Friday, December 24

Things I Did During December...

Once again, it's end of the year.
Was too preoccupied with my busy schedule that I decided to post this. So that all of you can have a rough idea on what's happening in my life.

(End of Nov) Peter Pan Musical - I rate this show: Average. They should do a comedy, seriously..

Met sexy Paris, the bitch~!

Went home!

Best Tau Fu Fah in the world!

One of Ipoh's food landmark!

Finally done a pampering facial, massage for RM78. Very worthwhile...

Another relaxation technique, going for night fishing.
Caught 2 mini fish, was so happy that I was smiling whole night!

My mini cooper FERviva going for a proper bathe!

First time in Saloma Theatre, with intercultural performance, a project of Tourism Malaysia. Yeah, only tourist will join because it's so "mencekik leher" prices.

I graduated once again!

The long awaited results for My Selangor Story 2010. This was the day I was crowned the most creative blogger. *Bangga sia*

My "happiest" friend award 2010, goes to...

Food + Friends = Fat..

Wern ran home, and I was forced to...


It was also my first experience being served Chocolate Sundae, with lots of it, until no space to fill the chocolate.. Rate A for servings, C for appearance.

One of the World's Unsolved Mystery: Why KL highway is jam at 3pm afternoon???

stupidity 1: Was rushing for Ogilvy Digital Influence Makan Session, was lost, and i used the loading bay lift..

Stupidity 2: Was eating corn munching while driving, and i sneezed!

Stupidity 3: Went for a night out alone, took photos of my parking location, picture too blur till cannot decipher where i parked.

Oh.. Happy Birthday Dad..
Hope you enjoyed the night!

X-Mas is HERE!!!

Drove all the way to Kuantan on Tuesday!
Overnight there, but the hotel was a turn-off. The toilet was so stinky that I feel like vomiting! The hotel walls are so thin that I can hear people fart from next door, and at night, there's sound of boats engines.... =.="

Went to Teluk Cempedak for fun!

Love the beach!

Love my camera HTC HD7 even more! The macro is impressive for a camera phone!

The most boring shopping complex in the WHOLE Malaysia!

Even the university is more fun than the shopping complex.

Rushed back for Tang Yuan, my favourite ginger drink with glutinous balls.. argh..duno how to describe it!

Joined the Soon Family Dinner. Good food is served. *stress coz next time I have to cook leh*

The highlight of the months - GOING SINGAPORE FOR X-MAS!

Wern have her Xmas prezzie already. This BIG furry thing is on her bed. I'll make a point to strangle it whenever it crosses to my territory!

Sorry image gotta be blurred coz the owner wants to blog about this furry piece of kuma herself. Please visit: Redbuttockz website.

Well for me? Maxis just gave me the best X-Mas present I had in a decade! Thanks Maxis 10 for the HTC HD7! (I just found out like, 30mins ago!!!)

For your info, the photos for this whole post is captured by the HTC HD7. It's not intentional but this phone was really a spectacular companion for me.

You will not hear from me for some time, but i will upload my mobile photos as i travel around Singapore!

Love ya all..

Thanks for staying with MSXEROZ.COM thoroughout 2010!

Thursday, December 16

Malaysia Politic: Dewan Rakyat Kecoh Lagi~!

Once in a while, I'll visit Malaysia Kini for latest news on Malaysia's politics. And the ruckus in Malaysia's Parliament is like a norm nowadays. *Sigh*

Well, seriously, I've been to the parliament before a few years back. Most of the seats are empty (either our elected representative are too lazy to attend, or busy doing something else). The only person that i see, can deliver with his points in tact is the honorable Lim Kit Siang. I am not supporting any party here. As I listen to Lim KS, I noticed that what he is saying is true, it does happen and the thing that he reported is affecting our daily life. BUT, there are some individuals who keep disrupting his speech, and giving irrelevant feedbacks that sparks my anger. Sadly, there are also people who is using Lim KS lack of fluency in bahasa Melayu to attack his speech. It is saddening that people, especially our so-called leaders do not have the ability to think intellectually.

And today, 4 of our representatives are being suspended from the parliament (read here) . Which means, they cannot represent us anymore. This also means, that the Barisan Nasional has the power of the 2/3 majority (read here).


The chaos in the parliament, is actually embarrassing to our people. But i somehow feel that our politicians feel proud about it. They look very arrogant, walk and talk like big "taikor". Perhaps they feel proud of being "featured in the television"? or perhaps they thought that is the way they "mempertahankan hak rakyat"?

What do you think? Did we choose the wrong leaders to represent us?

Tuesday, December 14

Is Blogging A Sin?

Approx. 3 years ago, my friends - Marccus & Tianchad created a blog and was so indulge in the blogosphere. And it was 3 years ago that was created.

Well, in just a blink of an eye, i have produced 353 blogposts. For me, it was a satisfying and fun. Reading back my blogposts, i can reflect on how much things I've experienced during my working life. Who says that life is dead and dreadful when we work? For me, it's the opposite way round.

