Friday, January 6

When Friends Get Together 2011

Hmmmm... How shall I began? Okay, i shall begin my story today by advising holidaymakers to avoid Cameron Highlands on public or long weekend holidays. Hehehe..

Okay, me and a gang of friends went up to Cameron Highlands on 26th November 2011. Well, the trip up was pleasant, through Simpang Pulai route. But never did we anticipate the crowd and jam on the hill itself!

Nonetheless it was an enjoyable trip for all of us. It was drizzling and the air is very cooling and refreshing!

Flowers and Vegetables are all sold at very reasonable prices~

Found something that looks so delicious and asked the seller what vege is this called. "Rabbit Carrot" she replied. hehehe..

Managed to boil a very delicious soup for the steamboat!

Breakfast of local "Cheese Naan".

And also a very ordinary taste English Breakfast set.

Entertained by Rachel Koko aka supermodel..LOL jk..

who is also the photography prop assistant during our photography session! But somehow became an over-decorated Christmas Tree~ LOLz..

Had Strawberry icecreams with fresh strawberries and marshmallows~

and a variety of souvenirs to bring home after you paid the money ...

Not to forget TianChad our official group photographer~

And beautiful flowers that welcomed us to Cameron Highlands~

Even the cakes and pastries look extra delicious here!

Despite the puzzling weather of hot and cold there, we did have a nice time in MARDI. Oh ya, Here's a very late Xmas Present for Rachel and May. Hope you both like it~

Up NEXT....

The desperate moments in the car....


MsXErOz 2012


RedButtockz Wern said...

omaigattttttttttt is tht stawberries?

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...


RK said...

woah~ TQVM !! but .. why with 620.00 background ? lolzzzzzz..

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@rachelkoko, thats to bluff you that my photomagnet is very expensive! hahaha..