Wednesday, December 8

HTC HD7: The Game Hub

When I first got the phone, the 2nd most important aspect that I'd love to try on is the GAMES HUB.

It has been my habit to play a game before bed everyday (which is bad for eyesight, T_T)... But before being able to test-run on the game itself, XeRoZ already installed for me the trial version of Need For Speed: Undercover.

So, let's see how it goes.

From both mine and XeRoZ's opinion:
1. The large screen is clear.
2. No lagging issues ever encountered.
3. Screen sensitivity on game action is good.

1. The sound quality is bad. I personally, would call it "noise" instead. (tried on different games and find that the sound quality makes the music very annoying).
2. The 3 buttons on the phone "back, desktop and search" is too sensitive. When playing game and accidentally touched them, the game will be halted and we had to restart.
3. Limited "free" games choice.

The judgement is made based on approximate 4 to 5 games that i've had installed.

Basically the "GAMES" hub contain an impressive store of Xbox Live games for Windows Phone 7. I notice that most of the TOP GAMES are high quality (judge from the Need For Speed), while free games are really boring.

In the "GAMES" hub, you'll get updated with the latest news, create your own avatar, receive game invites, and also purchase games directly from Xbox Live.

In a nutshell, the display screen & touchscreen sensitivity is very good for gaming.

At this moment, most of the games I installed is the trial version or the free games. I'm really not that rich to purchase all the games T_T Perhaps one day i will try and update it here!

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Good night! *YAwnzzz*


Unknown said...

well, WM7 still new in market..give them time to improve all apps/games ;P

android and apple wasn't using a month to have billion few years LOL

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Jackie, hey thanks for dropping by! Really appreciate your knowledge in the techno-gadgets field. Yes, the apps/games and other stuff is still new. So i cant wait on which direction the WM7 and HTC HD7 will go too!

Chuen said...

this is the 1st Gen of the HTC HD7..hope they will improve soon :D
looks like they have lots of fun games though. hehe

Kelvin said...

I got an urge to buy one now~

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@chuen..yes I really hope they'll develop it. I'm sure windows will not disappoint its users.

@kelvin, seriously this is one hell of a fantastic phone. Couple it with a good dataplan n u'll see it do wonders.