Sunday, December 18

Good Bye 2011

Friday, November 4

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Dear Anybody,

I'm in a junction between YES, and NO. There's something that has been bothering my mind and my soul, that i wanted to blog about Somebody. But i also know that there's a consequences if i write about it and announce it to the world.

I wanted to share my experience with my previous working place, but what i write may also affect my Everybody in my previous working place. But if i dont write about it, i feel like there's a sense of hatred that i cannot release and let go.

So, what should i do? *sigh*


Thursday, November 3

Chen Tian Chad...

1. My university mate.

2. My course mate.

3. My good friend since September 2008 (with Marccus Low).

4. One of the two person who sparks the blogging interest in me.

5. The person who taught me, to snap proper photos and cannot do things 'cincai cincai'.

6. The one who introduced me to Nuffnang, where i met and made many friends.

7. The one who told me that i'm creative, instead of crazy...

8. The one who helped me win many competitions in 2010. (Thanks ya mate!)

9. A guy who practically eats anything thats edible. (and he's getting fatter wahahaha)

10. My sister's boyfriend @.@!!!



We braved the heavy rains and scorching heat for this 1st time photography. It was a rushed event, plus I'm a bad model. For more of TianChad's photos please visit his page: here.

By the way, there's one thing i cannot forgive Tian Chad...



p/s: Dear TianChad, let's go Cameron Highlands and shoot couple photos again? pwetty please~~

Monday, October 17

It Has Been A Long Time...

It has been a long time since i last login to Blogger and write something. I thoroughly enjoyed my life during 2010 (last year). It was a fantastic year for me as i experienced and gained a lot of things in life. In 2011, I had decided to focus more on my career because I want to buy a house of my own. And I was so busy with my travels and work, tired....I had forgotten about this blog and how much happiness it brought me.

As i read through my previous posts, I find that I have changed into a more serious person. *HAHA*. But many things had occured since April 2011 (which i will write more about in near future) and i took a drastic step to quit my favorite job for a more stable, in-office type of work. So, here i am, typing these words through my office computer (just like the good old days).

I wonder whether have i been totally forgotten in the blogosphere? hehe.. Hope not. Well to all my blogger friends and mates, just to give you a note...


Sunday, April 17

Energizer NightMARE Race- From The View of A Non-Runner

Have you heard of the most sensational, most-discussed and also most-criticized event in town?

Yups, it's the ENERGIZER NIGHT RACE 2011, held in the Sepang International Circuit yesterday (16 April 2011). You can have a look on some of these prominent blogs for insight view from the runners (participants): TianChad, Places and Foods, and The Backpackr.

You can also view the Energizer Night Race Official Facebook page and look at the never-ending comments.

And also on the BOYCOTT ENERGIZER NIGHT RACE Facebook page.

But I'll try not to focus on their wrath and fury on the event. I'll tell you my story of what happened that night.

About 7pm, we arrived at the Sepang International Circuit. Parking was chaotic despite the police attending the traffic. However, we managed to find a parking at somewhere near the entrance to the carnival. Thankfully, our parking for that night is FREE. (Hundreds others are being charged RM10 for parking yesterday).

Feeling enthusiastic, the two runners who i came to cheer on cant wait to start their race. I brought my parents along because they have never been to Sepang International Circuit before.

Initially, we were surprised to see that there's some stalls. This is good for us non-participants because we can have some snacks and drinks while waiting for the runners to complete their run.

The whole area was packed. I saw people having headlights and asked my sister, "hey, where's your headlights?", she say she didn't have one. We went to search for the directory instead.

The directory was helpless. It doesn't contain any information other than race collection kit. It is also useless as it does not point on where is the start/end point, and which gate the runners should enter.

The agenda is as follows:-

I guess things didn't go as per written in the agenda. I was standing near the stage waiting for warm up, but nothing happened (Maybe i missed it, perhaps i'm late). But then on stage, there's a group of drummers responsible to usher the runners to the starting point. It reminds me of a scenario in "Pied Piper of Hamelin"

After waiting on the grounds for some time, we entered the pitt with other runners. We found a spot to see the starting point from a far, and note how dark it is...

The race started! I took note of the time and found out that the organizers had not followed the time schedule. Different categories of run had been let off with a close time gap. I was wondering how can they coordinate the different categories because runners will be mixed up.

