Monday, January 16

Awww.. It's so Cute!!!

Disclaimer: This looks like my rabbit (FLUFFY), sounds like her, smells like her but is NOT her.

Anyone knows where to get this AngryBird hood for rabbits? It's so adorable!!! Btw, i came across this pictures in one of my friends facebook page. Aww... she has a cute rabbit, who looks exactly like Fluffy~

Whoever knows where to get this hood & price, pls let me know.. I really want to buy it~!!!!

MsXERoZ 2012

Thursday, January 12

When You Are Desperate

Top 3
things you do when you are stuck in the jam, hungry, thirsty and wanted to pee but there's no where to stop to relief yourself!

NUMBER 3... *drums rolling* Repeat the sentence again and again...
Me: Hou tou ngor ahhhhh (translation: very hungry!)
Friends: Hou tou ngor ahhhh (repeats whatever you say)

Reason: Because you are hungry and tired and bored, sooner or later you and your friends would run out of topic to talk about. Thus, there's a tendency to repeat the words said by the group members because there's nothing you can do but to complain about it.

NUMBER 2.... Ask roadside passer by whether they have food supply...
Friend: *winds down the window* MAKCIK (yells), boleh kasi nasi lemak satu?
Makcik: (thinking you are crazy, stares at you and walks away)

Reason: when you are so hungry that you wanna die, you will have the unusual thick skin condition and would do any extremes to get food. Although this usually does not works, it is worth a try-At least you died trying, rather than died of hunger.

and the chart topper of the day is....


NUMBER 1.... Take spoon and hit the Makcik until she surrenders her nasi lemak

Friend: I take spoon and murder you!
Me: Spoon how to murder?
Friend: CAN! Didn't you watch the spoon murderer in youtube?
Friend: aiya! no spoon, need steel spoon only can!

*Due to unavailability of steel spoon, the life of the MakCik is spared*
Reason: This proves that human, like any other animals, would kill to eat.

DISCLAIMER: This is just a random post, true story, about how human behaves when there's body stress level is really high.

Actually it is my first time knowing there's such thing about Spoon Murderer so, i googled it up and came across this video... So, thought of sharing it here because it's HILARIOUS (but scary too!)

"The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard Gale"

Till then,

MsXEroZ 2012

Saturday, January 7

Bunny, Why Are You So Naughty!

I had to postpone the blogpost which i intend to write about today because something really funny happened. Well, its a Saturday and me and my sis, RedButtockz Wern had planned to do thorough cleaning of our house. And as we were cleaning the pet cages (in case you didn't know, we had two pet rabbits - Fluffy & Bunny).

REFLASH OF MEMORY: Fluffy & Bunny (photo taken on January 2011)

And what happened today was, Wern exclaimed that Bunny is really fat, perhaps entering OBESE STAGE! *wtf* So we changed him to a bigger cage (Yes, Bunny is a male rabbit) so that he can run around in a bigger space.

This is how big his cage is... (It's a dog cage donated by a friend). Initially, this cage was occupied by Fluffy, and we put a bear toy (donated by TianChad) for them to f*ck with .

Amazingly, that's EXACTLY what Bunny did with the toy bear~

As a result,



*screech in horror*


Didn't i mention that we just CLEANED THE WHOLE HOUSE TODAY!??!

=.=" and he just kinda sprayed 360degrees from the cage. *wtf* with the furthest stain 1.59meters from the cage!


*drags feet to get a cloth and clean the area again~!*

MsxEroZ 2012

Friday, January 6

When Friends Get Together 2011

Hmmmm... How shall I began? Okay, i shall begin my story today by advising holidaymakers to avoid Cameron Highlands on public or long weekend holidays. Hehehe..

Okay, me and a gang of friends went up to Cameron Highlands on 26th November 2011. Well, the trip up was pleasant, through Simpang Pulai route. But never did we anticipate the crowd and jam on the hill itself!

