Wednesday, March 2

[Day 2] Shanghai: Food Food Food!

In Shanghai, It was all bright at 6am. I woke abruptly, thinking that I was super late for my meeting (which suppose to start at 9am), but when i look at the clock, i was frustrated to see that it was only 6.15am.

So i woke up earlier than expected and dressed up.

It was the first day of the sales meeting, so everything is done in the hotel itself.

Here's lunch:-

The banquet dinner is held in the dome which is located near the hotel. It is definitely a very exquisite restaurant.

Dinner is served!

I've never been to such lavish dinner where so many types of food were served! For one thing that I learn is that the people of Shanghai have cold dish (appetizers) and main course + desserts. Rice are served last. This is contrary with our culture to have rice alongwith the dishes.

There are some food that I will always remember, the small shrimps to be eaten as whole, shrimps with vinegar (my fav!), honey flower appetizer, bun filled with various nuts. My favourite dessert is the Pumpkin TangYuan, i had 5 bowls of that. (hehehehe)

It was also my first time tasting black corn. Have you tried it?
It tasted like "pulut hitam" but more starchy and not as sweet as the yellow corn.

I'm gonna be obese soon!

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Kelly said...

OMG! Food food food *faints*
The food are mouth-watering & looks delicious :)