Wednesday, February 2

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner ^.^


It's 30th night of the Chinese Lunar calender today. It's time for family members to be reunited and have a fantastic meal for dinner. It has been one of the Chinese custom since centuries ago.

This year, the number of meals have reduced from 10-course meal to 7-course only.
My family doesn't have the culture of going to restaurants for dinner. So usually cooking tasks are delegated to the aunties, while the uncles take their role cleaning the house.

After a whole day of cleaning and preparation, here's our reward for the day :-

One photo missing is the Auspicious Roasted Chicken which was finished before i am able to capture it. Wahahahaha..

So yeaps, time for TV!

Can't wait for tomorrow...*hehe* Coz I'd get to wear my new clothes =)

(whisper: and angpau too!!!)




SuFang (Careen) said...

Happy bunny year :D

jfook said...

oh my so hungry nowww

Romantic Dinner Bruges said...

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