Saturday, March 5

Relax. Refresh. Reenergize at Pedas Springs Spa, Genting Highlands

Happy Weekend!!! I was thinking of continuing my post on the recent Shanghai Trip, but I was drowning in the weekend mood. So, why not I post something local so that most of you here can visit and enjoy as well?

Here it is...

Our very own....

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Genting Highlands!!!

Everytime when someone mention about Genting Highlands, then the first thing that comes across our minds is the HILL TOP, THEME PARK, CASINO, COOL WEATHER.

That was what I was thinking too!

But during my last trip there, I was given a surprise by Resorts World Genting. And I'm going to share it with you!

Being a person who loves to pamper myself, as soon as I stepped into the Pedas Springs Spa, i know that I would love this place tremendously. I was thinking "YES! Finally there's something I love to do in Genting!"

It's not that Genting Highlands bore me, but, I'm practically afraid of everything - THEMEPARK & HAUNTED MANSION. I'm too scared to ride on rollercoasters, and too scaredy-cat to enter the haunted mansion. When I'm up in Genting Highlands, either I watched XeRoZ play the game arcade, or bowling or gun-games. He had to accommodate me because I just refuse to go on the thrill rides! I don't gamble too, so casino is not for me!

So, the Pedas Springs Spa is exactly the place where I would wanna be! If i were to come with a group of friends, they can go on to the themepark or casino, and I am perfectly safe in this heaven! I can go for jacuzzi, massage, paint my nails, or simply watch movies in the lounge!

Being located just right by the outdoor theme park, the Pedas Spring Spa has also a special floating Spa Villa on the lake.

Couples can enjoy their romantic time together basking under the sun, being envied upon by the passerby riding on paddleboats, and being pampered with soothing massage, scented by the fragrants of the aromatheraphy!

Pedas Springs Spa and Resorts World Genting was kind to give each of us a foot steam and neck massage session!

I was uncomfortable in my tight jeans, and they even have some shorts for me to change!
The shorts provided are fashionable and comfortable too!

After the foot steam, I felt that my legs are being cooked. AHAHAH..Seriously it's very hot. This incident shows me how it feels to be cooked alive. I tried to tolerate the heat until one point i told the guy "HOT HOT" and he laughs! Then he push aside the towel that covers my feet, and cool breeze went in and soothe my cooked feet.

I may be exaggerating (actually I am), despite feeling burnt, my feet wasnt! Later that night, i flew to Shanghai and I noticed that my feet were SMOOTH, SILKY and SOFT!
The softness of both my feet lasts about 1 week after the treatment!

Overall, Pedas Springs Spa is a worthy place to visit and pamper yourself. If I am not mistaken, you can enjoy their service and good hospitality for RM68 onwards!

For more info:
Pedas Springs the Wholesome Family Spa:

Mon - Thurs: 9:00 am - 3:00 am
Fri - Sat: 9:00 am - 9:00 am
Sun: 9:00 am - 3:00 am
Location: First World Plaza, Genting Highlands, Malaysia
(photos courtesy of TianChad)


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Summer 2011 shorts collection huh.. LOL!

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