Sunday, November 21

Shout Awards 2010!!! (Updated with Yuna and Mizz Nina's Performance Video)

This is my first year attending Shout Awards 2010, and it is also my first award show. I was surprised to see the number of people in the Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil. No doubt, this was one of the MOST HAPPENING shows in town. Thanks to Jestina for the tickets.

The world of the internet, especially social media sites is now abuzz with #ShoutAwards. This is the advantage of convenience communication. News of the Shout Awards winners are spreading like wild fire! So, I'll cut my long story short and feast you with some of my shots of the award show today.

The Super VIP seats for the celebrities.

The crowd, consisting of media and fans (at about 8.00pm)

Before the show started, the interviewer asked some questions to the audience.
"Who do you support tonight?" (something like that)
Audience " I came to support Miss Liza"
=.= Until the end of the show, Miss Liza didn't appear.

The opening dance act. *Awesome* with some acrobatic moves! Totally astounding!

The first performance by Faizal Tahir the Vocal King!
I was a fan of him during "One in A Million". He is truly a rockstar!

Reshmonu leaves an impression for tonight as well. With huge instruments and funky hair.

The Emcees are HOT too!
Sarah Lian, Hafiz and Henry Golding (not in this pic).

My favourite songstress/comedian, Adibah Noor and vocal queen Ning Baizura. I think Adibah Noor "shoot" Ning a couple of times, but it ended well. Eh Ning, i like ur heels XD

This is when Yuna won her first award. Despite being all covered up, her sense of fashion is very unique and suits her petite body shape. Keep it up Yuna!

Here's the performance by Yuna and Najwa

Lovely Aishah Sinclair and Cheryl Samad. Both are Malaysia's superb hostess/emcee/speaker. Wishing Aishah to share some of her post-natal body care! Just after giving birth, she's making her way into HOT MAMA list (1st in the spot is Daphne Iking)

Malaysia's TOP COMEDIANS in Cuci The Musical! I didn't expect them to dance and sing, but the sound system was REALLY BAD, we cant even hear a word they sang!
Nonetheless, it was an entertaining performance due to the colourful and bright costumes and their dance antics. featuring Harith Iskandar, Hans Isaac, Adflin Shauki and Nabil.

And bride-to-be Mizz Nina gracefully grab her 1st award for the night!
She was welcomed with cheers by the crowd. Truly impressive!
This award was presented by KRU.

Being good looking is simply perfect! Henry Golding (the emcee) also won in the HOT GUY Category. The prize? Being presented by 3 of Malaysia's Most Beautiful - Andrea Fonseka, Maya Karin and Daphne Iking.
(p/s Henry's not gonna wash his face tonight!)

I left early because I'm afraid of the jam and the sound quality is getting from bad to worse. At times, my ear cant stand the noise. (tsk tsk tsk)

Before i leave, here's Mizz Nina's performance:

Next year, hope every weakness is improved and lets invite the rising star~

to walk the purple carpet!

I wanted to snap a photo at the purple carpet too, but a bunch of guys keep "disturb us". I took a shot of Miss Wern and then we ran off to our car!

*P/S: I'm uploading 2 videos and it's still being in the progress, so come again tomorrow to watch Yuna & Mizz Nina's performance through my lens*

Till then,

For full news, performances and winners, visit ShoutAwards official webpage here.

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for more info on Miss Wern please visit wtf

Hilda Milda™ said...

You're super efficient (; Nice post!

SiMon Har said...

ya, u r super efficient! the event was juz few hours ago and u blogged about it!

looks like a great event!

TianChad田七 said...

I like the picture of Yuna walking on stage.
When will Miss Wern walking on purple/red carpet again?

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Redbuttockz Wern, eh sorry will put ur official FANpage link here later.

@HildaMilda, I have to do it fast otherwise i will "hangat hangat tahi ayam" one!

@SimonHar, HAHAHA.. coz i went home early. And its my first time using the DSLR for concert. Wanna rush home and check my photoshooting skills too!

@TianChad, when she become a M-Pop Star (Malaysia Pop Star) like wondergirls. HAHAHA..

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Ur so efficient! ^^ and too bad bout the last bit of boys kacauing u, perhaps u guys too pretty adi ^^

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nice shots! :)

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ooh.. looks like an interesting event.. and Henry Golding looks cute =p Is he a Malaysian?

Why Malaysia's hot people all sound mix? =p

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Glow, hehez thanks. happened to have mood ma!

@Ken, SERIOUS! *happy*

@goingkookies, ya la the pure breed one not so handsome de. I think he is not Malaysian.

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Health, happiness will bring!

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Fuyoh! I loike very much.....

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I saw it on TV and the sound system sounded so bad.

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Hey Nicole, Nice blog. Wish to join you for the next event. By the way, I like the photography angle of Ning Baizura :p

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Wah! Full coverage of the event wor. Nice nice!

Sorry didn't wear spec couldn't really recognize people there. Next time hit my head ya. Heheheh!