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Ripley's Believe It that Snow World is as fun as Haunted Adventure

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Here comes the 3rd installment of the Bloggers Day Out in Genting Highlands!

After lunch, we headed to the scariest place in First World Plaza, HAUNTED ADVENTURE!

The eerieness of the place can be felt, as "ghosts", "monsters" and "scary objects" are placed near the entrance of the Haunted Adventure (beside the Times Square stage).

You will be greeted by a cameraman, who is really spooky and scary as well. I don't know why, but this little guy here really scared me. The way he smiled, the way he talked, he is really like a ghost!

No cameras are allowed through our ghostly haunted adventure. I can describe the whole experience as

"Dark, with monstrous laughter, and evil souls lurking around every unexpected corners"

You can put on the 3D glasses for extra intensity.

It was so dark and you cannot see the steps, and cannot really see the ghost.
I suggest Haunted Adventure to add some reflector on the edge of the stairs steps, and add more lights so that we can see the silhoutte of the ghosts better. The audio should be changed from "HAHAHAHAHAHA" and shrieks all the time. Really, that's not spooky.

Spooky audio should be like dead silence, then with occassional whispers, sound of footsteps running, furniture moving, and old lady coughing.

Next, is the Ripley's Believe It Or NOT!

This time the highlight of the place is the fertility statue. It was said to have helped more then 2000 women to conceive despite doctors had told them that they cannot. Even 13 members of Ripley's Entertainment staff got pregnant after touching the statue!

I don't know how it works, perhaps you gotta touch everywhere and both male and female statue to make it work!

The Ripley's Believe It Or Not was really a fun place to be in! I could spend all day reading his comics and see the artifacts displayed.

If any of you here have incredible talents and artifacts, you can submit "dry preserved" specimens to Ripley's Genting Highlands. It is a recommended place for family and definitely an educational and eye opening experience for kids.
(view ticket prices here)

Some other special place in First World Plaza?

The Glow In the Dark Genting Bowl

Indoor Theme Park filled with fun, leisure and extreme rides!

Genting Snow World

We wanted to enter the snow world but the time slot is full... I guess I have to come some other time!

Looks really fantastic from the outside!

So, have you been to the places I mentioned above? How was your experience?

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