Wednesday, January 4

You Know It's Time To Change When...

HAPPY 2012!!!

It has been ages and ages since I decided to write something on my blog. I don't know why i felt as though I have lost touch with, and there's no desire for me to revive it. Anyway, i tried doing a blogpost saying GOODBYE 2011. But instead of "saving as draft" i clicked published post. So, you can see that the blog has all random, unorganized photos with no caption and looks as sucky as possible!

THAT'S when i realised that i am no longer passionate about my blog. Thinking back, is me, and i am How can i abandon myself? This whole feeling is not right, and thus, today i took the initiative to give this blog a new look! So that i can put my heart altogether again and make it as nice as possible.

Despite being a tough 2011, i managed to accomplish some things which i'm NOT proud of!
  • Abandon my blog with the reason to focus on my career.
  • Abandon my job and blog altogether, ended up i have nothing to focus on.
  • Realised that i have 2 friends who stayed with me through thick and thin. Thanks! you know who you are!
  • I bought a house on my birthday - 14 May 2011!!!
  • Finally got an acknowledgement of being a Girlfriend to Soon Zi Jian on 12 June 2011. After dating for 6yrs finally he acknowledge my status by giving me his first ring! *YEAH!!!*
  • Got robbed on 21-July-2011. Lost a laptop, Nikon D90 DSLR full set, and Panasonic Lumix FS-62. But i moved on...believe in karma, what is taken will be repaid soon.

  • Moved in to my new house on 11 September 2011. This was no doubt the happiest day of 2011!
  • Left the pig and bitch and got myself a new life!
  • By Dec 2011, I landed myself with loads of debts.
So, 2012...

Come'on Lets ROck!

MsXEroZ 2012


RedButtockz Wern said...


cklim said...

happy new year boss!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Happy new year to u too!!

Vince G said...

Woots Happy New Year! Next time gonna hold lots and lots of party at your house lor? :P

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

already had lotsa and lotsa party at my house..hahahaha this cny have family gathering :P