Thursday, March 8

2012 "Creative" Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Preparation

Valentines Day can be eventful for some, and moment of sorrow for others. The singles will be hoping, couples will be celebrating, while parents will be worrying.

Like Christmas, Valentine's Day can be quite torturous, especially when you didnt know what to get for your boyfriend/girlfriend. For me, i usually didnt want to get him anything because he will feel guilty if he didnt buy me anything in return. @.@ (Just love me more, u fool!)

But for 2012 Valentine's day, i was so bored and thought of getting him a present. It was spontaneous...

Presents have to be wrapped, right!

with papers.....


I thought of smuggling this box of stuff to my luggage before we depart to Phuket. But when he came back, he said "give me see!!!"

and so i did..

HAHAHAHA.... Fright of his life!

It's creatively ugly! So please do not copy this stunt at home!

I bought him a Nilkin "condom" for his Samsung Galaxy Nexus!!! (via Lowyat

It comes free with a USB thing and also screen protector! Did you know Godzilla glass can be scratched too???

Here's my review on the purchase & transaction!

Well, at least i prepared a gift right~ MISSION ACCOMPLISHED....



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