only certain ppl'..so its so unfair for those living as middle class and lower income.and have you ever heard of cases happen to the higher class ppl? u cant they got everything covered from safety,education,health and al other basic necessity in tip top condition.Im feeling really2 sad over this ,how stranded and neglected the goverment on this?Can u imagine when you get your bag snatched and you report to the police station the first question would be why did you walk at the road/place ? why didnt you lock your car door? so in conclusion the Goverment is no use to protect Us the people ,coz the 'goverment ppl' children to get raped,robbed or Burnt to death !!!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Hi Vall,
thanks for your elaborate comment. There's no use for us to point the finger to our government. They are now powerless due to the mentality of the society. All we can do is to educate ourselves with knowledge, share and help educate the society.

vall said...

Hi MsXeroz,
thats what i am trying to say.Im not worried of my self,my family ,my relatives cause all of them know whats goin on and have taken the neccessary 'protection' but those ppl out ter ,those who are the middle class n lower ,they are indeed cant help it, its their situation as such..when parents are busy to cater for their family they can be bothered to think about safety as a factor.Im sad for them,and it sadden me the most when children is involved ! hmmmmm..i hope it will change things will be the like it used to be !

adrian@sabah said...

We are our own first line of defense, and it is always up to us as individuals and parent to take whatever precaution we can. Having grown up in the 70s, I do not for an instance believe that it was safer then. Less reported and less known - yes.