Thursday, January 12

When You Are Desperate

Top 3
things you do when you are stuck in the jam, hungry, thirsty and wanted to pee but there's no where to stop to relief yourself!

NUMBER 3... *drums rolling* Repeat the sentence again and again...
Me: Hou tou ngor ahhhhh (translation: very hungry!)
Friends: Hou tou ngor ahhhh (repeats whatever you say)

Reason: Because you are hungry and tired and bored, sooner or later you and your friends would run out of topic to talk about. Thus, there's a tendency to repeat the words said by the group members because there's nothing you can do but to complain about it.

NUMBER 2.... Ask roadside passer by whether they have food supply...
Friend: *winds down the window* MAKCIK (yells), boleh kasi nasi lemak satu?
Makcik: (thinking you are crazy, stares at you and walks away)

Reason: when you are so hungry that you wanna die, you will have the unusual thick skin condition and would do any extremes to get food. Although this usually does not works, it is worth a try-At least you died trying, rather than died of hunger.

and the chart topper of the day is....


NUMBER 1.... Take spoon and hit the Makcik until she surrenders her nasi lemak

Friend: I take spoon and murder you!
Me: Spoon how to murder?
Friend: CAN! Didn't you watch the spoon murderer in youtube?
Friend: aiya! no spoon, need steel spoon only can!

*Due to unavailability of steel spoon, the life of the MakCik is spared*
Reason: This proves that human, like any other animals, would kill to eat.

DISCLAIMER: This is just a random post, true story, about how human behaves when there's body stress level is really high.

Actually it is my first time knowing there's such thing about Spoon Murderer so, i googled it up and came across this video... So, thought of sharing it here because it's HILARIOUS (but scary too!)

"The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard Gale"

Till then,

MsXEroZ 2012


RedButtockz Wern said...

all is referring to @rachelkokonutz xD

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@RedButtockz Wern... =.=" I already filter the names why you mention!!! HAHAHAHAHA...she will kill me!

RK said...

HAHAHHAHAHHAAHHA ~ is PISANG GORENG LA ! and indeed.. must be steel spoon only CAN !!! HAHAHAHAHA ~