Friday, March 30

Otterhound - The Most Endangered Dog Species..

I was reading my usual dose of world news ( today and it was reported that the most endangered dog species, which is in the brink of extinction looks like this....
My first reaction was....

This species of dog is even rarer than a white rhino & panda-the Otterhounds. There are about just 1000 of them in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Gosh... unbelievable!

It was said that Otterhounds are extremely popular last time and is used for otter hunting. This highly explain why Malaysia dont have this dogs. HAHA.. Well, i think it's kinda weird that ever since otter hunting was banned, the popularity of this dog plummeted straight into the endangered species category. Is it really hard to take care of the Otterhound?

I was actually wondering, how a cute dog was trained to hunt otters until i saw this photo....


Ok this explains it all. The puppy, as cute as they were, will grow up into a strong, fit and big size dog. No wonder it can be trained to hunt otters in the olden days!

I love dogs, but at the same time, i'm afraid of dogs. Especially if it stands on its hind legs like the photo above.. *scary scary* As much as i fear those dogs, i think it is a very intelligent being and should not be left into extinction. After all DOGS ARE MEN's BEST FRIEND.

At the same time we are racing against extinction of our animal and plant species, we should not neglect our pet animals as well. If we intend to rear one, make sure we have the sense of responsibility for the health and wellbeing of the animal. I truly condemn pet-owner who do not bother to clean, bathe, feed or cuddle their pet. Don't rear if you can't commit to the responsibility.


(although they may look like one)


Bunny & Fluffy
(MsXeRoZ's babies)

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