Friday, December 24

Things I Did During December...

Once again, it's end of the year.
Was too preoccupied with my busy schedule that I decided to post this. So that all of you can have a rough idea on what's happening in my life.

(End of Nov) Peter Pan Musical - I rate this show: Average. They should do a comedy, seriously..

Met sexy Paris, the bitch~!

Went home!

Best Tau Fu Fah in the world!

One of Ipoh's food landmark!

Finally done a pampering facial, massage for RM78. Very worthwhile...

Another relaxation technique, going for night fishing.
Caught 2 mini fish, was so happy that I was smiling whole night!

My mini cooper FERviva going for a proper bathe!

First time in Saloma Theatre, with intercultural performance, a project of Tourism Malaysia. Yeah, only tourist will join because it's so "mencekik leher" prices.

I graduated once again!

The long awaited results for My Selangor Story 2010. This was the day I was crowned the most creative blogger. *Bangga sia*

My "happiest" friend award 2010, goes to...

Food + Friends = Fat..

Wern ran home, and I was forced to...


It was also my first experience being served Chocolate Sundae, with lots of it, until no space to fill the chocolate.. Rate A for servings, C for appearance.

One of the World's Unsolved Mystery: Why KL highway is jam at 3pm afternoon???

stupidity 1: Was rushing for Ogilvy Digital Influence Makan Session, was lost, and i used the loading bay lift..

Stupidity 2: Was eating corn munching while driving, and i sneezed!

Stupidity 3: Went for a night out alone, took photos of my parking location, picture too blur till cannot decipher where i parked.

Oh.. Happy Birthday Dad..
Hope you enjoyed the night!

X-Mas is HERE!!!

Drove all the way to Kuantan on Tuesday!
Overnight there, but the hotel was a turn-off. The toilet was so stinky that I feel like vomiting! The hotel walls are so thin that I can hear people fart from next door, and at night, there's sound of boats engines.... =.="

Went to Teluk Cempedak for fun!

Love the beach!

Love my camera HTC HD7 even more! The macro is impressive for a camera phone!

The most boring shopping complex in the WHOLE Malaysia!

Even the university is more fun than the shopping complex.

Rushed back for Tang Yuan, my favourite ginger drink with glutinous balls.. argh..duno how to describe it!

Joined the Soon Family Dinner. Good food is served. *stress coz next time I have to cook leh*

The highlight of the months - GOING SINGAPORE FOR X-MAS!

Wern have her Xmas prezzie already. This BIG furry thing is on her bed. I'll make a point to strangle it whenever it crosses to my territory!

Sorry image gotta be blurred coz the owner wants to blog about this furry piece of kuma herself. Please visit: Redbuttockz website.

Well for me? Maxis just gave me the best X-Mas present I had in a decade! Thanks Maxis 10 for the HTC HD7! (I just found out like, 30mins ago!!!)

For your info, the photos for this whole post is captured by the HTC HD7. It's not intentional but this phone was really a spectacular companion for me.

You will not hear from me for some time, but i will upload my mobile photos as i travel around Singapore!

Love ya all..

Thanks for staying with MSXEROZ.COM thoroughout 2010!


Biopolymath said...

That's so much till I've lost count of stuff happening!

kelhome said...

hey...great day u hv ya! merry christmas for you

RK said...

Wow ! I was awarded ! yahoo ! *happy* ^_________^ TQ soooo much ! hmm.. a summary of 2010.. gud one !

Anonymous said...

YeaH! Agreed what Nicole said - the happiest friend - KOKONUT!!! lolz~

Jasmine Saw

Anonymous said...

Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

Anonymous said...

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Michael Ch'ng said...

lol... drive while eating+sneezing

xing said...

wah! ur life is really interesting! lol at the sneezed out corn part.