Thursday, February 17

Fluffy and Bunny Has Grown!

On 28th January 2011, XeRoZ gave me a pair of rabbits, which i named Fluffy and Bunny~

I'm sure that most of you in my Facebook has seen them.

They are shy, innocent and cuddly initially..

And of course, both occupied a fraction of the cage space.

But 3 weeks later,

Erm, perhaps i should consider getting another cage?

I knew that my baby bunnies will grow up someday, but i never expected them to grow as fast as this!

I'm feeding my bunnies 3 times a day - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner --> 1/2 cup of pellet + 1/2 cup of hay. Sometimes fresh vegetable leaves is included too.

Treats (occassionally 2x a week): Mandarin oranges (1 slice each), strawberry green top.

Out-of-cage time : 30mins to 3hrs (depending on how free i am)

Bunny and Fluffy are more active now and all i wish is they can have a happy and healthy life.


Vince G said...

Awwww given in conjunction of the year of rabbit izzit? :)

Romantic Dinner said...

OH Lovely Rabbits and very nice posting thanks

RK said...

wah.. so big dy ! LOL !