Friday, March 30

Otterhound - The Most Endangered Dog Species..

I was reading my usual dose of world news ( today and it was reported that the most endangered dog species, which is in the brink of extinction looks like this....
My first reaction was....

This species of dog is even rarer than a white rhino & panda-the Otterhounds. There are about just 1000 of them in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Gosh... unbelievable!

It was said that Otterhounds are extremely popular last time and is used for otter hunting. This highly explain why Malaysia dont have this dogs. HAHA.. Well, i think it's kinda weird that ever since otter hunting was banned, the popularity of this dog plummeted straight into the endangered species category. Is it really hard to take care of the Otterhound?

I was actually wondering, how a cute dog was trained to hunt otters until i saw this photo....


Ok this explains it all. The puppy, as cute as they were, will grow up into a strong, fit and big size dog. No wonder it can be trained to hunt otters in the olden days!

I love dogs, but at the same time, i'm afraid of dogs. Especially if it stands on its hind legs like the photo above.. *scary scary* As much as i fear those dogs, i think it is a very intelligent being and should not be left into extinction. After all DOGS ARE MEN's BEST FRIEND.

At the same time we are racing against extinction of our animal and plant species, we should not neglect our pet animals as well. If we intend to rear one, make sure we have the sense of responsibility for the health and wellbeing of the animal. I truly condemn pet-owner who do not bother to clean, bathe, feed or cuddle their pet. Don't rear if you can't commit to the responsibility.


(although they may look like one)


Bunny & Fluffy
(MsXeRoZ's babies)

Wednesday, March 28

Patience & Its Limits

Have you met a woman molester?

Have you felt as though being raped by someone's eyes?

Have you experienced someone standing so close to you that you can smell his/her stink breath?

Have you met someone who have multiple personalities; tomboy, ahsoh (old aunty) and woman?

Have you encountered someone who sweats so much and have occassional body odour?

Have you converse casually with someone and that person speaks to you SO LOUD that it hurts your ears?

If you HAVEN'T encountered any of the above i would like CONGRATULATE you. You should go to the temple and pray for you have a lucky and fortunate life.

If you HAVE experienced any one of the above, CONGRATULATIONS to you because, you only met ONE of such person. Which for me, is still bearable...

If you (LIKE ME) have experienced ALL of the above, then i wish to shake your hands and let you know that IT'S OK. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I know. I know many people would curse and criticize me for publishing this post. But my patience has been running low on its capacity already. Well, if it happens during my teenage years, i would definitely be very furious and frank and "don't friend" that someone. But years passed, I have grown up, able to think what is appropriate and what is not.

It so happened that lately (within these 6 months), i encountered someone that fulfills all my criteria stated above. I always go out with her with a group of friends. Let me name her as MSK. The first impression that i had of her was, she's like a LOUD SPEAKER. Well, it's ok. Some people are naturally loud. It was due to their upbringing and surrounding environments. I still remember that during our first few encounters, MSK doesnt like to speak to me. As a new addition to her group, she tends to just ignore my words during the conversation, treating me as an invisible soul. Well, nevermind, some people have difficulties in adaptation of new member in an ecosystem.

Next, i was informed by a close friend that MSK likes to stare at her. I thought, maybe MSK had this weird habit of staring at someone else when thinking. But it isnt so. She likes to stare at you, with a weird lovey dovey eyes. She looks at you from TOP until BOTTOM, and she pays extreme attention to our cleavages, boobs and ass. That's freaky. There were a couple of times we caught her mentioning other people's cleavage. And she particularly came to tell me that Mr. XXX (another male colleague) has been staring at my boobs, which, i feel is not true, because the one i sensed staring at me WAS MSK!

There's also incident where she likes to lean so near to our ears and speak in a coyly shyful manner. Soft and gentle. But when her "ahsoh" personality emerge, she forgot to be shy and gentle and instead speak near our ears like a LOUD SPEAKER. The sound pollution is still tolerable, but sometimes an extra tinge of body odour makes me wanna puke. Imagine i had to hold my breath because she was freaking smelly! She's really sweaty!

The highest level was physical touch. My good friend told me that one day, as she was walking to the pantry, MSK GROPED her buttocks and brush brush! She immediately sprint away, and the incident has awaken us to how extreme this MSK has turned to be. MSK has this habit of touching us when she talk. Even if we didnt talk to her, she would place her hands on our hands (whichever available), and stroke it, annoyingly ask us "WHATS THAT? WHATS THAT?". In some careful scenario, we would often keep our hands away from reach, so that she cannot touch us. But seems like MSK had discovered other body parts to touch - Shoulders, thighs, and newly added in the list, waist. Today, i had lunch with her again. Out in broad daylight, i was talking to my friend and she suddenly interrupted us. I retaliate and she suddenly HUG ME at my waist, "illegally" place her arms between the gaps of my arms straight to my waist. I was so disgusted that i hop out and almost cursed and swear! "DONT touch me, the weather so hot!"

