Wednesday, December 8

HTC HD7: Camera

Tonight, I shall talk about my favourite features of the HTC HD7 -


Some of my friends, asked about the camera functionality, and whether the display screen of the HTC HD7 is comparable with the Iphone 4 (Retina Display). I do not have the luxury of owning an Iphone 4, and I borrowed 1 from my friend, Keith (thanks for the phone), and took a shot.

Here's the HTC HD7 & Iphone 4, and you do the judgement.

Why I LOVE the CAMERA of this phone?

Well, the main reason lies on the size of the screen, and the clarity.

This phone has a 5MP camera. For me, it is sufficient as a mobile camera. Most importantly, it also has build-in functions that you can play around. It comes with build in scenes, effects, adjustable resolutions, adjustable metering mode and also flash. This is why I call it the perfect mobile camera.

After capturing the photos, the photos can also be enhanced using the HTC software (Free Application, downloadable from Marketplace), The Photo Enhancer. This software completes my need for simple photo editing while being on the go (during times without the computer).

Here are some of my shots using the HTC HD7

*Bright Conditions*
(performs best with adequate lighting)

*Semi Dark Conditions*
(still acceptable for me)

*Dark Conditions*
(Capturing photos in the dark conditions like this can be tricky, hands must not shake at all)

*In Concert*
(Easier to focus on the bright areas, but hands must not shake as well)

*Moving Conditions*
(Despite with adequate lighting, this camera cannot focus properly if we move and snap at the same time)

*Night Scene*

Despite the flaws of the camera, this camera has made me a proud. I was in different events and occasion, and there's many people taking their Blackberrys and Iphones to capture photos. Mine will be the largest screen plus, the clearest photo (at certain lightings). I didn't realise it at first but at two occasion, i find people peeping behind my back to see my screen and i heard them say "Wah!!! so clear".. *proud*

Another even say "Your phone is good. Mine cannot focus, but yours still can"
Gleefully I said, "Hehe..this is the brand new HTC HD7"

The photos captured will automatically be in the Pictures Folder. Pictures Folder is an interesting feature as well. Firstly, the folder's picture (at the desktop) changes occasionally & randomly. So once in a while, you'd be given a surprise! hahaha.. I just love surprises!

You see, the Windows Phone 7 is so fascinating that it functions like a computer. No. Correction. For this feature, it functions BETTER than the computer. Using a PC, for instance, you have to save/download your photo album from the internet. But for Windows Phone 7, everything is being sync automatically.

All my facebook albums is IN MY PHONE right now! This reduces the hassle of download my pictures from the internet. (Imagine how many hours it will take to download the whole FACEBOOK photo album of mine!)

I find this convenience a true luxury of having a Windows Phone 7 like the HTC HD7....

Too many photos? No worries, it can be categorize by the date the pictures are taken... =)

So, what do you think? Impressive or not?

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Unknown said...

Camera function not bad. Haha. Like the night mode since my N73 could not take good night mode pictures. hehe

Unknown said...

finally got comment d. happy? hehe

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Vun...omg u r so nice. Its actually not about comments or wad but I feel that lately people tend to be silent readers. Thx for dropping by.

~ Xi@nGCooL ~ said...

Hi Nicole,

I think the photos are a bit towards pinky right?

Unknown said...

i'm the silent reader. hehe. when choosing a phone, i also like tat my photo can take good night picture since i do not own a camera. hehe

Unknown said...

love the pictures..look great..yes,pictures is one of the main criteria for me when choosing the smartphone (haven't decide yet, currently my choice is iPhone 4 or BB torch) but i think with this review, i think i should consider this phone too...dussh,to many choice,which one to choose?

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@vun, ya this camera function is impressive. The photo quality is superb. BUT...i just realised that the other reviewers have "pink effect" of the HD7 camera function. *Sigh* what a flaw!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@eyriqazz..This phone (hold tightly) I'm not gonna let it go. Seriously, it is one of the best phone i ever used!

Unknown said...

I can live with the pink if the quality is good when taking during night time. Haha. well, HTC Desire HD seem like impressive as well but it uses android compare with Wins7. hehe. I wonder which one superior. haha

Anonymous said...

I think one of your advertisements caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@vun, erm actually I didn't notice the pinkish hue until being told. So, like u I didn't find it a huge problem.

@anonymous, which advertisement are u referring to? Hope u can enlighten me because nobody complained about it before. Thx