Monday, March 28

[Day 4] Shanghai: Thames Town & Water City of Zhou Zhuang

Hi all,

Wow it has been almost 2 weeks since my last blog post XD

Sorry ya~ was sick for couple of days. So, today, no matter what, I'll have to share my story of my recent trip to Shanghai.

So here's a recap of my stay:
Day 1: Exploring New City Song Jiang
Day 2: Training Officially Starts and Feast of Food
Day 3: Scenic Places of Thames Town & Night Scenery of The Bund

On Day 4, me and my room mate woke up at 6.30am again to ride on the battery tram car (provided by Hotel) for another round of tour. This time, the weather is fine (despite the coldness) and not misty like the previous days.

There's practically nobody in this town, so all sorts of poses can be shot without embarrassment :P

James Bond statue was found!

I love these row of houses. It looks very neat and i hope one day I can have a chance to enter one of the houses here.

Flowers of all sorts can be found. After 4 days, the temperature is rising and plants started to bloom.

One of the famous coffee outlet here, the Incomplete Coffee Shop. It closes at 10.30pm, and I've been here for the coffee. To be frank, the coffee is super expensive (but no choice it's the only kopitiam available). Taste wise, nescafe 3 in 1 tasted even better!


Here's one of the building in Thames Town, I guess it's empty as well, but it looks great as a corporate building.



Statue of Harry Potter Voldermort nearby???


After my sales meeting, a tour was arranged for us all to the Water City of ZhouZhuang.
Often labelled as Venice of China, this town is one of China's top tourist spot.

It is also said to be famous of silk products, such as blankets, shirts, dress, scarfs and handkerchiefs. Whether the products are authentic or not, it's another matter XD. For me, my principle is, NEVER buy unnecessary things in TOP TOURIST SPOTS.

Being a first timer in China, buildings with architecture like this, mesmerizes me.

Like I said, NEVER BUY UNNECESSARY THINGS is my no 1 principle, so, i cekup (steal) whatever people bought. LOL!!! Joking lahh.. Someone gave me a try on this candy. Love it!!!

Then some one bought me this!!! In Hong Kong drama series, we always see of this candy satay called "Ping Tang Hu Lu".

Inside, it looks like this~

I love eating the rock candy, but not the plum inside.. The plum is basically tasteless and have powdery texture.

Another one of the local specialty is the Pork Legs. Unlike Malaysia, pork can be served in public places without JAKIM chasing after them

Scenery wise, ZhouZhuang is indeed surrounded by waters and rivers. You can hire a boat for a slow ride along the rivers for a fee.


Locals not only earn by cheating selling local food, handicrafts and souvenirs. Salted fish and vegetables are for sale here too!

One of the back alley...

The lanes are connected by a bridge. Another thing that never fails to amaze me is that there are so many bridges, some small and some big, but all the bridges have a beautiful arch shape and unique design.

One of the bigger bridges...

The garden's another thing that fascinates me. Guess what is he weaving?

Yupz~ Shoe!!!
Seriously, i regretted for not buying this. These are handmade items that I can hardly find in Malaysia... *tears of regret* Thus, sometimes, it's not good to stick to my principle of NOT BUYING UNNECESSARY ITEMS....

Air drying pork meat is legal here too! I'm kinda feeling disgusted by this...

Another thing that i regretted for not doing is to rent a princess/goddess costume!!!! I think it costs RMB 50 (RM25) for this. A little more expensive than other places but this is the only place that offers goddess costume.

Glass painting souvenirs...

Another scenic bridge


So guess what i bought??

The most unnecessary thing that one would ever buy...



I didn't only buy 1 hat, i bought 3 for RMB60 (RM30)

I would love to return to ZhouZhuang for more photography, and perhaps a nice calm boat ride. As an advice, don't bother buying any souvenirs here. The goods were super expensive. I bought a silk pyjama for RMB50 (RM25) after haggling from RMB120 (RM60). Then, when i visited another city, my eye nearly pop out when i saw the price tag of "5 for RMB100" for the same silk pyjama.

Okies, time for bed...happy reading and good night for now!


xing said...

Your pictures are so pretty. Last time i've been to exact same place but i have no camera on hand. such a waste. and i even regret buying so much useless items from china! urgh!

Nava Kishnan said...

what a great place, love the pork legs although it can be very sinful.

Exam Result 2011 said...

wow fantastic this post and beautiful all pics . amazing your idea and really pretty look. nice smile on your face and interesting this post.

Medical Tourism said...

Beautiful all pictures and nice clicks . yummy food and awesome location. i love it

pimalai said...

I see a lot of amazing architecture, food, and sites. I definitely have to give this oriental version of Venice a visit.