Tuesday, February 1

It's A Rabbit Year!


It has been CNY mood and 2 sakaiis(Jian & Boon) are singing "Lonely" behind me. It's almost 2am and Im not yet asleep!!! They don't need to sleep as well coz busy playing...

I thought of having a nap at 7pm and ended up i slept till 12am. So...how am i going to sleep today??

So i thought of sharing something with you all!

I'm now the owner of 2 mismatched rabbit:
Fluffy and Bunny...

Fluffy is light brown, flurry and fat. Bunny is the weaker one, who has car motion sickness and loves to eat.

Owning 2 herbivore pets aint an easy job. They shit as much as they eat, and cleaning their shit is an additional task. Cleaning is fast, because their poop is dry. But, if they urinate on their own shit then a horrible stench will appear!

Overall, Fluffy and Bunny became good friends, both have different characteristics. Both also cute in their own ways.

Rabbit are amazingly clean creatures, they do not smell. They also will pee at a particular corner of the cage. Unfortunately, once in a while, one of them will "spray" at wrong place and pee on the floor =.=""

Fluffy is the most lovable one. It knows how to attract people. Bunny on the other hand will run to a dark area and hide.

Okies, time to put my bunnies to sleep..

Twinkle twinkle little stars~!!!



lyCayenne said...

lovely bunnies! i always wanted one. but better not. can't even take good care of myself. lol

Sy said...

Can see ur bunny suffers from car sickness cos like so sian leh from the look !!!!! LOL !!!!!!!!!!

One black and the other brown if together the colour nt bad LOL !!!!

Romantic Dinner said...

wonderful your post and photo's. Rabbit photo very beautiful. nice article used. most info shared. thanks

Hilda Milda™ said...

So chubby, feel like pinching them! So geram xD