This is crazy! I dont know what stunts she will pull but i'm getting more and more pissed off already. I tried to understand people by behavioral analysis but understanding one's behaviour doesnt relate to adapting to such behaviour. From her actions and speech, i can conclude that she's a person who is highly LOA (LACK OF ATTENTION). She speaks loud because she wants to be heard. She touches because she wants to be noticed. She stinks coz she didnt bathe (sorry, this is not behavioural analysis), but maybe she wants to attack attract people with her smell. GOSH!

What should i do? *runs to toilet and cry*

MsXeROZ 2012

Thursday, March 22

Love: XeRoZ & MsXeRoZ (Jian & Ling)

Today I'd like to share some beautiful photographs that was captured over the weekend. XeRoZ (Jian) & I have been together since 2005. It's as though God has planned everything for us, we studied in the same university, have friends in common, but we met through MSN (live messenger)... everything just sailed and happened. Gosh...time passed...

It happened that TianChad & RedButtockz Wern invited me and Jian to Golden Palm Tree, Sepang for the weekend. Without further introduction i think you can already guess who is photographer. =)

It was reli cool and windy... We had wind blown to our face like a supermodel
These shots are taken at the balcony of our villa.

Another beautiful scene is at waiting area at the lobby, while the hotel is preparing our room.

In the room... As this post is about me & XeRoZ so wait up for me review post =P

And no, this is not a lollipop advertisement ... ^.^ Not a teddybear advertisement as well...

I find that it's really difficult for me & XeroZ to be in lovey dovey mood. Our serious shots are all "weird & stiff". Doing natural poses, and mean actions are what we do best.



Then we headed off to the beach...
I didnt know and tianchad didnt tell earlier that the resort provides slippers, so i wore my heels LOL!

XeRoZ and sea snail~ YUCK

As for me, i just stand in front of the lens and "syok sendiri" all the way~

the sunset here is amazing though!

Here's another couple shot.. with the background of the resort..

So, it's a happy weekend!

I love the photographs and we took tons of them. Well, perhaps next time i have to be physically and mentally prepared for couple shots whenever possible! We dont know what will happen tomorrow, so all these beautiful memories should be documented well. =)

Thank you once again Tianchad for the weekend getaway invites and also the photographs! I hope that your dreams will come true soon.

If you guys love my photos and would like to hire TianChad to help you capture your romantic moments, feel free to contact him here. (p/s just mention you are reader and I'm sure he will give u great discounts!)

MsXEroZ 2012

Tuesday, March 13

My thoughts on 5-Year-Old Nurul Nadirah Murder Case

I haven't been reading Malaysia news lately. It has been quite a relief after stopping myself from reading 90% filled nonsense on our country's political agenda. I've been reading a couple of blog, and worthy news shared in Facebook when I saw Jai Ramlee's blogpost on the discovery of missing 5-year old kid, Nurul Nadirah. Unfortunately, she was found dead...burnt to death...

Being an avid fan of the drama Criminal Minds, i find myself being flooded with questions:

  1. Why would a random person kidnap a 5-year old girl? Is this person an opportunist kidnapper-murderer? psycopath? or has been aiming for her?
  2. Is the unsub a male or female known to the victim?
  3. What is the unsub's motives? Kidnap for ransom? or kidnap because she resembles some person the unsub thinks?
  4. When was she murdered?
  5. Why the unsub chose to burn her? to hide the time of death?

It might be very insensitive to be thinking about all these questions. But it has deeply troubled me that the society has been getting more and more dangerous. Why has it troubled me? Let me share with you my childhood stories.

When i was very little, i would linger alone around my kampung house. When my parents or grandparents needed some groceries, i would walk about 150m to the shop. I was about 5 years old. When I have enough pocket money, or found shillings, i would walk there and buy myself an ice-cream too!

When i moved to Ipoh, i couldnt accustom to sitting bus home from kindergarten. My house is about 300m away from it, so on my 1st day of school, i walked home. On 2nd day, i was made to stay put after class to wait for the bus to come. On 3rd day, i walked home again and tell my mom that the bus is late, i'd rather walk home. (p/s i didnt know she had paid the bus fare)

At age 6-8, i still help mom by going to get sundries like eggs and so on. In the evenings, i would run to the play ground to play as well.

I'm not boasting on how smart i was. But i remembered that my parents would be worry if im out of the house too often and told us there were dangerous people lurking around. However, i find that during my time, i can see other children playing around and helping parents get groceries too. Everything stopped when my mom and I witnessed a woman and her daughter being robbed at brought daylight! It was then that everyone feared to walk the streets because the snatch and robbery occur so often, that the neighbourhood has turn to be unsafe.

