Tuesday, March 1

[Day 1] Shanghai: Thames Town in New City Song Jiang

Hello all,

My whole month of February has all involved travelling. Well, you may think that i'm pretty lucky (which i don't deny), but it was really tiresome!!!! I'm now sitting down on my bed watching Glee on 8TV and then decided to spare some time reviving my travels.

My flight to Pudong International Airport was 12.40am, Saturday. Earlier on Saturday I was in Genting Highlands attending one of the most awesome Bloggers Day Out.

Feeling already 50% exhausted, I rushed to the airport and spent my entire flight duration sleeping. It was my 1st international flight with Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) and i was so exhausted that I missed out the onboard peanuts, food and drinks.

When I woke up, I saw this unbelievable sight of dawn. Amazing!

Arrived at Shanghai at 7.40am, and took an hour ride to New City Song Jiang where my sales meeting and hotel is located. It happened that the sales meeting will be held in Liston Hotel in Thames Town. I guess it is a luxury hotel as the rates for my room is RMB1200 for the particular week.

I was lucky to have a room facing a spectacular view of the lake, a dome and the park.

Liston Hotel, a small but very neat and clean hotel.

After checked in, my boss brought us to the nearest shopping mall for lunch. This is where i get to feel the pinch of coldness of the brutal winter-->spring transition.
The temperature was 6degC on this particular day.

After a short nap, we went for a walk around the hotel. Thames Town is based on the English concept. The buildings were all designed to look like England houses!

A unique dome built on the lake that is a restaurant.

Spring flowers were blooming!

There's a boat ride service on the lake.

Leafless trees surrounding the river...

Beautiful bangalows along the riverside.

The first ever Plum Blossom tree I've ever seen.

As Malaysia enjoys 365days of warm and raining climate, I've never seen so many bald "botak" trees before. Nonetheless it was amazing to see buds forming on the trees. I believe Spring will be even more beautiful!

After dinner, I took another stroll. It was freezing at 0degC that night.

The lake was lightened up with lights at night.

It was a lovely place and I had so many photos to share!
I guess I had to go now. So, stay tuned for my next updates!!!

Nicole aka MsXeRoZ


RedButtockz Wern said...


Sakira said...

I wish I could be traveling right now. *Sigh~

P.S ; what camera do you use, ey? The pictures are fantabulous! ;)

Unknown said...

Nice pics... I love it!

Unknown said...

wow! I like the 1st pic. Never see this kind of dawn in my life.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Redbuttockz, okays next time we go again!

@Sakira, I'm using my lumix FS-62. Thanks for liking my photos!

@Melvin, hehez.. Thanks!

@Y-square, It was my first time too! the whole horizon is filled with orange and blue. Amazing!!!

Sy said...

Heard it just snow U know !!!!!!!

And amazing lor Shanghai , with all the business developments ! =)

Looking forward tooooo mooooorrrreeeee ! DID U EAT THE DIM SUM AND THE PAU WITH WATER INSIDE 1 ?

MarsBoy said...

Nice ^^ make me wanna pack n book the airtix...

Nava K said...

love the flower and wonderful sceneries.

M-Knight said...

nice night photos.....

RK said...

wahhhhhhhh ~~~ envy maxxxxxxxx !!! ur lumix did a great job huh ~ see till my eyes O___O ! LOL.. when is my turn ! ? ..

Kelly said...

Awesome Awesome! I wanna see plum blossoms too :) Didn't know Shangai, a city got flowers. They have land to plant?