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HTC HD7: Knowing The Basics - Calls, Messaging & The People Hub

[This is a Review Programme for HTC HD7 Under MAXIS 10]

Yo Peeps!

Was getting tangled by the work and leisure that I couldn't find a time to sit down and review the phone. Actually the HTC HD7 was also one of the factors why I couldn't find time to blog about it. Well, I used to NOT have INTERNET ACCESS all the time, so I had to FIND TIME to sit in front of the computer to check on Facebook, Twitter, Emails, and then I will blog. But NOW, the HTC is "connect-ful" (self-made word, meaning easily connected to the Internet) that I read, see, and chat whenever I want. I can throw my netbook already

So..let's begin! I'm not a "technology" person. Despite having an Honors Degree in Biotechnology, the only technology that I'll gladly use is the computer. So, being given to try the HTC HD7 with 9 others is quite intimidating. Nonetheless, I'll stay true to myself, and be honest with you all on what I did with the phone. And here's some of the features of the HTC HD7 that I am familiar of.


This is the main screen, which i labelled as "Desktop". With the large screen, we can customize what we want to fit in it with a touch of a finger. The interface is very user friendly, and simple. The screen sensitivity is impressive, and I like to see the way it scrolls up and down.

The only negative side of the desktop is it's design. 10 out of 10 people I'd borrow them to touch, asked me the same question "How to get back to the main screen?".

When I told them that's the main screen, they all replied the same thing "Wah, so ugly one" or "I want to snap a photo of the phone, do you have nicer screen to display?"

Sad but true, this phone, despite being capable of doing something other phone can't, also has it's limitations. Firstly, Despite it's huge 4.3" screen, I can't put my fav pop star photos as background display (or what we commonly name is "Desktop WALLPAPER")

Nonetheless, the HTC HD7 gives us an option to have BLACK or WHITE theme, with different Accents.

The Accent of colours only provide a little enhancement to the look.
(You can choose only 1 colour at a time)

Lesson 1: Making calls.

The first button you will see a "phone" symbol. Touch the icon, and you'll be directed to these:
The main screen of the "Phone" is your call history, and at the bottom of the screen, you'll find 3 more icons: Voicemail, Keyboard(to dial a new number) and the "PEOPLE" hub.

Simple as ABC isn't it?

The HTC HD7 and I had a love-hate relationship. And here's a feature that I LOVE and HATE at the same time.

The "PEOPLE" hub is similar to an ordinary "phonebook" of an ordinary phone. (Get what I mean?)

But for HTC HD7, it offers something beyond my imagination. Upon starting up the phone, i was prompted to enter my Windows Live Account. Then, I added some other accounts such as Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, Google and so on.

The best thing about HTC HD7 having this "PEOPLE" hub is that EVERY ACCOUNT is being sync into the phone!

The bad side of it?
Imagining having hundreds or thousands of people's contact information ON 1 SCREEN!

The worse side of it?
Everytime you'd like to search a contact, you'll be in a trance seeing all the names of people (and you'll get confused with who and who, if you don't manage your email account systematically). That's what happened to me. I don't how which "Melisa" or which "Apple" in my phone book.

The worst side of it?
There's no categorization of the names, I can't group the people into "Work", "Classmates" and etc.

So, who to be blamed? The phone or me for not managing my email contacts well?
HAHA..actually this is not a huge problem. All i did was RE-manage my email address books and it is quite convenient to use now.

Now... when I've mentioned the bad sides of the "PEOPLE" hub. It doesn't mean that it's a lousy application. NO!

I LOVE the way the "PEOPLE" hub auto update my buddies msn profile pictures into my phone.
Now, I don't have to set their photos in the phone. Whenever they change their display picture, mine changes too! COOL!

I LOVE the way "PEOPLE" hub for making life easier. Within a person's contact information, you can directly view that particular person's FACEBOOK status and wall. So, I DON'T HAVE TO login to FACEBOOK to view it, the information is automatically sent into my phone. EASY!

It is also able to detect, every particular information it could retrieve from the internet accounts about the particular person. For instance, my blogger buddy TianChad..

I can delete unnecessary links, but because there's 37 of them, I'd prefer to leave it as it is for the time being and force him to self-delete his broken links for me

Tianchad has:
1 x Facebook Account
1 x Windows Live Account
1 x Phone Contact Account.

3 Accounts of the same/similar names are a redundancy. This problem can be solved by "linking" all the accounts as "1 PEOPLE".

Lesson 2: Messaging

The Messaging function is as simple as Lesson 1 (Making Calls). Typing is a little hard for me because I have small palm and my fingers can't reach the whole keyboard . So, i'm still typing with 2 hands. (=.=")

The keyboard is REALLY huge, as the size fits the huge 4.3" screen. Typing is easier than other touch screen phones.

I really love to MMS nowadays (because the camera + screen is so clear) and also because...

Other people's display screen is so small!!!! Waakakakakakakakak...

[p/s: the display of the HTC HD7 is blur is because I focused on the Blackberry]

OK..i shall stop now for today. Gotta head to KLCC for my My Selangor Story Blogging Contest Finale Party. Every fiber of me wishing I can go home RICHER today...hahaha..

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