Tuesday, January 18

Garuda Indonesia New Boeing 737-800NG

Last week, TianChad had invited me to the official launching of the new Boeing 737-800NG by Garuda Airlines in KLIA, Sepang.

We carpooled with Thomas Yap and Wilson. We were to register and enter the departure hall =)

It was neatly decorated with balloons...Yupz, today will be the first day the Boeing 737-800NG flying into KLIA.

There was a small but efficient ceremony, as the plane arrived sharp on schedule.

Initially i thought that the organizers would let us into the plane. So that we can see and experience the new features of the Boeing 737-800NG. Unfortunately, there was no such arrangement.

Nonetheless, the new Boeing means that the capacity for KL-Jakarta flights will be increased by 40%. Travelling will be much more comfortable too! Quick book your tickets to Jakarta now and share with me about your travelling experience in the new plane! Visit Garuda Indonesia and check flight rates.

I wonder when can i go for my next holiday??

Note: Thanks TianChad for all the photographs!

Monday, January 17

A Christmas Tree Project

Hello 2011 ^.^ !!!!

Hi all, I have been on hibernation since Dec' 2010. Well, was on holiday mood so I decided to spend some private time by spending less time on the internet. =)

To kick start msxeroz.com for 2011, i changed the header and the background =) Hopefully 2011 will be filled with more LOVE, and happiness..

Before Chinese New Year comes, I shall post up some fantastic Christmas trees in Singapore during my trip there.

#1: Choa Chu Kang MRT Station
Unique points: Cute Teddy Bears and Toy Trains were used as decoration.
(& Nobody steal the toys away!! *BRAVO*)

#2 Somewhere near City Hall MRT Station.

#3: Suntec City
Unique points: It's a Christmas Tree without a Tree.
(Should renamed it to Christmas Balls)

#4: Marina Square (correct me if I'm wrong)
Unique points: Another Christmas Balls but this one people can walk under it =)

#5: By The Roadside
Unique Points: Enchanting! Who would have thought roadside can be such beautiful scenery!

#6: Raffles
Unique Points: Have a hole in the base of the tree for people to enter and see a gallery of previous years Christmas tree.

#7: Bugis
Unique Points: Most of the Christmas trees no longer have trees so, this kinda not unique any more. LOL!

#8: Iluma
Unique points: There's a lot of trees, but every tree is hanging upside down...

#8: Orchard Road
Unique Points: Purplish Christmas tree!
(How many times have you seen a purple Xmas tree?)

#9: Near Somerset Station
Unique Points: None.

#10: Along Orchard Road
Unique Points: A Christmas tree made of fake Ferrero Roche.
(It looks weird for me, they should put a BIG STAR on top, then it will look more like a Xmas tree)

#11: Along Orchard Road
Unique points: Finally saw a Xmas tree decorated with gift box and ribbons! Traditional is always the best for me!

#12: Along Orchard Road
Unique Points: This should be crowned as the Queen of All Xmas Tree in Singapore.
We can enter the tree, and inside is air-conditioned, and has fantastic view.

#13: Tree #12 made other trees look...plain..

#14: In front of Paragon
Unique Points: Gold color. Gold is always attractive.

#15: Plaza Singapore
Unique Points: It's a huge tree, but the reflective plate spoil any photography here.

#16: Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Unique Points: The Ugliest Christmas Tree. Comparative to the poshness of this place, this tree is ridiculously small, underdecorated, and is crooked to one side. =.=

Hahaha.. I know this post is way delayed, but i just love to share with you all the things that makes me happy!

Which Christmas tree do you like most???

Nicole aka MsXeRoZ