Nonetheless it was an enjoyable trip for all of us. It was drizzling and the air is very cooling and refreshing!

Flowers and Vegetables are all sold at very reasonable prices~

Found something that looks so delicious and asked the seller what vege is this called. "Rabbit Carrot" she replied. hehehe..

Managed to boil a very delicious soup for the steamboat!

Breakfast of local "Cheese Naan".

And also a very ordinary taste English Breakfast set.

Entertained by Rachel Koko aka supermodel..LOL jk..

who is also the photography prop assistant during our photography session! But somehow became an over-decorated Christmas Tree~ LOLz..

Had Strawberry icecreams with fresh strawberries and marshmallows~

and a variety of souvenirs to bring home after you paid the money ...

Not to forget TianChad our official group photographer~

And beautiful flowers that welcomed us to Cameron Highlands~

Even the cakes and pastries look extra delicious here!

Despite the puzzling weather of hot and cold there, we did have a nice time in MARDI. Oh ya, Here's a very late Xmas Present for Rachel and May. Hope you both like it~

Up NEXT....

The desperate moments in the car....


MsXErOz 2012

Thursday, January 5

Deciphering Happiness

There are times in life when we seem to feel really blissful, happy and content. But yet, there are also times that we feel as though doomsday is near. It happens in circles - Happy, Sad, Happy, Sad...a never ending chain of emotions.

Different people have different ways of decoding and displaying emotions. Some people can feel sad and depressed easily. Some, on the other hand, feels elated and happy all the time. For me, i prefer to be surrounded by happy, optimistic people, rather than those moody "emo" kind. Well, how can i feel happy when i see your coal, black face? How do i know what's happening to a person if he shunned himself one corner and refuse to talk? and how do i make you happy when you make me unhappy when i see u?

Well, i'm broke for this CNY, but proud to say i'm happy. Yupz, with a tinge of panic but not fear or depressed. What comes around will eventually pass. I am surrounded by my precious friends and family that sometimes i forget what unhappiness is all about.

At this moment, being broke, i'm very sensitive when the money issue arise., praying that this CNY will be profit making one, with more angpao collection! *winkz* If cant collect much then i'll find another method to milk money then :P

But, if you are unhappy, you can share with me. I may not be able to solve your problems, but i can be a good listener.


MsXErOz 2012

Wednesday, January 4

You Know It's Time To Change When...

HAPPY 2012!!!

It has been ages and ages since I decided to write something on my blog. I don't know why i felt as though I have lost touch with, and there's no desire for me to revive it. Anyway, i tried doing a blogpost saying GOODBYE 2011. But instead of "saving as draft" i clicked published post. So, you can see that the blog has all random, unorganized photos with no caption and looks as sucky as possible!

THAT'S when i realised that i am no longer passionate about my blog. Thinking back, is me, and i am How can i abandon myself? This whole feeling is not right, and thus, today i took the initiative to give this blog a new look! So that i can put my heart altogether again and make it as nice as possible.

Despite being a tough 2011, i managed to accomplish some things which i'm NOT proud of!
  • Abandon my blog with the reason to focus on my career.
  • Abandon my job and blog altogether, ended up i have nothing to focus on.
  • Realised that i have 2 friends who stayed with me through thick and thin. Thanks! you know who you are!
  • I bought a house on my birthday - 14 May 2011!!!
  • Finally got an acknowledgement of being a Girlfriend to Soon Zi Jian on 12 June 2011. After dating for 6yrs finally he acknowledge my status by giving me his first ring! *YEAH!!!*
  • Got robbed on 21-July-2011. Lost a laptop, Nikon D90 DSLR full set, and Panasonic Lumix FS-62. But i moved on...believe in karma, what is taken will be repaid soon.

  • Moved in to my new house on 11 September 2011. This was no doubt the happiest day of 2011!
  • Left the pig and bitch and got myself a new life!
  • By Dec 2011, I landed myself with loads of debts.
So, 2012...

Come'on Lets ROck!

MsXEroZ 2012