Saturday, January 7

Bunny, Why Are You So Naughty!

I had to postpone the blogpost which i intend to write about today because something really funny happened. Well, its a Saturday and me and my sis, RedButtockz Wern had planned to do thorough cleaning of our house. And as we were cleaning the pet cages (in case you didn't know, we had two pet rabbits - Fluffy & Bunny).

REFLASH OF MEMORY: Fluffy & Bunny (photo taken on January 2011)

And what happened today was, Wern exclaimed that Bunny is really fat, perhaps entering OBESE STAGE! *wtf* So we changed him to a bigger cage (Yes, Bunny is a male rabbit) so that he can run around in a bigger space.

This is how big his cage is... (It's a dog cage donated by a friend). Initially, this cage was occupied by Fluffy, and we put a bear toy (donated by TianChad) for them to f*ck with .

Amazingly, that's EXACTLY what Bunny did with the toy bear~

As a result,



*screech in horror*


Didn't i mention that we just CLEANED THE WHOLE HOUSE TODAY!??!

=.=" and he just kinda sprayed 360degrees from the cage. *wtf* with the furthest stain 1.59meters from the cage!


*drags feet to get a cloth and clean the area again~!*

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Later i get male cat I go put 1 teddy bear oso la haha

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GENG LEH~!!! *sweat*