The working life is indeed mundane and filled with stress. I was lucky that i'm blessed with a happy job so far. And opportunities don't come rolling. To be frank, my life changed when I created this blog. As a personal blog, I write about the boring life of mine, to the things i did. Then MsXeRoZ got her dot com, and finally emerge as a "more interesting blog".

More interesting in the sense of, being known, making lotsa friends, joining contests by Nuffnang and Facebook. The fact that had actually made me who i am instead of me moulding it to be what it is. Because of, i learnt to write my own HTML codes, edit video, use photoshop. Because of that i get to go travel, and enjoy free holidays.

Someone i knew told me " Eh, don't post so many personal stuff in blog, XXX baca tau, he marah (angry) if put too many personal stuff online".

Initially, i just ignore those remarks. Why? This blog is mine, and whatever photos I put up here is for public view. And I never post his/her public stuff anyway. Never before I put inappropriate content materials online. So, whatever XXX's remarks will not affect me.

Then come the 2nd blow. This time, I will not tolerate, I will hunt you and BITE you down.

1. If my blog is deemed inappropriate, please feel free to NOT come and visit me again.
2. If you wish to spy on my blog, feel free to do so. Don't anyhow bitch behind my back complain to my parents.
3. Going to club for events doesn't mean that I'm a clubber. FYI, some club events do not serve alcohols, and event ends at 10pm.
4. The one who brought me up, supported me, loved me and understand me are my parents. Don't you ever hurt them by spreading malicious lie about me.

I am who I am today because of them. If you are not making our lives easier and happier, I'd advise you to stay away.

By the way readers, is my blog content (apart from the header LOL) inappropriate?
Drop me a note if you have views on this issue.


Monday, December 13

Review: Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Pads

Have you ever wondered when did sanitary pads were being invented?
Well, I did. In fact, I feel that disposable sanitary pads are the greatest invention for women in the world. Imagine, after puberty, we, girls will menstruate. Menstruation is a process of shedding of the endometrium of the uterus, thus, releases blood.

My 1st time...?
Not too long ago (actually about 10yrs ago), I experienced my 1st period. It was painless but I thought I was sick. I let it on for 1 week, then i told my mom "I'm sick and I think I'm dying".
Mom said, "why?"
I replied, "My urine got blood. Even never urine also got blood."
Mom went into the her room and got me a Kotex, and said " You period-lah, bodoh"
(Note: my mom is not scolding me stupid, but just a part of language we used at home)

Two months ago, i received a parcel. Santa Kotex brought me and early X-MAS pressent! *YAY*

I opened the box and WOW...

The brand new... KOTEX LUXE greeted my eyes. and WOw....

I'm sure, every girls in the world have their own "period" story. Period or menstruation is an embarrassing scenario. I felt ashamed. I will get my pads from mom's cupboard, until one day mom asked me to buy my pads.

NO WAY! I was determined not to buy pads because it's embarrassing.
1. Minimarket cashier was a man. Unless its his wife on duty, I'd go home empty handed.
2. If i buy in supermarket, i'd take pads the last item before going to cashier. I can't bear taking the pads in my trolley and walked all around.
3. Pads must be in separated plastic bags. I can only tolerate if the pads are wrapped in black plastic bags.

Now, I'm no longer ashamed to be a grown up lady. I'm proud to be one too!
Kotex Luxe Ultrathin pads seem to bring sanitary pads one level ahead. Many would think sanitary pads as a disposable item, and thus, doesn't not need to be attractive. Well, that would be the thinking of the 1990's.

For me, having a comfortable and absorbing pads is most important. But think about it? Why can't period be fun? Why can't we look forward for period every month?

It's something we cannot run away from every month, right?

So, why not have a beautiful pads, which is comfortable and absorbant?

It seems like Kotex Luxe Ultrathin has found the answer:
  1. Fusion Technology
    1. A revolutionary combination of dry-net and cotton-like covers to help you get the dryness of net and the softness of cotton.
  2. MicroMax® Core
    1. Super absorbent ultrathin core to help maximize protection.
  3. Longer Wings
    1. Provide better side coverage that helps prevent side leaks and stains.
  4. Anti-leak channels
    1. Channel fluid within the pad to help prevent leakage all around.
Being given the privillege to review the Kotex Luxe, I've decided to run an experiment.

Of course I'm worried about this "pretty pads". I want to know whether is it the suitable pads for me. My pads must have this characteristics:


50ml of liquid is used to represent blood. An average of human blood being secreted out is approximately 30ml/day.

So, after pouring about 30ml approx. this pads have been filled with the liquid. That is why it is advisable to change your pads at least 2 to 3 times a day. Not only to prevent leakage, but for hygienic purposes as well.

Despite the pretty design, and being ultrathin, the comfort and absorbant of the Kotex Luxe Ultrathin Pads is good.