The headlight is the "highlight" of the race. Lightening up the dark area of the surrounding. The headlight is really beautiful.

However, i was curious as well to see that some runners are running without the headlights. Isn't it dark? It is dangerous as well (in case of falling into drains or holes). The lights can serve as an emergency signal in the dark for the runners in case of trouble.

Found my sis and tianchad... Too bad its blurrred..

After the 5.5km runners had left, I brought my parents for a walk, describing about this event and place. However, a rude lady MC's voice bellowed "PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT RELATED PLEASE GET OUT OF THE PIT STOP AREA. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE HERE"

I was curious, is she asking us to get out? Then my dad was frustrated because she keep "yelling" for us to get out of there. There are a few supporters like us in that area, waiting to welcome the runners back. However, i felt that her intonation is really rude.

Before going up, we went in the media room (located on 1st floor). The 1st batch of runners had returned and weird thing is, they exited the running track. (Since 5.5km had just left, i assumed that the runners are from 11km that should go two rounds of the circuit). I saw that none of the officials stopped to ask the runners why they exited the course.

Then we went out for an outdoor movie screening and some snacks.

We watched Transformers 1 finish and the starting of Transformers 2. You can imagine how long we sat there and the runners aren't out yet. My parents are complaining about backache and legache for waiting too long already. Then, 4 police cars entered. My mom overheard some runners conversation that a riot broke out due to the distribution of the goody bags.

While waiting again, a man drenched in sweat came running to us, he was speaking in a disoriented way. We were puzzled. He kept going in rounds and asking the guards where is the direction to complete the 42km race. He says that he is the first runner and could not find any guide to the end point.

After all the hoo haa and ruckus settled, we then thought of the man. He must be a contestant for the 42km race and had lost his way. It's so bad that the race had to be this way. There were not enough guides and markers along the race, causing a confusion. The man looked really wet, and lack of breath! We spotted him running around asking guards but the guards couldn't help him. Imagine how much cash prize he had lost due to this (if he really was the 1st runner).

After waiting 3 hours 30mins, my sis finally emerge with a heavy sigh. The organizers were really horrible for not fulfilling their words.
1. No medals or certs for race finishers
2. No light refreshments as promised.
3. No finishing T Shirt as promised.
4. Not enough headlamps for all the runners
5. Not enough drinking stations and wet sponge station.
6. Not enough medics. Supposingly there's medic station.

The runners left the race with hungry stomach, and feeling bitter. Me and my parents left with an eye-opening experience.

I have been following closely the updates for this event. Waiting for the organizer or Energizer to speak up about this issue. Instead of tackling this issue effectively and voice apology, criticism and comments on their official Facebook page has been deleted. This does NOT solve the problem, but trigger even more fury from the people.

So now, the race has officially started:
So, who do you think will win this race?

Nicole MsXeroZ~! muackz!

Friday, April 8

Don't Be As Stupid As Ibrahim Ali

If you can't be famous for your wisdom, then be famous for your stupidity...
This must be the living motto for Ibrahim Ali.

Here's an example of his stupidity, ignorance and retardedness:

  • I agree with his first paragraph, that sometimes men are fed up when wives neglect their responsibility. A wife's responsibility is to take care of the home, husband, children and make sure everything is running well in the family.

  • Husband drives home after work and feel sexually aroused. Erm...I didnt know that guys can be aroused after spending 30mins to 1hr of traffic jam. Please enlighten me on this matter. All i know is that, guys came back tired and feel hungry and wanna bathe. Please correct me if i'm wrong. Well, perhaps guys do get aroused in traffic jams.. *Looking forward to see aroused guys in jam tomorrow =)*

  • Can't guys control their sexual needs. I mean, CAN you actually "perform" while your wife is cooking? *Imagine*

  • Perhaps I'm not a Muslim, so i don't know that wife should stop everything she's doing to fulfill her husband's demands. Eg. If you are shitting, and your hubby need sex, stop shitting and have sex instead!

I can't imagine why a person with such mentality can be a leader to his followers. A leader is a person who is capacity to think, speak and act with logic and wisdom. This is how a leader is respected by the society.

Extramarital affair and the cause of it is a subjective matter. There are 1001 explanations on why, and what cause it to happen. We cannot just make a conclusion on the cause of it and put the blame on wife's negligence. A wife not necessarily be able to read husband's minds, and vise versa.

