Saturday, November 13

A Letter To Selangor: Thank You

Dear Selangor,

It has been one month plus since My Selangor Story tour had ended. The whole journey was very blissful, fun, and filled with sweet memories. NOTHING can ever replace the experience that you and your people had given me.

You are a perfect place. Complete with wonderful places, good food, and nice people.
Here i embed a video of my journey with the BEST PEOPLE on EARTH!

Thank you Selangor!

I hope that you like all my posts, and can lend me your people's power to vote for my entries.

I've been given a time frame of 1 week to garner as many "Loves" as possible.

Thank you Selangor! Thank you Malaysia!

Thank you People of Malaysia!

Nicole aka MsXeRoZ

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