Best of all, there's 6 different designs for Kotex Luxe Ultrathin. Periods will no longer be boring, and dreadful!

Another thing that is cool? The individual packaging of the pads are very bright, colourful and there's no need for me to hide it in my pocket if i need to replace my pads.. hahaha =)

Well done Kotex Luxe!

Kotex Luxe will come with a can like this until 31st December 2010.
No worries, it is reasonably priced at:
  • RM4.90 for a pack of 6 (3 patterns)
  • RM 15.90 for pack of 20 of KOTEX® LUXE* Fusion Day(23cm)
  • RM 15.90 for pack of 20 of KOTEX® LUXE* Fusion Night (32cm)
for more info you can visit Kotex official website here or read blogger Sumijelly's review.

Drop me a WOW if you like this pads too!

Friday, December 10

HTC HD7: The One

For the past weeks, it was a fun experience for me, being given an opportunity to review the HTC HD7. For most of you, mobile phones may be an accessory: You Buy-> You Use -> then You Change.

For me, my mobile phone is more like a life partner - Something i cannot live without. And once i found my soul mate, it's hard for me to let it go.

So i summarize my feelings on the HTC HD7 in this simple video. Hope you enjoy it.

Is it worth investing in a HTC HD7?
My answer is YES. If I have the money and need a smartphone, the HTC HD7 is a reliable phone.

What should you know before buying the phone?
The HTC HD7 works at its best with a data plan. Like other smart phones, the data plan is needed to sync the phone with your mailbox, Twitter, Facebook and many more. I suggest you subscribe a data plan with higher capacity because the HD7 is can be a data monster (depending on your usage).

Where to buy the phone?
It is an open secret that this is a Maxis 10 Reviewers Programme. Hehe..I would therefore suggest you to purchase the phone at the nearest Maxis Center. You can view the packages and more info by clicking the images below.

Once again, thank you Maxis 10 Reviewers Programme and other reviewers: Alex Lam, Irene Law, SaiMatKong, Obefiend, CyrilDason, NigelFlyGuy for the advice, help and support.

[You can also visit their blogs for reviews in features that I may not have covered]

If you like my video above, and would love to see more of my review of the HD7, here they are:-

Wishing you a great weekend...

Thursday, December 9

My Selangor Story Results: - Most Creative Blog

I don't really know where to begin. It was the Awal Muharram Holidays and My Selangor Story Results Announcement takes place in DELIcious, Marc Residences.

I woke up really early to finish up my HTC HD7 review (lols..last minute work). Ride on the LRT (really happy, 1st time in 3yrs)..

And by 3pm.. Me and 6 others whom i missed dearly since the contest ended walked to the venue. This is also my first time in DELIcious.

We were served in a nice fruity- Watermelon Mint juice. Tasted yummy and is really healthy i guess!

Was really playful throughout the day..

RedButtockz Wern was invited by My Selangor Story as a guest...Wern is unable to join us for the contest due to exams, but i wonder how would it feel if she's one of the contestants.. Then we'd officially be Chua Sisters from MSS Race (Copy from Chong Sisters from Amazing Race).

DELIcious was all prepared for us. It's amazing to have the whole front section of the cafe for us.

Guess what! Mister blurr Feeq is looking hot and macho!

Papa Eyriqazz and little darling Alisya~

When the results was announce. I was sitting back doing live tweeet..Those who followed me on twitter knew that I'm busy announcing..hahahah..

So here's the results:

Dania Ryezel (Grand Prize)
Chen Tian Chad (1st R/Up)
Thristhan Subramaniam(2nd R/up)
Nicole Chua (Msxeroz) (Most Creative Blog)
Iman (Eyriqazz) (Most Interactive Blog)
Dylan Phuah Zheng Dong(Best write-up)
Norman Ng (Best Video)
Firdaus Feeq(Best Photos)

It was really fun, reminiscing back the audition video i did with Tianchad. hahhahahah.. We both were like contest partners, and yes, both of us emerge as one of the winners!

By the way, I think there's a need to clarify here. TianChad is my best friend, blogging partner, ex-personal photographer, and he is NOT my boyfriend. He's not gay, is dating a girl and that girl is always with him in events (refer Facebook). What were you saying? The girl looks like me? Yes i know.. She looks like me, sounds like me, but is more emo than me. sister lah!

Let's get back here. Food...DELIcious is well known for it's superb desserts.

Undeniably, anyone would go into an "orgasmic" state upon biting on their desserts..


Being declared as the Most Creative Blogger, is an award to

And yeah!
I took the board home, I plan to frame it in my room... ehehehehe..

Wake up in the morning looking at this board, and i tell myself.. "Way To Go, Nicole!"

Thanks My Selangor Story! Thanks TianChad for the photographs! Thanks Redbuttockz Wern for the coffee, tea, food, and companion while i did the blogposts! Thanks mom and dad!


*~*~* UPDATED *~*~*

Oppps...i forgot to mention what i've won.