Malaysia politics are worse than circus. With sodomy II, sex tape, MACC deaths...well, I kinda have the mind of going oversea to work and live there. Any suggestion on which country i should head to?

Monday, March 28

[Day 4] Shanghai: Thames Town & Water City of Zhou Zhuang

Hi all,

Wow it has been almost 2 weeks since my last blog post XD

Sorry ya~ was sick for couple of days. So, today, no matter what, I'll have to share my story of my recent trip to Shanghai.

So here's a recap of my stay:
Day 1: Exploring New City Song Jiang
Day 2: Training Officially Starts and Feast of Food
Day 3: Scenic Places of Thames Town & Night Scenery of The Bund

On Day 4, me and my room mate woke up at 6.30am again to ride on the battery tram car (provided by Hotel) for another round of tour. This time, the weather is fine (despite the coldness) and not misty like the previous days.

There's practically nobody in this town, so all sorts of poses can be shot without embarrassment :P

James Bond statue was found!

I love these row of houses. It looks very neat and i hope one day I can have a chance to enter one of the houses here.

Flowers of all sorts can be found. After 4 days, the temperature is rising and plants started to bloom.

One of the famous coffee outlet here, the Incomplete Coffee Shop. It closes at 10.30pm, and I've been here for the coffee. To be frank, the coffee is super expensive (but no choice it's the only kopitiam available). Taste wise, nescafe 3 in 1 tasted even better!


Here's one of the building in Thames Town, I guess it's empty as well, but it looks great as a corporate building.



Statue of Harry Potter Voldermort nearby???


After my sales meeting, a tour was arranged for us all to the Water City of ZhouZhuang.
Often labelled as Venice of China, this town is one of China's top tourist spot.

It is also said to be famous of silk products, such as blankets, shirts, dress, scarfs and handkerchiefs. Whether the products are authentic or not, it's another matter XD. For me, my principle is, NEVER buy unnecessary things in TOP TOURIST SPOTS.

Being a first timer in China, buildings with architecture like this, mesmerizes me.

Like I said, NEVER BUY UNNECESSARY THINGS is my no 1 principle, so, i cekup (steal) whatever people bought. LOL!!! Joking lahh.. Someone gave me a try on this candy. Love it!!!

Then some one bought me this!!! In Hong Kong drama series, we always see of this candy satay called "Ping Tang Hu Lu".

Inside, it looks like this~

I love eating the rock candy, but not the plum inside.. The plum is basically tasteless and have powdery texture.

Another one of the local specialty is the Pork Legs. Unlike Malaysia, pork can be served in public places without JAKIM chasing after them

Scenery wise, ZhouZhuang is indeed surrounded by waters and rivers. You can hire a boat for a slow ride along the rivers for a fee.


Locals not only earn by cheating selling local food, handicrafts and souvenirs. Salted fish and vegetables are for sale here too!

One of the back alley...

The lanes are connected by a bridge. Another thing that never fails to amaze me is that there are so many bridges, some small and some big, but all the bridges have a beautiful arch shape and unique design.

One of the bigger bridges...

The garden's another thing that fascinates me. Guess what is he weaving?

Yupz~ Shoe!!!
Seriously, i regretted for not buying this. These are handmade items that I can hardly find in Malaysia... *tears of regret* Thus, sometimes, it's not good to stick to my principle of NOT BUYING UNNECESSARY ITEMS....

Air drying pork meat is legal here too! I'm kinda feeling disgusted by this...

Another thing that i regretted for not doing is to rent a princess/goddess costume!!!! I think it costs RMB 50 (RM25) for this. A little more expensive than other places but this is the only place that offers goddess costume.

Glass painting souvenirs...

Another scenic bridge


So guess what i bought??

The most unnecessary thing that one would ever buy...



I didn't only buy 1 hat, i bought 3 for RMB60 (RM30)

I would love to return to ZhouZhuang for more photography, and perhaps a nice calm boat ride. As an advice, don't bother buying any souvenirs here. The goods were super expensive. I bought a silk pyjama for RMB50 (RM25) after haggling from RMB120 (RM60). Then, when i visited another city, my eye nearly pop out when i saw the price tag of "5 for RMB100" for the same silk pyjama.

Okies, time for bed...happy reading and good night for now!