Thursday, March 3

[Day 3] Shanghai: Scenic Places of Thames Town & The Bund

I can be considered lucky for being able to stay for a few days in Thames Town. As I mentioned earlier, this town is created based on the English concept.

I woke up as early as 6am to get dressed up and embrace the cold winds. After getting all ready, i called the hotel lobby for the tram car service. Well, I'm impressed by Liston Hotel for having a complementary tram car service for the hotel guests. The tram car is used to fetch people to the nearest convenience stores, as well as for sightseeing.

The first landmark that caught my attention:-

Statue of Lady Diana

Did I mention it was a misty morning? Well it is, and it is cold too!
It was 6.30am and the sun had rise.

A very unique cafe made of old train, i think...

This is a boathouse, used in one of Jackie Chan's film.

There's also a monument of flying pigs made of recycled/used gas tanks. Really cute!

It's me!

A scenic site that looks like Venice.

The deserted path of Thames Town.

Look at our macho, kind hearted and funny driver! He works from 8pm to 8am...Gosh!

The famous Christ Church, copied from the original one in Clifton (click here)

A beautiful place for wedding pics to be taken here too!

Victorian style houses, also similar to the ones in Clifton, Bristol.

After the 2nd day of sales meeting, we head to the Shanghai city for tour. On the bus, one of our Vietnamese counterpart prepared this "asam". I find it very delicious and appetizing! Unfortunately, i didnt manage to ask how did they make it.

We arrived at Hong Mei Pedestrian Street for dinner.

Our dinner is Indian Food, at Delhi Darbar...
Honestly, the food, I would rate as "forgettable".

Next is the Huangpu River Tours...

It was a river cruise...

I begin to suspect that electricity is FREE in Shanghai, seeing the WHOLE CITY IS FILLED WITH LIGHTS!!!!

Please forgive the grainy bits of the night shots as I do not have a DSLR.

So, what do you think?

It was a cold ride too! I almost freeze to death!

The amazing part is that buildings in Shanghai are decorated with lights that can evolve in few patterns. It is also a form of advertisement, COOL!

The golden city~ The Bund, Shanghai

Enjoy the remaining photos =)

The river cruise costs RMB100 (about RM50), if you happen to go Shanghai, you have to ride on this!

It was a great experience!


jfook said...

Beautiful Shanghai. =D

Allison said...

The Huangpu river cruise is indeed a must ride. The famous 'Shanghai tan' Is just beside it :)

Kelly said...

The night scenes are pretty! Can't never miss it.

Romantic Dinner said...

Wow really cool session i think you are very lucky which this session celebrate now.

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Your all images and location photo shot is really great i say to you really great job.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

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