Thursday, March 22

Love: XeRoZ & MsXeRoZ (Jian & Ling)

Today I'd like to share some beautiful photographs that was captured over the weekend. XeRoZ (Jian) & I have been together since 2005. It's as though God has planned everything for us, we studied in the same university, have friends in common, but we met through MSN (live messenger)... everything just sailed and happened. Gosh...time passed...

It happened that TianChad & RedButtockz Wern invited me and Jian to Golden Palm Tree, Sepang for the weekend. Without further introduction i think you can already guess who is photographer. =)

It was reli cool and windy... We had wind blown to our face like a supermodel
These shots are taken at the balcony of our villa.

Another beautiful scene is at waiting area at the lobby, while the hotel is preparing our room.

In the room... As this post is about me & XeRoZ so wait up for me review post =P

And no, this is not a lollipop advertisement ... ^.^ Not a teddybear advertisement as well...

I find that it's really difficult for me & XeroZ to be in lovey dovey mood. Our serious shots are all "weird & stiff". Doing natural poses, and mean actions are what we do best.



Then we headed off to the beach...
I didnt know and tianchad didnt tell earlier that the resort provides slippers, so i wore my heels LOL!

XeRoZ and sea snail~ YUCK

As for me, i just stand in front of the lens and "syok sendiri" all the way~

the sunset here is amazing though!

Here's another couple shot.. with the background of the resort..

So, it's a happy weekend!

I love the photographs and we took tons of them. Well, perhaps next time i have to be physically and mentally prepared for couple shots whenever possible! We dont know what will happen tomorrow, so all these beautiful memories should be documented well. =)

Thank you once again Tianchad for the weekend getaway invites and also the photographs! I hope that your dreams will come true soon.

If you guys love my photos and would like to hire TianChad to help you capture your romantic moments, feel free to contact him here. (p/s just mention you are reader and I'm sure he will give u great discounts!)

MsXEroZ 2012

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