Then someone who claims to be a genious introduced the concept of gated community. Gated community is actually a solid evidence the failure our police system is. The police cant ensure our security, and so we have to form our own gated community. This has added our living cost because 20years ago, there is NO SUCH THING as security fees. And for all i know, gated security guards have to have "connections" with the police so that if there's any incident, the police will "try their best" to come a.s.a.p. And you know how connections are formed *sarcastically roll eyes*

I'm not implying that the murders, kidnapping and whatever crime in Malaysia is caused by incompetent parents, policemen or the victims. They cannot be blamed solely because our SYSTEM is failing the society, causing the society to be SICK. As to add salt to the wound, the failing system is managed by an incompetent government. Oh, so that's why the system is failing huh?

And you are blaming technology for causing kids to be obese, and lazy. Blame who? Its dangerous to go out, stay home and play your Ipad...

Troubled thoughts by MsXeRoZ 2012

Thursday, March 8

2012 "Creative" Last Minute Valentines Day Gift Preparation

Valentines Day can be eventful for some, and moment of sorrow for others. The singles will be hoping, couples will be celebrating, while parents will be worrying.

Like Christmas, Valentine's Day can be quite torturous, especially when you didnt know what to get for your boyfriend/girlfriend. For me, i usually didnt want to get him anything because he will feel guilty if he didnt buy me anything in return. @.@ (Just love me more, u fool!)

But for 2012 Valentine's day, i was so bored and thought of getting him a present. It was spontaneous...

Presents have to be wrapped, right!

with papers.....


I thought of smuggling this box of stuff to my luggage before we depart to Phuket. But when he came back, he said "give me see!!!"

and so i did..

HAHAHAHA.... Fright of his life!

It's creatively ugly! So please do not copy this stunt at home!

I bought him a Nilkin "condom" for his Samsung Galaxy Nexus!!! (via Lowyat

It comes free with a USB thing and also screen protector! Did you know Godzilla glass can be scratched too???

Here's my review on the purchase & transaction!

Well, at least i prepared a gift right~ MISSION ACCOMPLISHED....



Death Story: In Remembrance of Mr. Plant

To be honest, i am born with 10 ladies fingers & 10 dirty toes. Despite being a proactive supporter of recyclable, reuse and renew items, the word GREEN does not practically exist in my genes.

Mom gave me her cutest, easiest to plant, house plant to place in my home. Within 4 months..

it died.

Thank god i took a photo of it =)

Amen plant! Erm, mom, do you have a backup plant for me? Your bonsai is dying too!!!

p/s you should see my aloe vera and pandan.. they look very pathetic!

Friday, March 2

The Unsuccessful Resurrection!

Gosh, this gonna be one hell of a wordy post. It has been quite some time since i write. Well, I was thinking and planning on continue reviving my blog, but seems that things doesnt really work well. I dont have a PC. Intending to buy one, but lately there's no extra budget for me to purchase anything that amount (T_T). Since there's nobody in my office I can say that updating my blog once in a while is harmless. However, since my previous blogpost, I was banned with messages like "limited connectivity" by my company system because they claimed that I used too much "connections". I'm still startled by their explanation, thus, nonetheless it practically means that i have to control my internet usage or, the system will limit my connectivity.

Which, if happens will cause me to die a horrible death due to boredom.

I couldn't resist writing today. As I write this, the sound of the fax machine keep "POOOOPPP, POOOOOPPPP" so damn annoying... I urge fax machine manufacturer to change the "engage warning tone" to some nice melody like Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata or even some Jay Chou songs!!

Office life is practically mundane. My kinetic energy has been suppressed. Everyday i try NOT to do routine job, thus I slot in some toilet breaks in between to do some important business. One thing I realised that if I do filing, and people disrupt me, I will feel tense because I cant remember which part I filed. So please DND when I'm doing filing. HAHAH... Gosh if life goes on like this, without expressing my thoughts, then I definitely will grow up to become a AUNTY! *trying my best to avoid it*

Friends has been fantastic! Supportive and super funny! It has been 4 years that we continue to meet up almost everyday, one day twice or thrice. I wonder whether if any of us get married, will our friendship change? Well, my best friend just got proposed last Valentines Day but this is for recording purpose and I'm not gonna elaborate on it (because I know she reads my blog LOL).

I did join several contest and I hope I have the opportunity to write about them here. Since purchasing the house, my budget is so constrain like a bad case of constipation. But bak kata pepatah "bersusah susah dahulu, bersenang senang kemudian". With the astronomical property price, I dont know how young couples gonna make it. I thank God that I managed to seize the opportunity and bought a value for money condo last year! Namo Namo~!! Nonetheless, now i have to work harder to increase my pocket money and I hope Lady Luck will stand by my side and go through this hard time with me!

Okays, enough babble for now. Time for me to clear the junk on my desk~ Muackz~

MsXERoZ 2012